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Zeus - free game machine

Zeus is a game from the WMS manufacturer. As the name suggests, it is a game directly referring to ancient Greece and Greek mythology. It is a good stepping stone for someone who usually plays online slot games, which are not very attractive. For example, it is about fruit, which up to a point is a good entertainment, but over time they get bored of even the greatest supporter of these games. Interestingly, in Zeus, navigation is located in the upper part of the screen, in the vast majority of games the control panel is usually at the bottom of the game screen.

With us, you can play the Lord of Olympus and start drawing Greek symbols in Zeus, you can do it completely free on our website!

Zeus Slot - Details of the game

Zeus is a game machine, in which we have 5 draws at our disposal and 3 rows in which our symbols are arranged. In addition, we can also decide on how many lines we play and what value our plant takes to a single line. As for the graphics, you can say that it is pleasant to the eye. The winning lines are marked with flashing lines and squares covering symbols. Some of the symbols flash in a rather characteristic way.

In addition to graphics, the navigation of this ZEUS machine is equally important. In this matter, the manufacturer made sure that the player did not feel lost in any way. At the very top we have 2 blue buttons, one of them Bet/Line determines the value of the plant for a single line. The second lines button determines the number of winning lines on which we want to play. On the right, however, we have a starting button on the left, while we can choose the autoplay options, i.e. an automatic draw, a certain number of times without clicking the spin button. To reach information, we need to click the icon in the upper right corner. We have a number of different information, along with the table of potential wins for drawing individual symbols. The overall value of our bet is at the very top of the game screen. So, as you can see, the navigation is quite simple and should not cause a big problem even to beginner players.

How to win the ZEUS slot from WMS?

We already know where to click to start the game and how we can increase our bet. It's time to find out what symbols the biggest wins give. Let's assume that we bet on a minimum rate of 0.01 and the maximum number of lines, i.e. 30.

  • 5 Symbols Scatter, or lightning in Zeus hand, means 100 free spins for us!
  • With a minimal plant and drawing of 5 Zeus symbols, we will receive as many as 5 loans.
  • After drawing 5 pegases, we can count on 4 loans.
  • Draw 5 ships or 5 Hoplita helmets will give us 3.5 loans.
  • 5 Harf or amphora gives us a win of 2.5 loans
  • 5 AUD or silver coins are a win of 2 loans.
  • 5 wreaths is a win of 1.5 loans
  • In addition to the SCATTER symbol, we also have a Wild symbol, which is symbolized by the Greek temple.

Of course, drawing 4 or 3 symbols also gives us some win, but it is 5 symbols that allows us to win a really large amount of loans. Try and see yourself what victorious lines you will be able to collect in the Zeus slot. With us you can do it for free, without registration and paying funds to your balance. All you have to do is enter our website and you can try this Slot online for free.

Bonuses in the ZEUS machine

The creators of the Zeus game really spoil players. We have here not only the symbols of Wild and Scatter, we can win a lot of free spins. It requires a player to have a lot of luck to win 100 spins, you should draw up to 5 scatter symbols. It is also worth noting that 4 and 3 Scatter symbols also give free spins! It is exactly 25 and 10 spins, depending on the number of symbols drawn.

Zeus Lord of Olympus

According to the manufacturer, RTP in the ZEUS slot is exactly 95.97%. This is not the highest value among all slot games. However, in the face of the possibility of drawing many free spins, this is a forgiving value. The pros of the Zeus slot is certainly the subject that allows you to break away from fruit and other games, which over time become monotonous. In addition, we have a lot of bonuses to draw here. The downside is certainly that we do not have a progressive jackpot to break up. This is one of the few minuses that can actually be found in this game. See for yourself the player yourself, write your review about Zeus and try free gameplay with us on our website. You can play for free, without registration and without fees. Have fun with us and remember that we are waiting for you!

Zeus Details of the game

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