The rich market of software suppliers

Currently, we will find many different providers of casinos software, some with larger and some with less experience. Each company tries to develop one specific branch from which they can be known on the market.

Some of these online software suppliers are simply brands that have moved their activities from ground casinos to online casinos. Companies outdo each other in the products offered, and all of course to leave their competition behind. However, if you want to successfully run your game in casinos, it is worth getting acquainted with the most important information about these companies.

How it's working?

Casinos really rely on what the various producers offer them - slots, table games, 3D machine games, free hot spot games and many other products related to casinos. The success of the casino depends to a large extent on games, so software suppliers try to make their games attractive and accessible to players.

Often, these companies are responsible for ensuring an adequate level of security or a rich database of payment methods. So the question is which company is best? Certainly the answer is not clear, each of the brands has its advantages, but also disadvantages.

Why is the choice of casino so important?

Compared to many different online businesses, the online casino market is quite not regulated. Hundreds of online casinos are available on the internet, some of them may not be attractive. And not because of adverse promotions, but to unclear policy pursued by companies.

Therefore, we should take matters into our own hands, carefully check every casino in which we want to register. I present many pages reviewing online casinos. First of all, it is worth paying attention to the casino ranking, available methods of payments and payments, casino regulations, casino stories, it also pays to test the customer service.

Amigothechs casinos

One of the less experienced companies is Amigothechs. After all, interest in this platform is growing every year. What distinguishes this brand is that in addition to casinos services, this company also offers other services.

Amigothechs was founded in 2002 in Panama. Amigothechs offers a solution that allows you to enter this lucrative gambling market. All games released by this company are created by people working on site. These people are also responsible for updating and accessories to existing titles.

All games are available immediately, you do not need to download additional software, all you need is flash. This is a very good solution because it allows players to access their favorite games regardless of the operating system.

The games are loading really quickly, it may also be due to the fact that they are not very graphically advanced. One of the minuses is the lack of a version for mobile devices.

All Amothechs free gambling They are available in 2D technology, which means that they look quite old when compared to the latest proposals for leaders on the gaming market, such as a single -armed bandit. However, many players are still interested in such games. After all, the interface in many games looks satisfactory, it is refined and intuitive.

AMOTOTHECHS Motor Vehicles

One of the supplied products are a bandit single -armed games. There is a wide range of different offer at the disposal free classic slot games. The AMOTOTECHS slot machine range is both 3 drum slots as well as 5 drum video slots with bonus options.

It must be admitted that these are not games that surprised us with their innovation or graphics, but we will find many interesting game motifs such as fruit gamesand the possibilities of winning are really decent.

One of the Amothechs Games Single -Hold Bandit online is The World Cup. The symbols found in the game include: star, cherry and much more. The game is inspired by the World Football Championships, which took place in 2014. There are 3 different versions of The World Cup: Basic, Bet 5 and Bet 40.


Also for fans of this card game, Amothechs provided special rooms. From the more popular Jacks Or Better and Joker Poker option to more interesting proposals such as Mystic Number or 2 Ways Royal.

What else can we find in the offer of Amigothechs?

In addition to over 30 games such as a bandit, Amigothechs offer includes over 20 different table games in many formats. We will find roulette, blackjack, Baccarat, Craps or Pai How, as well as many less popular games.

Safety and honesty of the game

In order for the whole gameplay to be honestly and with all the rules of the Amothechs rules use the random numbers generator. The random numbers generator provides a random solution that causes a prize associated with this result. This solution is found by a complicated algorithm to ensure the honesty of the game.

However, how does the situation look like when it comes to treating players by Amigothechs? Unfortunately, we will not find much information on this manufacturer on the Internet. This is of course suspicious and makes you reflect.

The first suspicious situation took place in 2011, when one of the players played 922 video post Poker Jacks or Better and he failed to win even once. The matter of this potential abuse of Dr. Eliot Jacobsen from Certified Fair Gambling.

His opinion about this event is as follows: "It is more likely to win the Powerball lottery 14 times in a row, buying a single ticket than that this situation took place by accident."

Four years later, one of the customers played 560 handles in the Video Poker 2 Ways Royal video game and he failed to get better cards than two pairs. This has been confirmed by Amothechs, and the chances of this type of situation are 1 to 18,977,313,106,520,400,000,000. Ultimately, the company offered compensation.


Everyone should decide on their own if they are interested in games producer of gambling. There are certainly many minuses, which include a unclear story related to the results of games.

In addition, games are kept in medium quality graphics. After all, many people are still strongly associated with the classic proposals of the Bandit's single -armed game. It is definitely worth trying games from Amigothechs and find out what this company offers yourself.

Currently, we will find many different providers of casinos software, some with larger and some with less experience. Each company tries to develop one specific branch from which they can be known on the market.