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Space Wars is a game machine from the Netent manufacturer, which needs no introduction to anyone. It is a game during which we land in space and our eyes appear many different aliens on random rollers. Space Wars is a fairly unique game, it is certainly one of the more unique among slot games thanks to its subject. We certainly can't say that it is a fruit.

Navigation in the Space Wars slot is really simple. At the bottom of the game screen we have something like a control panel in a spaceship. We have 40 lines here, which we can value using the Level option, which in turn increases our plant.

Interestingly, in this game we see symbols very similar to aliens presented in the movie Monsters, Inc.

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Space Wars Slot - Details of the game

At the very beginning, it is important to re -indicate that we cannot change the number of lines in the Slota Space Wars slot. This is the default value. However, we can change the weight of our factories via the level as it has already been mentioned. The level of this weight is from 1 to 10. In addition, the player faces a slot, which has 5 columns and 4 rows.

The graphics in Space Wars are impressive. The symbols are very clear and you can see that Netent has applied great importance to it. In addition, the drawing of the winning line is very effective. The winning line is emphasized by a beam of energy passing from the symbol to the symbol. The last captivating graphic detail worth remembering is definitely the chamber or jar in which the symbols we draw by us are various aliens. The sight of these symbols in the jar is really remarkable.

Let's get to the point. Let's see what the Space Wars game looks like.

Immediately after going to the Space Wars screen, we are welcomed by the characters of cheerful aliens and the control panel at the very bottom of the screen. On the left we see the button directing us to the most important information, including information about potential multiplier for drawing specific symbols. Also on the left there is the Level option, thanks to which we increase the weight of our plant. In the middle we have a button starting the draw, on the left side of this button we have automatic game options. On the right side of this button we have the option of placing a maximum plant.

On the right side of the control panel we see our balance and the inscription COINS, which determines the number of loans we set, of course, we can increase or decrease it.

How to win in Space Wars?

We also hurry to this question with the answer. After all, this is important for every player.

On the second or fourth cylinder, the symbols of Wild can appear to us, they are a substitute for any symbol missing to the winning line.

The first random line, in turn, gives us the opportunity to draw an additional spin.

So let's move on to the values of individual symbols, it will first be given for 5 drawn symbols, then for 4 and the last value will apply to 3 symbols:

  • The highest scored symbol is the crystal. It gives us multipliers of 1000, 250 and 30
  • Another symbol is the octopus. Here we can count on 400, 125 and 20 multipliers
  • The next symbol is the yellow alien with tentacles. The multipliers are 200, 75 and 15
  • Green and smiling Triok alien gives us multipliers 176, 60, 10
  • The blue alien with large lips gives multipliers of 150, 50 and 10
  • The purple one -eyed alien gives multipliers of 125.40 and 10
  • The brown alien gives us multipliers of 60.20 and 4
  • Green alien with tentacles that looks sad gives us multipliers of 50, 20 and 4
  • The last three of the aliens give us multipliers 40, 15, 2

In the Space Wars machine, the most important thing is to properly determine the level on which we want to play. This is one of the few elements that we can change. So we must adapt it to our capabilities.

Try and see yourself how funny aliens can be closed in a jar that you can put there by drawing a winning line. As you can see, there are a lot of symbols, so you can have a lot of fun when filling this jar with various aliens.

Bonusy w Space wars

There are several, so you can't complain that much. One of them is, of course, the Wild card, which gives us missing symbols. Another bonus is Re-Spin, guaranteeing us an additional tip after drawing symbols. Unfortunately, as you can see, we can't count on anything more than Re-Spin. It is a pity that the Space Wars game with such colorful graphics does not attract players to each other with bonuses, which, as if not to look, are one of the elements that players pay attention to.

Is it worth playing in Space Wars?

Yes of course! The game is characterized by RTP at 96.80%, so we are not condemned to low RTP quickly sucking our balance. The original graphics and effects during the drawing lines are a great advantage. The disadvantage is, unfortunately, the inability to draw a large amount of free spins. It is worth playing this game, even because of the funny special effects that are waiting for the player.

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