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Spinomenal is certainly knowing the fans perfectly well gambling games From all over the world - and it's hardly surprising, because it has a lot of excellent productions. We want to present you one of them, published in 2017 today. It is entitled European Roulette online and, as you have certainly guessed based on the name, it is an internet incarnation of roulette in a European version. So we invite you to get to know this game closer, because it's really worth it!

Besides, of course, we have a prepared version of European for you Roulette demo, which will allow you to get to know this game from the practical side better. You can play it when you want and on any device you want - all you have to do is have a web browser installed with HTML5 and JavaScript. In addition, it is an identical game in terms of available options and functions with the standard one you will find in online casinos. The only difference is that you don't pay here for playing and you don't win any money. So play with us and learn the rules of roulette and European Roulette European Roulette, and then play real money and get high wins thanks to the knowledge obtained from us!

Technical specifications of the European Roulette

As you have already learned by reading our introduction, you are dealing with a game produced by Spinomenal in 2017. The European Roulette Gambling is an online version of the popular roulette in the European version. It has a standard system for this variety, which houses 18 black numbers, 18 red and one green (zero).

Spinomenal provided players with the ability to select the betting rate from a wide range of options, from 0.01 coins to as many as 100 coins. At the same time, you must remember that not every plant has the same limit. For individual European Roulette plants, Roulette has various upper limits of the rate.

Maximum plant Maximum winnings (in coins)
Single number 2
Two numbers 4
Three numbers 6
Four numbers 8
One line 12
Dozen/column 40
Red, black, even odd, 1-18 and 19-36 100

Interestingly, we also have a function of an automatic game here, which is really rare in internet roulettes - in this respect, European Roulette Casino is really unique!

European Roulette - a way of gameplay

After the first launch of this game, you will quickly realize that Spinomenal has made every effort to provide the simplest service and designed a very transparent and minimalist interface. This is excellent news especially for beginner players who can in this way completely stress start playing in the European Roulette and learn everything that is worth knowing about roulette.

Let's start with the fact that you will first have to determine the amount of the plants you want to build. Of course, you do not have to limit yourself to one plant, you can without any problem to put the tokens at any places on the table, according to your preferences. Just remember not to exceed the maximum total amount set by Spinomenal for 100 coins. First, choose the tool denomination using a large field in the bottom of the screen, and then click on the selected place on the table with the plants. The game will highlight your numbers covered by a given plant. And don't be afraid of a mistake - if you can turn back the last step by clicking on the UNDO button or remove all tokens from the table using the Clear All icon.

And when you decide that you have already spread all the tokens in the right places, click the spin button and start the game! You will then see a nice animated roulette wheel on the screen, and after a few seconds you will learn the result of this particular round. Then you can start playing again!

Of course, this is a completely typical European roulette, so you can easily use various methods of conduct and strategies developed long ago for this known table game. These can be, for example, a method of linear progression, Labouchere, d'Alembert, Parley and many others. Of course, the safest and definitely recommended option will be playing the free version we offer on our website and testing various solutions without spending our own money. And only when you are some effectiveness of the strategy you have, you can completely safely start using it by playing real money!

To sum up

We are honestly convinced that every fan of online roulettes after playing the European Roulette without a deposit will come to the conclusion that this is exactly the title he was looking for. And then he will go to his online casino to play this roulette in the version for real cash. Because this game is simply excellent in every respect.


Can I play with you in the European Roulette for free?

Yes of course. For this purpose, you can use the European Roulette version available on our website for free, which will allow you to play as long as you want and on any device you have. And all this without any restrictions or obligations.

Are there any bonus options available in the European Roulette game?

If you expected special functions known from popular slot machines from this, then you will rather be disappointed. In this particular game, the manufacturer simply did not foresee any additions, the European Roulette game is a typical European roulette based on one hundred percent on the set of basic rules of this gambling game.

Is it possible to get a lot of money playing in the European Roulette?

Theoretically speaking, roulette always has a strictly defined table of winnings, so it is impossible to expect multi -million winning amounts from it, as the highest multiplier for the basic rate is in this game X35. But the European Roulette online game is a fairly unique title, because it allows you to put up to 500 coins on a wheel - which means you can win as many as 17,500 coins here in one go!

Do you need to download the European Roulette to play on your phone?

There is no need. It is a modern product made based on the HTML5 and JavaScript standard, which makes it a typical internet application. And this means that the European Roulette online works under the control of a web browser and does not pay attention to the type of device on which it was launched - it works equally well on computers, telephones and tablets!