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Were free gambling phone games developed in accordance with the same rules for the draw drawn?

The creators release both versions in parallel. It is also often the same software that simply adapts to the device. That is why they always work on the same terms.

Can phone gambling be started on all devices and regardless of the operating system?

When it comes to popular operating systems, it doesn't matter much here. It is enough for the device to have a web browser in line with HTML5 and you can play.

I want to play vending machines for free. Will all productions be just as accessible?

Currently, all random games available in casinos have been updated to the versions that allow you to play on portable devices. Even when it comes to productions from two decades ago.

Can gambling free download be started on phones and tablets?

Currently, casino games for download are not a common solution, but if the selected casino provides such an application for a specific system (Android, iOS), there are rather no restrictions as to the type of device.