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Warm, warmer, supreme hot

Supreme Hot is another, after Ultimate Hot, a gift donated by creators from Euro Games Technology to lovers of gambling in retro style. Gambling veterans will certainly be a tear in their eye at the sight of the Las Vegas catacombs to the light of the symbols of a happy seven, bar or dollar sign.

Ultimate Hot on steroids

Supreme Hot is a slot with three drums and 27 winning lines, in addition to the symbols mentioned above, we also find fruit: apples, grapes, peaches and cherries. Playing for the highest rate of 100 tokens we have a chance to win 6,000, if we can hit three happy seven. The dollar symbols (4,000) and bar (2,000) are slightly less worth. The lowest company EGT valued the symbols of the gifts of nature, but adding a small bonus to sweetening: hitting nine symbols of the same fruit results in doubling the win. This means no more that we will be paid a double sum of wins in all 27 combinations!

In Supreme Hot Online, of course, there were two rounds of bonus gamble and jackpot cards, which are available to virtually all games - Games Games Technology gambling machines. The first one is activated by every winning spin. If we want to test our telepathic abilities, click the "Gamble" button in the lower right corner of the Slot and try to guess the color of one of the two cards. If we succeed, we will double our win and failure means its loss. The second bonus is a card game called Jackpot Cards. In this round we have 12 cards. Our task is to reveal them until we get three cards in one color. The height of the bonus granted depends on whether we discovered Kier, Karo, PiK or Trefl and on the state of one of the four meters located in the upper part of the slot. It seems that it is thanks to the bonuses, nudging the gaming mouse on the slot machines, like Supreme Hot, they gain a new life.

Basic features of Supreme Hot, old -school slot machine game

  • Slot type: video slot
  • Number of drums: 3
  • Number of winning lines: 27
  • Wild: Brak
  • Scatter: brak
  • multiplier: yes, 2x
  • free spins: none
  • Bonus rounds: a random game of guessing one of two cards, a four -level jackpot cards bonus
  • Autoplay: So
  • Maximum possible win: 6,000 tokens

It will not come back, or gamble nostalgia anymore

Classic single -armed bandit games still have many supporters and it was the creators of Euro Games Technology to them that addressed their hot, three -one slot. It is worth giving a chance to play Supreme Hot, no matter if the reason will be nostalgia for old times or curiosity about what the machines online looked like 30 years ago.

Play Supreme Hot for free and see for yourself how many fun you can give three drums. Others are available on our portal for free free gambling games Genesis Supreme Hot. Games do not require registration or downloading any files.

Supreme hot details of the game

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