Zeus slot machines - introduction

Through the development of the Internet and computer technology in the 1990s, people who love gambling can enjoy them at many internet casinos. Hundreds of different games are available on the market, as well as companies that provide casino software. Zeus free gambling games This is one of the possibilities available on the market. Through free game, players can get acquainted with individual suggestions and choose the best option for them.

Of course, from the moment the first casinos began to work on the web a lot has changed. There are currently over 1,500 Casino producers Internet, providing players with hundreds of high -quality games.

Zeus Games

The Zeus Play brand comes from Bulgaria and has taken its first steps on the European market in 2012. Despite the relatively short experience, this company managed to get the recognition of many players and casino operators. Of course, the software supplied by Zeus meets all world quality standards.

The offer includes over 50 video slot games characterized by the latest technological solutions. Above average design, many bonus games options and really high rates of return for players can be found in the slots offered by Zeus Play.

Zeus single -armed bandit online

The most famous items from this company's offer include games such as: 40 Flaming Lines, Amun’s Book, Arabian Dream, Butterfly Classic, Butterfly Hot 10/20, Candy Land, Captain Nelson, Cherry’s Land, Dar Ninja or Eternal Desire. Of course, the offer is much larger, so everyone should find something for themselves. The company also offers 3D machine games and free hot spot games.

Amuns Book

Amns Book is a video game game provided by ZEUS. This company is certainly known for producing high -quality casinos games and various well -known game titles. The return rate for the player is about 94%, which is a good result compared to other games of this type.

As the name suggests, the game is based on the Book of Amun Ra, which comes straight from Egyptian mythology. This book was presented, for example, in well -known films like a mummy. There are 10 winning lines on five drums in the game. This means that only 10 symbols are available at one time, which makes the game much easier.

The symbol of the book acts as a joker, which is why his appearance on drums means that he replaces all other symbols to create a victorious combination. The game also has a Gamble option, which allows you to win additional funds. In addition, you can find additional options that will allow you to win free spin.

40 Flaming lines

This proposal from Zeus is a reference to classic slots, minimalist design and simple rules are the characteristics of this slots. There are 5 drums and 40 winning lines in the game.

After each win, the player can decide if he wants to play an additional mini game. The most profitable winnings can be obtained by drawing 3, 4, or 5 identical symbols on the drums. In gambling Most often we will meet with fruit symbols - cherries, oranges, grapes, strawberries, bananas and watermelons can be worth from 5 to 200 initial rates. Symbols that will bring the biggest wins are the red seven and the bar sign. When drawing 5 red sevens, you can win to 2000x rates.

Arabian Dream

This is one of the older titles from Zeus. There are 5 drums available in the game, each of which is equipped with 10 different symbols. On the left, there are available loans. However, in the bottom part you can find basic buttons that allow us to control the gameplay.

In the case of drawing at least 3 of the same symbols, we will get the right win for a given line. In addition, the "Gamble" option is available, which allows you to increase winning through a mini-grę.

A Joker symbol is also available - when we draw 3 such symbols, we will get 30 additional, free spins. These additional spins are characterized by a 3x multiplier.

Butterfly Classic

Butterfly Classic Zeus single -armed bandit online is a proposal strongly referring to the first classic slot games. The game is characterized by 3 drums and many similarities for Butterfly Hot 10 and 20 games.

The bonus game in this game does not require the arrangement of a special combination or special symbols. It can start at any time. You will then receive 5 additional spins for a game with a random multiplier (up to x4). In addition, you can win amazing winnings by drawing flower or insects symbols on all 9 positions on the drums. However, 9 butterflies will bring the highest win.

Dark Ninja

Dark Ninja is another unique proposition from Zeus. The game design was modeled on the folklore of Japan. Various Japanese historical symbols, such as castles or geishas, are found on drums. The game consists of 5 drums, which contain 12 different symbols on each of them. The most expressive of these symbols are ninje with red eyes and flip -flops. Other symbols include Japanese gongs, arches and other symbols related to the culture of this nation.

There are 20 withdrawals in the game that can be freely regulated and set depending on your needs. The value of the plant can range from 1 to 30 tokens for each line.

Zeus Vehos for mobile

Through the development of the Internet and casinos for mobile devices, they began to play a very important role on the market. Especially for people who do not have a lot of time casino for mobile devices have become the only method of with gambling. The quality of games offered is getting better and from year to year attracts more and more users. So if you don't have time for browser games on your computer, you'll certainly be happy to play on your mobile device.

At the beginning you may not be sure of how games for mobile devices work because some casinos software provider forces players to download some software or just to play on the website. However, this does not change the fact that starting the game is very simple and very intuitive. Play on Zeus slots now and start winning.

Certainly, gambling are a source of many emotions, usually good ones through excitement to the joy of winnings. Often, various games are built so as to encourage players by using interesting topics or interface. For some, it is also a way to earn. Of course, it is not easy, but for some people it is really a source of substantial income.