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gambling WOOP WOOP is a reference to the legendary 3 × 3 vending machines, but the manufacturer BluePrint Gaming said that it will keep the game theme and slightly modify the graphics. As a result, the manufacturer's machine has become a hit that guarantees the power to play among modern graphics and space elements.

WOOP WOOP Automat is an advanced game. The machine window is operated by high resolution browsers. Despite the simple screen, interesting special options and all the most necessary tools for easy and fast play are available. We will discuss all these functions and prizes in the game in the following paragraphs, and in the meantime let's go about the free possibility of playing with the demotratory version with the WOOP WOOP version without registration on virtual currency. The game can be enabled in the window of this page after clicking the button. Check the machine's capabilities and test it now!

Specification of the WOOP WOOP machine

The WOOP WOOP online game machine offers players gameplay on the traditional 3 × 3 screen. Three rows and three drums can be extended to two more drums when hitting the appropriate combination that activates a special Depositless bonus. WOOP WOOP for free is a simple game, with an automatic game mode and a friendly rate range from 0.1 tools to 500 tokens to turn off. The slot is medium -solvent, and at the same time has a fairly high RTP worth 96.5%.

The game producer is the renowned BluePrint Gaming company producing advanced games with interesting bonuses. Referring to bonuses, this particular title is able to offer players a series of special icons including Wild and quite attractive additional functions.

All wins in this title are paid on the basis of adjacent icons and are not subject to the winning line. The solvent combination must be continued in each subsequent drum and only then can qualify for the prize. Most of the prize cases are paid for hitting three icons in the series, but by activating an additional two drums, players can catch a series of 5 elements, i.e. much more interesting rates.

Instructions for playing in the WOOP WOOP slot

Going to the game it is worth checking how to behave among the game options and how to activate some functions. In this, the regulations will be useful, which, unfortunately, will explain to players all issues regarding the payment of prizes and games. For those users who do not know the language of the game, we have prepared a brief explanation, according to which you can start the game and start absorbing all offering the machine's attractions.

First of all, after starting the WOOP WOOP game machine, it is worth going to the topic of choosing the rate, which is one of the basic issues affecting the amount of winnings.

After selecting the plant, the player can set automatic turns or activate the game engine manually and wait for solvent combinations. The slot will detect all elements qualifying for payment and reward the game user with the appropriate amount of winning, informing about it in the main view gambling. Below we will present proposals of multipliers in the WOOP WOOP slot game online for hitting up to 5 icons according to the proposals of the regulations for each rate for turning:

Symbol CC Dirt
Seven x15 x150
Bar Kesh, Kh As a coffee
Watermelon CC, 5 x35
Grape CC X30
Orange x0,3 CC
Plums x0,2 Cover
Lemon x01 x1,5

Promotions in WOOP WOOP

The basic special symbol in the game WOOP WOOP Slot is Joker. Joker as a universal special icon can replace any symbols in unsuccessful series, and thus appearing in one drum, is able to save an incomplete combination of each icon. In addition to this icon, players can catch the activation of one of two special modes:

  • Energy Bars Full loading of energy strips in the game view activates a special function in which they can be won, among others Free spins
  • Galaxy of Fire Additional free spins for players who can draw an ultra joker and expand the screen to the option of drawing a combination of five symbols.

Plays in casinos with woop woop

Every Legal casino WOOP WOOP with the game can offer its recipients a full competition for real sums of money. One of the legal platforms under the license is Casino Spinambawhich has just prepared a game of fun in WOOP WOOP Games for real money according to the rules of gambling in the EU. This casino is an attractive proposition for players who prefer real emotions among safe games, interesting bonuses and trusted payment methods. In addition, the platform offers interesting welcome bonuses for every new player.

A way to win in WOOP WOOP

Game training is a great idea to increase the chance of success in this game 77777 for free. Our free WOOP WOOP DEMO machine is an opportunity to test the game function completely without risk, because it does not provide a game of real cash, and in addition is fully free.

Mobile version of the game WOOP WOOP

Tan Fruit machine Without any problem, without registration, logging, download and installation can be started in high resolution on any Android and iOS device. The game is perfect for players who do not always have access to the computer, but like to spend their free time among drum games, playing for pleasure.

Similar games

Quite similar fruit games operating on three drums include the Burning Hot series and Retro Magic 27 with a whole set of fruit icons. These games can be sought on our portal and test their mechanics for free.

Try WOOP WOOP for free

Knowledge of the basic rules of playing in the WOOP WOOP slot is the right knowledge that it is worth going to free fun on the machine on our part. Our portal specializes in testing video games that are available at casinos. We give our readers a chance to check what the game on online vending machines looks like without a must play for real money, i.e. risking your own savings. Check out in the game now and be sure to see other online reviews!

Woop woop game details

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Symbol Scatter:
Bonus game:
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How to play WOOP WOOP for free?

The best way is to use our free demo machines, available to every reader without logging in.

Does the WOOP WOOP slot have free spin mode?

The machine copes well with bonuses, including the game mode among free turns.

Is the WOOP WOOP machine available for real money?

On the web you can find pages that offer this game in real game for real rates.

Does WOOP WOOP need installation?

No, this machine does not require installation to be started in the browser.