Konami machines - introduction

Since the introduction of 3D gambling machines, multiplayer options and various safe payment methods, casinos are becoming more and more popular. It is estimated that within a short time it will be the most profitable market. An additional option is often offered free gambling games Konami, which allow players to get acquainted with the offer and action of the game before playing for real money.

Sunday S and Ria Konami

Konami gaming is manufacturer of gaming machines and casino management systems on the global market. The company's activities are guided by the motto of "Born from Fun", or born of fun and it is really something more than a insignificant slogan. The company's main priority is to provide the best quality products for players. Representatives of the company believe that their games are as good as emotions that they evoke among players.

The company itself was created in 1969 by Kagasama Kouzuki. The name Konami comes from the names of three founders of this company and means "small waves". Initially, the company dealt with renovation and rented machines in the city of Osaka in Japan. At the beginning of the 1970s, the company dealt with the production of arcade games, achieving great success on the market.

The company is currently known mainly for the production of type gambling games classic slot, they also have Fruit games, however, other types of games remained in the company's assortment. In addition, Konami are available cell machines that make the gameplay simpler than you think.

Free gambling games konami

This is certainly an ideal option for players who want to get acquainted with the offer of this manufacturer before starting to play for real money. Don't wait, start the game now. Below we present some proposals from Konami, which should interest every player:

Rock Around The Clock

This game is based on 3 drums, and the minimum and maximum rate is $ 01 and $ 500, respectively. In the case of playing on the KP3 platform, a progressive jackpot is available in the game, which is reset when it reaches $ 1,000. The legendary song of the Bill Haley and His Comet group, which was released in the 1950s, is the leitmotif of this game.

There are many potential combinations available in this single -armed bandit online that can win players. Here you can also play in Hot spot vending machines. While playing clocks, the bonus increases with each subsequent spin. When the clock breaks 12 hours, the bonus activates. Also if you hit the right combination, you can get bonus activations.

If a blue clock is drawn, the player can receive 7 free spins. In the event that after receiving additional spins, the chances of winning are also increased. Bonus Lucky Records is activated if the purple clock struck the 12th Jackpot Rockin 'can be activated by a red clock, which allows you to win really attractive prizes.

Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons is characterized by 5 drums and 20 withdrawals. This means that to win we must draw a specific combination of symbols. With each subsequent setting of additional tokens, a different payment line is activated.

By using this interesting motif, players can discover treasures, explore the underground or fight various monsters to win additional spins or activate the multiplier. Thanks to the really attractive interface that was created by Konami, the game is really exciting.

Konami single -armed bandit Dungeons and Dragons is also a high possibility of winning and special symbols that reward players with additional spins or a multiplier. Joker, bonus or other additional games are available in the game.

African Diamond

African Diamond is a 5-brood slot that offers 30 withdrawal lines and is certainly worth more attention. The inspiration to create this game is quite obvious; Africa and diamonds. The action takes place among the African jungle, in which players can find symbols such as gorillas or birds.

The rest of the symbols are primarily cards from 9 to ASA. The symbol that each player hunts is a diamond. It acts as a symbol of a joker and a bonus. The minimum rate value is £ 0.3, and the maximum is £ 60.

China Shores

This 5-stringy, 30-line slot contains Chinese symbols, such as Chinese lanterns, urns, gold turtles and popular cards. Special symbols are also available in the game that diversify the game.

The symbol of the Joker is a Panda, which can replace any other symbol, except Ying and Yang to create a winning combination. The symbol Ying and Yang acts as a bonus symbol. If you draw 5 symbols Ying Yang on the drums you will be awarded 100x with a multiplier.

The bonus symbol is also the key to obtaining additional spins, if you draw 3, 4, or 5 such symbols, you will receive 8, 10, or 15 free spins, respectively.

Roman Tribune

Another interesting game Slot from Konami is Roman Tribune. The game is characterized by 5 drums and 3 rows, 30 withdrawals. At the time of taking up the fight, everything must be prepared from gold helmets or sharp swords, these symbols are available in this deer.

The rate of return for players is as much as 96.10%, which means that you can win really often. The lowest paid symbols include cards from 9 to ASA. In the case of drawing three symbols of the bonus on drums, players receive up to 15 additional spins.


What if you don't have enough time to play at ground or internet casinos? Nothing is lost! Currently, most games are also available for mobile devices, including mobile phones or tablets. Therefore, even with short travels, you can enjoy the game on your favorite games. Play on single -armed bandits Konami, which are characterized by a good return factor for the player and win a lot of money.

The popularity of casinos is directly related to software suppliers. We owe all these companies to transformations that have happened on the gambling market - a transition from ground casinos to huge successes on the Internet. Many companies had an impact on what gambling looks like now. Currently, the casino market is considered twice as large as the online shopping market.