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We are sure that the SG Gaming brand is not known to the too wide number of players - at most those who like its specific products or groups gambling games. But today, SG Gaming will certainly go to the awareness of a larger group of gambling lovers, as we have prepared for you a review of an excellent card game from the manufacturer's portfolio. It is Ultimate Texas Hold'em Poker, in which you can play both on stationary and portable devices.

Also play with us in Ultimate Texas Hold'em Demo, which game is a specially crafted version of a functionally identical identity with the one you meet in online casinos, but for financial settlements he only uses virtual currency, not real money. You can play our demo without having to meet any conditions, you don't have to provide us with your personal data or register on our website.

Ultimate Texas Hold'em game is always available and without any restrictions. You can only play it for pleasure to gain experience by starting playing for real money Or simply to learn the rules of this game in a poker with a virtual crumb.

Technical specifications Ultimate Texas Hold'em

As you already know, the producer of Ultimate Texas Hold'em Poker games online There is SG Gaming, and this product itself appeared on the market in 2016. As you can guess based on the name, it is simply an online incarnation of video poker based on a popular tournament and casino variety, which is Texas Hold'em.

Although SG Gaming does not provide a clear value of the profitability coefficient for players (RTP, which is the abbreviation from Return to Player), we can expect a fairly high value. This is due to the fact that Ultimate Texas Hold'em online game is simply a pure version of this game, without additional functionalities, so we can probably assume that its RTP will be identical to the standard Texas Hold's poker and take from 97.10% up to 99.47% depending on the number of decks of cards used for the needs of the game. As for the value of winnings for individual card systems, it looks as follows.

Card system in hand Winning for Ante and Blind plants Winning for a Trips plant
Troika 3 do 1
Straight 1 do 1 4 do 1
Color 3 do 2 7 do 1
Full 3 do 1 8 do 1
trains 10 do 1 30 do 1
poker 50 do 1 40 do 1
Royal poker 500 do 1 50 do 1

Of course, the above values correspond to the betting multiplied as won for individual combinations of cards, not the total number of coins paid. Speaking of plants, we can put here from 0.1 coins to 100 coins for one hand. But be careful here, because during the game you will have to put the basic plant to twice, i.e. in theory the maximum amount to erect will be 300 coins. Remember this always and never play in Ultimate Texas Hold'em Online by putting a higher amount than 1/3 of your total balance!

Ultimate Texas Hold'em - how to play?

After starting the Ultimate Texas Hold'em game you will see a blue board on the screen containing all the necessary information and control elements. Start, however, by establishing the toke nomine, which you will use to create factories for the next hand. Also note that the game imposes a top -down limit of amounts to be placed on the Ante and Bet plant of 100 coins and 200 coins for the TRIPS plant.

Once you choose your tokens, just click on the Ante plant. Bet field will also be filled with an identical amount. You can now click the Deal button. You will first receive two cards with exposed values, the dealer will also get two, but you will not be able to meet them at this stage of the game. Now decide whether you want to raise the rate by selecting the X4 or X3 option or check the cards by clicking the Check button. This step will repeat twice, until a total of 9 cards - two, two dealer and five common in the central part of the screen are on the table. Everything goes according to the principles of poker Texas Hold'em, so we will not describe it here in more detail.

An additional option is also the TRIPS. He is not related to the general game in any way, nor does he pay attention to the final decisions. The idea of this plant is to bet on the player receiving a specific card system. When he succeeds, regardless of the other results, the player will receive a win for a given arrangement according to the table. For example, 8 to 1 for full.

Ultimate Texas Hold'em - Free game

If you played with us in Ultimate Texas Hold'em without a deposit, you certainly managed to realize that you are dealing with an extremely successful product. And that's exactly how we evaluate this game - it has a great graphic design, excellent playability, simple rules, ideal compatibility with mobile devices. And in addition, it is simply a poker in the Texas Hold'em variety, so it's perfect not only to play for real money, but also for entertainment!


Can I play with you the free version of Ultimate Texas Hold'em?

If you fancy Ultimate Texas Hold'em Free Poker Online, you've come to the right place. On our website, we have prepared this game in a free and demonstration version especially for you, which will allow you to get acquainted with the rules of poker in the Texas Hold'em variety, and also just have a great time.

Can you find any special options in Ultimate Texas Hold'em?

Unfortunately not. Ultimate Texas Hold'em Internet Poker strictly sticks to the rules of this variety of tournament poker game. And this means that we will not find any additional functions or solutions that affect the quality of the game - positively or negative.

Is it possible to win high amounts in Ultimate Texas Hold'em?

The table of won in this game is constant and simply contains multipliers for the basic rate for one hand. And this means that you can't win high amounts at once. But nothing prevents you from winning single wins every now and then, which can ultimately accumulate in one higher amount.

Do you have to download Ultimate Texas Hold'em to play on your phone?

If you are going to play Ultimate Texas Hold'em Casino on your smartphone, you've come to the right place. This game works great on mobile devices, it is 100% compatible with them, and provides smooth and comfortable gameplay. And you don't have to download anything!