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First glance

Zoom Roulette, a free roulette by the BetSoft Gaming studio is a European variety of this popular gambling. This means that we have 37 fields at our disposal, with numbers from scratch to 36. BetSoft, however, decided on a slight deviation from the pattern, deciding on the so -called The Hamburg variant, in which the ball landing in the "zero" field means that half of the plant is returned to the player to even/odd, black/white or low/high numbers.
Interface and types of plants

The game screen is divided into two parts, in the bottom there is a roulette circle, while in the upper area of the plant. We have nine basic types of plants, i.e.

Straight Up (single numbers)
Split Bet (two numbers)
Street Bet (three numbers)
Corner Bet (four numbers)
· First Four Bet (as above, but for numbers 0,1,2,3)
Line bet (six numbers)
Column Bet (12 numbers)
DOZEN BET (12 numbers)
· Red/Black, Even/Odd, Low/High (red/black, even/odd, low/high) and special plants like Orphan, Serie 5/8 and the like. The tokens are on the left of the screen, we have denominations from 1 to 250.

The course of the game

The game in Zoom Roulette Online resembles a regular party casino games. The main difference lies in the lack of time restrictions, the player can freely bet on selected combinations (and there is a lot to choose from) before he decides to spin.

The minimum rate for which we can play is 3 loans, maximum - 500. Using the mouse cursor, click the token you are interested in, and then on the field where we want to put it. Once we bring our factories, click the "Spin" button in the right part of the screen. The spin itself looks extremely impressive, the roulette wheel emerges from the bottom of the screen like a whale. The place where the ivory ball ended its journey is presented in a magnification on a special panel.

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The most important features and summary

Type: European roulette, Hamburg variant
Plant rates: from 3 to 500 loans
bonuses: none
Maximum win: 35: 1 (Straight Up)
token denominations: up to 1 to 500
Progressive jackpot: none

Zoom Roulette to Rousse, and the game for free in it is pure pleasure. The Betsoft product looks great from the graphic side, the huge, spinning wheel of roulette looks extremely realistic. The fields of plants are arranged on the table in a careful and thoughtful way, and the lack of time restrictions makes the tokens to be placed easily and stress -free.

Check organoleptically how this game works. BetSoft Zoom Roulette roulette is available on our pages. Play for free, without registration. The game does not require downloading any files.