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The French roulette variant is a European variety of this free casino games. It differs in a few details from the American variant, a special difference is the number of zeros on the circle - in the American variant we have two zero: field 0 and field 00, and in the European variant there is only one - field 0. In this article we will familiarize you with the French roulette from the developer Bgaming. A French demo roulette is waiting for you on our website, which you can try completely free, without registration or logging in. Gambling version Available with us is adapted to both the game on the computer and games on mobile devices.

French roulette - features

The striking feature of French roulette is that the names of simple opportunities, such as even, odd or red, black are written in French. Despite this, through the appropriate marking of fields with colors, foreign names should not be a problem for a person who does not know French.

That French Internet roulette It has an amount of plants from 1 loan to 100 loans, and the currency in the game is called "fun". Such rates can be bet on internal and external plants, but they will have their multipliers for special plants on the series, i.e. telephone factories. This game has no additional options, it is a reflection of the classic table roulette with which we are in in casinos ground.

French roulette - how to play?

Opening the game French roulette online, the player will have a board in front of the internal and external plants, i.e. numbers 0-36 in turn, and around them fields to the Simple Zakłady. Above all this will be the second board for special factories, i.e. the series, which are a roulette circle divided into appropriate sectors, each of which has its own name. The player can bet on internal factories as follows.

System name The specificity of the system Win multiplier
Straight This is a bet for one number 35:1
SPLIT The plant on the line between two numbers in the neighboring fields 17:1
Street The plant on the line with 3 fields vertically 11:1
Corner A plant for 4 neighboring fields that make up the square 8:1
Six Line (Double Street) Plant on 2 lines, each 3 fields vertically 5:1

Casino French roulette also allows the player to bet on external chances. Multiple wins from these plants are lower, but due to the fact that they cover a large number of fields, the chance to win is definitely higher than in the case of internal plants. Here are the arrangements of external plants with multipliers.

System name The specificity of the system Winning multipliers
Column Bet Plant for a column of 12 numbers from 3 columns to choose from 2:1
Dozen Bet Plant for one of 3 dozen numbers 2:1
Lack Lub passes Plant for low numbers (1-18) or high (19-36) 2:1
Impair lub Pair Plant for even or odd numbers 2:1
Red or black A plant for red or black numbers 2:1

More advanced players, whom French gambling roulette is not foreign, can also play using special plants. They consist of permanent systems, here are how they look.

The name of the series Fields in the series Serie rate
Voisins du zero (large series) 2 x Trio 1/2/3, Split 4/7, Split 12/15, Split 18/21, 2x Corner 25/26/28/29 i Split 32/35 9 tokens or multiples 9
The orphans (Sieroty) Straight 1, Split 6/9, Split 14/17, Split 17/20, Split 31/34 5 tokens or

multiple 5

Tiers du cylindre (small series) Split 5/8, Split 10/11, Split 13/16, Split 23/24, Split 27/30, Split 33/36 6 tokens or

multiple 6

Jeu zero (0-spiel or zero series) Split 0/2, Split 12/15, Split 32/35, Straight 26 4 tokens or

multiple 4

There is one more system from special opportunities that we can choose by clicking a certain number of numbers on the wheel. It is called "neighbors of numbers", it consists in the fact that clicks on the selected number and at the same time betting on two fields on each side. For example, the player wants to bet 3 with his neighbors, so clicks on the field "3" and he illuminates 5 fields, which will enter the system, i.e. 0, 23, 3, 35 and 12. 5 tokens will need such a plant, and The system that each numbers will be placed is always Straight.

After selecting interesting factories, click the "spin" button on the right side of the screen, then the wheel animation will be displayed and a specific number will be drawn. After receiving the win, the player also has the ability to repeat his plants from the previous throw by clicking the "Rebet" button on the right. If you want to minimize losses in the game, it is worth starting with external plants and set the smallest rates at the beginning, and then gradually increase them when you feel that you have read the game.

On the internet we will find many strategies of playing roulette, it's good to get acquainted with them, because these are exactly calculated mathematical models that help the player achieve the best results. The French roulette game without a deposit through our similarity to the real roulette with which we are dealing with classic casinos allows you to implement a strategy from a real roulette game and testing new strategies that we want to try without losing cash.


French roulette online game no deposit It very faithfully reflects the roulette with which we are dealing in a ground casino, which makes it a good option for both beginners who want to learn the rules of the game and is a safe solution for an advanced player who would like to practice new strategies of the game "dry".


Where can I play French roulette for free?

The French roulette game is available on the page in the free version. We do not require registration, logging in or deposit.

Is a French roulette available online in all casinos?

In most internet casinos, you can certainly play French roulette, because it is a very popular standard of this game. Before registering at a given casino, it is worth making sure that it offers this game.

How to win real money playing French roulette online?

If you want to win real money, you must first of all play for real money at the casino. After registration and deposit, you can play and win cash by playing French roulette.

Can I play French roulette on the phone?

Yes, the French roulette application from BGaming works in the form of a web-an, so to play it, just turn on the game in the browser. We do not require registration or logging in.