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The game was released by the well -known Wazdan and Turbo studio Poker online He gained considerable popularity among players from various countries, including Australia. This is a classic poker video, which is distinguished by a generous payment table and a pleasant interface. And although you compete against the computer, there is no 1VS1 game here, and your goal is to arrange the most powerful card system as possible to get the highest win. So there is no natural opponent in the game.

Play Turbo Poker Demo on our website, without registration and without downloading, also on a mobile phone. Thanks to this, you will get to know the game perfectly and you will be ready to take a risk for real money, in one of the experts recommended by our experts online casinos.

Turbo poker technical specifications

Turbo Poker Internet was released in 2017 and it can be said that it is a very solver game, which emphasizes RTP at 95.94%. It is such a percentage of "put in" money, returns to the players' accounts in the form of various winnings. You can be satisfied with a wide range of plants. A single plant ranges from 0.20 coins, up to 100 coins, which are the maximum stake.

A set of 52 cards participates in the Turbo Poker Casino game, and card systems are based on the principles of traditional 5 Card Draw poker. On the one hand, some may spin that there is no place for a joker here, replacing other symbols, but on the other it has its pros. The payout table with a standard set of cards is simply higher than in systems with a joker. It is worth considering.

It should also be pointed out that Turbo Poker casino game It has several improvements for players. Among them we will find, for example, Auto Hold, so automatic card stop, a goal of suggestions to choose. You can also adjust the speed of handles using one, three available modes: normal fast or ultra. Finally, you can activate the automatic game by choosing the number of revolutions or by setting other variables. And here is a small note. During the automatic game you have no influence on the selection of cards. Everything happens from the machine, so is it so good? We leave the rating to you.

Winning table

Before you check our free turbo poker, it's also worth knowing what the payout table looks like. You probably already guess that the most valuable system in free gambling game There is a royal poker. What does the win for him and for other systems look like?

Card layout Win
Royal poker 200
poker 80
trains 10
Full 3
Color 1.8
Straight 1.4
Troika 1
Two couples 0.6

The smallest layout for which you can win is two couples. In the table we presented the amount of winnings while playing at the lowest rate (0.20). Of course, the higher the bet during Turbo Poker online games, the higher the wins for the indicated systems will also be.

Turbo Poker - how to play?

If at least to a basic degree you know about the principles of poker, and above all how the systems are created, then Turbo Poker online game will not have any secrets from you. All this is due to the very simple game interface, in which all buttons are transparent and well exposed.

However, before you start playing Turbo Poker for free, take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the rules of the game, which the producer himself provided. Wait a moment to load the game screen, and then find the "?" Button at the bottom. After clicking, you will see a pop -up window with the described rules, systems and a table of payments. Once you do this, it's time to play, and to facilitate this simple process, look at the game buttons.

  • At the top you will be visible all the time with the table for individual systems, you can see cards in the middle, and underneath all buttons have been placed.
  • Using the list and sound icons on the left you will adapt the game parameters according to your needs.
  • In the middle there are fields with assigned rates. Click on one of them to choose a bet. If you want to see more, move with the minus or button, left or right.
  • You start the game with a large round button on the right.
  • You will see five cards. It is possible that some of them will be stopped or not (it all depends on the system). If you want to suggest you choose your computer or indicate the exchange cards at your own discretion. Remember, however, that choosing is associated with recalling the plant's rate again.
  • If you've come to at least two pairs or a higher layout, you'll get a win. You can collect it on a balance or use the game. The risk is to hit the color of the next card.
  • In addition, on the right side of the machine you will see two smaller buttons. The upper can adjust the speed of handles using three different levels of speed. The lower game will cause automatic game, defining the number of hands and optionally additional variables.

How to win at low rates?

First of all, before you join the game, get acquainted with its rules. Start with low factories and do not break if nothing bigger has been able to hit for a long time. Try luck. In addition, relatively low systems can be doubled or even used by using Gamble. A good option is also to reject low cards in hunting for something bigger. To sum up, do not always suggest Auto Holdem and focus on your own intuition. And this is the best recipe for success in this game, also called by many effective strategy.

Turbo poker - free game

And that would be enough! Play Turbo Poker without a deposit and see how easy it is! On our part, analyzing all pros and cons, we can recommend this video poker from the Wazdan. This is one of the best gambling games in this kind and you will certainly not be disappointed. Some are worried about the lack of a joker, but the benefits of it are priceless. This is a great solvency of the game and high prizes for individual systems.


Where will I play Turbo Poker for free without logging in?

You can find a free version on our website. Play as long as you feel like it. Also on a mobile phone.

Does Turbo Poker online have any bonuses?

No, but the payout table is so show that the shivers pass on the back.

Can you win real money in Turbo Poker?

You can relatively often.

Is it true that you need to install a turbo poker to play?

No and this is not even possible. You play in a browser and you only need internet access.