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European Roulette online for free (Betsoft)

If you belong to a group of roulette fans, today we have something special for you - namely great nickname European Roulette Online manufactured in 2016 by BetSoft. It is a European roulette, which will definitely delight you with the quality of workmanship, playability and graphic design. For this reason, we think that it is really worth meeting her!

You can do this not only by reading our review, but also by playing the European Roulette Demo, which we have prepared especially for you. In this way you will buy the necessary practice, which will definitely be useful to you later when you want to play this game in the version casino games for real money. With us you can train at will, play on any device and everything completely free and without any restrictions. We do not tell you to register with us, log in, deposit money, provide your e-mail address, or meet other requirements. All games with us are available without any restrictions or obligations - you can play as long as you want and have fun! And then when you feel confident, you can go to your online casino and start playing in European Roulette casino By competing with a virtual crumb for real winnings!

Information on European Roulette

Describing the European Roulette game without a deposit should start with the basic information that you have just met - that is, you already know that its creator is BetSoft, and we can play in the game since May 2016, when it first appeared in Australian online casinos. The minimum plant for one spinning wheel in this game is 3 coins, and the maximum is up to 500 coins, which of course is extremely important in terms of the amount of potential winnings. Everything results from the fact that the European Roulette offers wins in the form of multipliers towards the basic rate, according to the table below.

Rate Win
Single number 35:1
Two numbers 17:1
Three numbers 11:1
Four numbers 8:1
Five numbers 6:1
Line (6 numbers) 5:1
Column 2:1
Dozen 2:1
Even odd 1:1
Red/black 1:1
Numbers 1-18/19-36 1:1

European Roulette - game service

Undoubtedly one of the biggest advantages we describe today gambling There is a graphic design combined with a very transparent and uncomplicated interface. This means that even those who have never dealt with roulette in any form can play it. In addition, the interface has been designed so that playing on a mobile device and on a small screen is as convenient as possible. This is a big of this game!

However, before you get to the game, you will have to go through a step related to betting. It is really simple - first you need to click the button that corresponds to the token denomination of your choice. Then hung with a cursor or finger on a table with numbered fields and click on the place where you want to arrange the token, according to the rules of betting in roulette. But don't worry about anything - European Roulette will tell you for free, which numbers include a specific plant by highlighting the right fields.

Once you're ready, you can start the game. To do this, click on the round spin button, after which you can observe the animation of the Roulette Circle and a ball rolling around the perimeter. In a moment the ball will stop in one of the compartments, which will be the result of this particular round. Then you can repeat the game right away. The European Roulette gambling will allow you to play again based on the same plant, double it or arrange the tokens in a completely new way.

Of course, European Roulette European is a traditional roulette that all strategies developed for this game will work perfectly. So you can test them at will without any problem - for example, Martingale systems, Fibonacci, 35: 1, Paroli, Cascade, Canon, Bondowski and a lot of others. Of course, it is worth doing primarily in the free version, because thanks to this you do not spend your own money, so you do not risk losing even a zloty. And when you are sure of your knowledge and skills, you can risk playing real money, of course, going to your favorite online casino first.

Our assessment

If you once wondered what online roulette is the most noteworthy, we are sure that you will like the European Roulette online. It is a well -made game with excellent graphics, simple operation and high playability, which will allow you to immerse yourself in the roulette game for many hours and ensure the best experience of the game!


Do you share the European Roulette game in the free version?

Naturally, yes - look around our website. You will find the European Roulette, which will allow you to play this game completely free of charge to get to know its rules better, learn to play roulette, or simply test various interesting strategies, without having to invest your own money in the game.

Will I find any special functions in the European Roulette online game?

No, the online game manufacturer, which is the European Roulette Roulette, decided that it will produce a gambling game on roulette, which is based solely on the strict canon of this wonderful gambling game. We will not find here any deviations from the standard set of roulette rules, so if you count on any additional options, then you should look for another title.

Can I win real money playing in the European Roulette?

This is not generally the European Roulette online game, which allows you to significantly enrich one successful round, because the winnings in it are up to 35 to 1. But given that you can put up to 100 coins here for one turn of the roulette circle , this translates into a maximum theoretical win of 3,500 coins. And this doesn't look bad anymore, isn't it?

Do I have to download the European Roulette to play?

You don't have to bother with it. The European Roulette game has been designed to best adapt to the parameters of various devices. For this purpose, the HTML5 standard was used, as a result of which this title simply works under the control of the web browser.