Aristocrat is one of the companies with extensive experience on the gambling market. Since the establishment of the company in 1953, Aristocrat has gained a license in 240 jurisdictions and currently operates in 90 countries around the world.

In 1956, the company produced its first game Aristocrat single -armed bandit online. It was called The Clubmaster and offered the bonus symbols well known to players and additional games.

Thanks to legalization slot machines In Australia, Aristocrat Gaming released another two products - Slimline and Sheerline, which allowed them to further develop. Of course, it should be noted that the first slots from Aristocrat were not too advanced, due to the fact that the technology was just developing.

1996 was one of the milestones for companies, because it entered the Australian stock exchange. In addition to a really large offer of games available to online casinos, they also provide their services at ground casinos.

Another very important event in the company's history was to start the production of video 3D slot games for online casinos.

Aristocrat offer - mobile machines

One of the most recognizable games is definitely Queen of the Nile. The game based on the standard Egyptian theme will provide players around the world throughout the world and have met with great interest.

Games with jackpot provided by the company are also very popular and are one of the main sources of income.

Examples of such games are Jackpot Carnival or Cash Express. One of the information introduced by Aristocrat Gaming was the HyperLink Jackpot system - this involves the combination of Jackpot of many different one -armed bandits, which allows for a very rapid increase in the value of potential win.

In the assumption, this system can connect from 4 to 12 games, but theoretically you can combine as many as 256 games.

Since the start of work on online casinos, Aristocrat has released 20 video slots. However, it should be noted that they are really refined. You can't hide that playing Game producer He made every effort to ensure the best possible quality.

The most popular games include such titles.


Thanks to many bonuses and substantial jackpots, the single -armed bandit Cashman has become one of the popular options from the Aristocrat stable. The topic of the game is, of course, everything related to the figure of Mr. Cashman.

As for the game itself, it is characterized by 5 drums and 20 victorious lines. One of the interesting bonuses is the possibility of getting a 3x to 10x won multiplier.


There are 5 drums and 25 winning lines in this one -armed online bandit. The theme of the game is the toucan bird known to everyone, which as a symbol plays the role of a joker.

This game is modeled on a classic one -armed bandit of ground casinos, and thanks to its popularity it has a version for online casinos. In addition to the symbol of the bonus in the game we will also find a Joker symbol, we will be able to win additional spins or even $ 50,000 through jackpot.

One -armed bandit 2can is primarily a jungle motif, which is why in the game we will meet with such symbols as monkeys, butterflies, chameleons, wild orchids or cheetahs. In addition, we will also find card symbols from 9 to ASA.

The symbol of the Joker is, of course, a toucan, which can replace all other symbols to create a winning combination in addition to the symbol of wild orchids, which act as a symbol of the bonus.

Game Of Thrones

Certainly, no one needs to be presented with the topic of this game, the Game of Thrones debuted in 2011 as a series in HBO. However, the whole series of books of George Martin has already enjoyed great popularity.

This one -armed bandit debuted in 2014 at the Las Vegas fair and has been very popular since then.

The graphics were created in 4K technology, and the sound effects are at a really high level. Jackpot is also an important issue for many players. The game itself is characterized by 5 drums and many winning lines.

Symbols appearing on the drums include: thrones, jewelry, wolves, weapons and much more. In addition, bonus games are available that can bring additional multipliers or spins.

King of the Nile

Let's Wadam, Aristocrat free gambling games, in which the theme is Egyptian culture, have become very popular over the years. It is no different with King of the Nile.

Thanks to the successes, Aristocrat created not one, but several games based on the Egyptian motif - Queen of the Nile or Love on the Nile.

The game itself is characterized by the presence of 5 drums and 20 winning lines, bonus options are also available, which can significantly increase the chance of winning. The symbols appearing on the drums are the queen, the golden beetle, traditional Egyptian symbols, the ring and the pyramids. We will also meet with popular card values.

Most importantly, there are 8 exciting games in the game that will allow you to win additional spins or multipliers of winning. Symbols of bonus and joker are also available.

The Sopranos

Another popular game of a single -armed bandit is based on a very popular series of the same name, which was broadcast between 1997 and 2007. Of course, the aristocrat has made every effort to best reflect the mafia atmosphere of the series.

During the game we will meet the main characters appearing in the series and we will have the opportunity to use really attractive bonuses.

The game will find 5 drums and 20 winning lines. As the Aristocrat vending machines are known for using very good visual effects and this proposal did not lack great animations and graphics at the highest level.

Also, the sound effects are adapted to the game in a very good way and allow you to empathize with the atmosphere of mafia accounts.

The credibility of free gambling from Aristocrat

It is worth noting once again that this company is characterized by over 60 years of experience on the market and a flawless reputation. There are no weaknesses in the company's history that could shed adverse light on this brand's activities.

Many licenses and constant supervision of bodies regulating the gambling market only confirm the very good reputation of Aristocrat.


Aristocrat is a dynamically developing company on the gambling market, by taking over other companies, they constantly increase their shares in the industry. In addition, they constantly develop their offer to attract more players. You can play in Hot spot vending machines and in Fruit machines.

Many years of experience in the production of games and delivering them to casinos testify to the trust and respect of this company on the international market. However, it is always worth checking each casino in which we want to start the game.

On the Internet you can find a lot of information about casinos - review, players' opinions. Certainly, it will not hurt to read this information first, and they can help in the game in a given casino.