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A new version of the game on the Ultra Hot machine in the form of the Deluxe version is ahead of us, produced by Novomatic also known from other slot games. It is a single -armed bandit casino game in a classic approach. If you played the first versions of this type of games, Ultra Hot Deluxe will not be a surprise. Compared to the previous version, the size of the rollers was enlarged, thanks to which the game became more transparent and the symbols are visible. Typical and simplified, a system of three rollers giving a total of five combinations of winnings: three horizontal lines and two diagonals. The game machine itself is large, much larger than in the previous edition of this internet Gambling games.

Automatic game option

Ultra Hot Deluxe Online emphasizes the automatic game. The Autoplay button is larger than the Start button, giving easier access to this option. Remember, the Autoplay option will stop only when you press the Stop button. The speed of the rollers will not stop at the time of winning without giving you the opportunity to conquer.

As in other machines of this type available for free on the Internet, so here we have the opportunity to conquer the winning rate twice using a draw from the deck of cards. If you draw the right (red or black) color, your rate will double, if not - it will be lost. Colors on the deck of cards flash at a huge pace, so this option is beneficial for those who believe in their reflexes and perceptiveness, for others - faith in their own happiness remains.

This single -armed bandit gives you the opportunity to bet between 1 and 200 on a given line. In the version I played in, it was not possible to change the number of paid lines and there were mandatory 5. With this arrangement, the minimum number of loans for each stroke was 5, and the maximum of up to 1,000 loans.

Symbols in the game

  • seven (77) - maximum win for 3 hits in one line at the rate 1 per line - 750
  • Stars (**) - maximum win - 200
  • bar bar - max. Win - 60
  • plums, lemons, oranges, cherries - 40
  • XX – 5

There is also a fruit bonus. If the whole screen fils one of the fruit symbols, your win will be doubled. In addition to the size of the game for the game and symbols, it is the biggest difference between the older Ultra Hot and Ultra Hot Deluxe.

The Ultra Hot Deluxe game is intended for players who like large, legible symbols and clear rules. Without unnecessary ornaments or options, it gives us the opportunity and pleasure to play in one of the casino classics. In Ultra Hot Deluxe you can play in any browser and on any Windows, Android or iOS device. Without downloading or installation. If you liked the review and you like classic single -armed gambling games, look at our site and play for free.

Ultra Hot Deluxe additional bonuses

Ultra Hot Deluxe is a fairly old game, so it's hard to expect exciting bonuses from it. However, it turns out that despite over 10 years on the neck, players will not be bored during the game. The first bonus is the famous Gamble option. It works in such a way that every player who won at least the smallest amount can fight for its magnification. All you have to do is guess what color the card will appear on the screen. Thanks to this bonus, you can increase your earlier win, but you can also lose it, so be careful. An additional bonus is launched when the player manages to fill the whole screen with one symbol. Then the win will always be doubled.

Ultra hot deluxe opinions

Ultra Hot Deluxe is undoubtedly the game you want to try. It is suitable not only for experienced players, it is ideal for all beginners who may not be sure of more complex slots. Ultra Hot Deluxe is perfect to start your adventure with vending machines, it is hard to find a simpler slot that will simply fulfill its task well.

That is why ultra hot reviews are very positive, players get exactly what they are looking for. So if you are looking for a machine you can rely on, and by the way you don't want to get bored during the game, it's more than certain that you'll be happy.

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