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Is it fruit, which was produced by Novomatic. The machine is characterized as a typical hot spot, transferred from the reality surrounding us to the world of online gambling. Roaring Wilds Online is full of simple rules and classic symbols, including the most popular Wild and Scatter bonuses.

It is worth playing it if you are looking for simple and profitable solutions. On our website you will find the Roaring Wilds installment for free, which is available without registration. Play for virtual money And train the game. After a few minutes you will be ready to try your happiness in Online casino for real money.

Roaring Wilds - features of a gambling machine

You are dealing with a classic fruit, style Hot spot games. Older players associate these types of machines with beer booths, restaurants or even housing vegetables, and later and containers with neon lights. The online slot was built in a convention of 5 drums, in 4 rows. A maximum of 40 withdrawal lines are available, which you can smoothly adjust: 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and just 40. The minimum plant in the game is 0.03 for a single payment line, which translates into a maximum plant in the form 80 tokens. Roaring Wilds Automaticic It is also tempted by high -ranking RTP coefficient for the current realities. The potential return for the player is 96.20%.

The player can use several amenities in the game. One of them is an automatic game, which is activated on a simple principle: turn on/off, without setting additional parameters. You will also meet here classically working bonus symbols Wild and Scatter and Gamble function, allowing you to increase the winnings.

Roaring Wilds - Game rules

The game window resembles a typical Novomatic automatic automat. Therefore, if you have already had the pleasure of playing such slots, you will quickly get what it is. If not, you can easily master the distribution of buttons and information displayed during a while Games 77777. All because Novomatic slots show a great simplicity for the user, which does not mean that they are missing something. On the contrary.

Before you start your adventure in Roaring Wilds, devote a few moments to familiarize yourself with the principles described by the manufacturer himself. To do this, click in the lower left corner to the square "menu" button and then select the first "paytable & info" position from the drop -down list. As the name suggests, you will find a table of payments and information about the game, the knowledge of which is necessary, both in the case of Roaring Wilds Demo and the full version for real money.

  • All machine buttons are in one place, at the bottom of the screen, which significantly affects the ease of use of this game.
  • At the middle at the bottom you will find a window displaying your account status and winning.
  • There are three buttons on the left. The following is: the "menu" mentioned, where you will get to know the rules of the game and personalize the machine settings; "Lines" to choose the number of lines and "Total Bet", used to display and select the bet.
  • Three buttons are also on the right side of the slot. The first "Max Bet" is used to put the maximum bet, the second "car" to call an automatic game, and the third "start" to filming with drums.
  • You can also turn the drums with the keyboard space button, and in addition during the drums, by clicking the space or the rotation button, you immediately stop the rollers.
  • You will collect your winnings by performing the next turn, or with the "Collect" button, which will appear in place of the "Start" button after seeing the winning system.
  • You can also enter the bonus game using the "Gamble" button. The risk to double the win is to guess the color of the next card (black or red).

Payment table

You have already learned the rules of Roaring Wilds Slot, but it is also worth looking at what winnings are waiting for you. The machine has several extremely interesting symbols.

Symbol Maximum win (x5)
Stars 40 000
Seven 2 000
Bells 600
Watermelons, grapes 400
Plums, orange, lemons, cherries 200

As you can see, the machine has 9 winning symbols. Despite so many symbols, the wins were limited to five different values. This additionally affects the simplicity of the game and is appreciated by players.

Additional options and bonuses while playing Roarding Wilds

What does a bonus game look like for roaring wilds? In addition to the already mentioned Gamble, where you can double your win, two special symbols are available: Scatter and Wild.

  • Gamble - It's a game, consisting in guessing the color of the card. You can go to her after hitting any win.
  • wild - The wild symbol is the extravaganda inscription "Wild", which replaces any other symbol, except for Scatter.
  • scatter - Stars play this role. They guarantee won as distributed symbols.

There was no place here for free spins or jackpot.

Roaring Wilds - which casino offers this game?

Roaring Wilds for real money is so popular that it was mostly found online casinos. These are better and worse operators, and so that you don't waste time comparing them, we have prepared a proven option for you. Casino ICECasinowhich we recommend is safe and legal for players from Australia. Has a license. It has many improvements, including Australian language, currency and instant payment methods.

In addition to playing Roarding Wilds, you will be able to please the eye here with a thousand other machines and gambling, whose list is constantly updated. To play, you need to make a free registration, and on her occasion, remember that he is waiting for you great bonus without deposit.

How to play Roarding Wilds to win?

A very interesting question that many players ask: how to play to win? Well, the answer is very complex, and as befits an online casino, everything is largely dependent on happiness. However, you can try to help him using good casino practices.

  • Before you start playing for real money, train in a free version.
  • Always play on the maximum number of payments, even at the cost of a lower rate.
  • With low winnings, use the Gamble option to increase the amount of winnings.

Roaring Wilds on a mobile phone

Good information is that you can play the Roaring Wilds automatic available with us without registration also on your mobile phone. Also in the casino we recommend, the game is available from the cell level. All thanks to HTML5 technology in which it was written. Thanks to this, the slot will adapt to your device by displaying the best and as soon as possible version.

Gry similarly to Roaring Wilds

If you are looking for a similar machine, for Roaring Wilds, we recommend other Novomatic productions, namely Battle of the Gods and Top Trumps Celebes. They have similar characteristics, although they differ strictly in graphic motifs.

Try Roaring Wilds for free

Play boldly on our website in Roaring Wilds, thanks to which you will make sure that this machine was created with you in mind. We deeply believe that yes, because it is a fascinating slot that combined many fans of classic fruit. Good luck!

Roaring wilds game details

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Can I play Roarding Wilds for free?

Yes. You can find the free version of the game on our site.

Does Roaring Wilds have free spins?

Not. In this machine you will not find free spins as a bonus option.

Will I win real money in the Roaring Wilds Slot?

Yes. You can win real money by playing Roarding Wilds.

Do you have to download and install Roaring Wilds to play?

Not. The game charges and goes on in the browser.