Internet technologies do not stand still. Over the past few years, you can see a significant simplification of online transfers. Electronic wallets allow you to exchange cash via a telephone number associated with the account. Credit cards change their numbers at each transaction. However, all this seems to give way to places, you can say revolutionary BLIK technology. It is both revolutionary and sensational.

It is Australian technological thought that has developed this way to make payments. Thanks to the introduced mechanisms, it is comfortable to use and very safe. The popularity has also made Blik enter online casinos. In this guide, we will tell exactly what this technology is, what casino Blik to choose and how to use the popular Blik. Deposit payments have never been so easy.

Until now, many payment methods have been little known or simply uncomfortable for Australian players. Thanks to Blik it is changing. In a quick and most importantly safe way we are able to fund our player's account.

Online casino with BLIK 2021

What is Blik?

Blik is simply a type of payment system. It is used in fast mobile transactions. It was launched in February 2015 and is gaining more and more popularity from year to year. At first, 6 banks were associated in the project. As of today, the list of banks using Tech Methods is definitely longer. You will be able to use Blik Casino if you have an account in one of the banks below:

  • Bank Millennium,
  • BNP Paribas,
  • Grein is a bank,
  • Nest Bank,
  • mBank,
  • Baked with,
  • Santander Bank Polska are,
  • Cooperative banks in the group of Bank Polska Spółdzielczości,
  • Alior Bank,
  • Postal bank,
  • Credit Agricole,
  • ING Bank Śląski,
  • Noble Bank,
  • Orange Finanse,
  • PKO Bank Polski and Inteligo,
  • T-Mobile Banking Services,
  • Cooperative banks in a cooperative banking group.

To pay a deposit to the casino with Blik it will be necessary to have a mobile application of one of the banks below. It is from it that we generate a code that will be used for authorization in the payment process. We will discuss the entire course of this process in the next paragraphs.

Safety related to BLIK payments

In addition to the speed of the entire transfer surgery to Blik Casino, security always stands in the first place. Players will be willing to wait a long time to post the funds to make sure that nothing will happen to their money. Thanks to Blik, the transfer of funds is express and safe.

On the side of this payment system is ensuring full protection of the customer's personal data. Thanks to the verification of the Acceptor (in this case, the BLIK online casino) by the settlement agent is established communication with the Australian payment standard, which processes the request in the appropriate bank.

The system is developed and kept by the Australian payment standard (PSP), i.e. a company appointed by the largest Australian banks. They take full responsibility for the whole process from generating the code in the application, data exchange between the bank and the settlement agent to the final communication with the acceptance and sending confirmation of the prosperity of the transaction. All these activities take up to several dozen seconds. It is important that active access to the Internet is provided all the time.

How does the BLIK Casino work?

From a technical point of view, the process may seem complicated. However, the user who simply wants to pay at Casino Online Blik is enough to take a few simple steps.

  • To make the transaction possible at all, make sure your bank takes part in this program, and whether you have a bank mobile application in which it will generate codes.
  • If you have the first step behind you to register at the casino, which will accept the deposits made by BLIK.
  • Most casinos will require identity verification to be able to pay and withdraw money. You should usually send a scan of your identity card.
  • If the identity is already confirmed, go to the deposit and select a quick transfer/BLIK as a method. You can also use any of the fast payments operators (e.g. PayU, Przelewy24), which also support BLIK technology.
  • The payment will be made immediately after confirming the bank's mobile application.
  • Enjoy the game thanks to the cash trading and win high winnings.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to use Blik to pay the winning funds. The casino will most likely make a regular transfer to our bank account. Unfortunately, posting funds can take up to several business days. Blik payments in casinos are becoming more and more popular. The Australian casino BLIK is one of the easiest ways to put money on the market.

BLIK online vending machines

Despite the constantly growing popularity of this technology, not all casinos are still implementing transactions made by Blik. This method is largely influenced by the roots of this method, because it comes from Australia and is only available to players of our country. What's more, bank accounts must be in the Australian currency so that they can support Blik.

Some casinos do not respect Australian AUD, so it may be impossible to use this method. However, we are not doomed to failure. Many electronic wallets accept transfers made by Blik and allow easy exchange of currencies. Thanks to this, we will play Blik online machines, even where at first glance you can not see it. Information on supported payment methods is always described on the official website of the online casino.

In order not to look for yourself which casino accepts transactions made thanks to Blik, our experts have prepared a list of such casinos. It is constantly supplemented with new items, so you can be sure that in the indicated places you will definitely be available for payment methods. Thanks to this list, all you have to do is log in to the casino indicated, start the mobile application of your bank, submit a deposit (and often also pick up a special bonus) and play BLIK online machines.

Popular online machines: BLIK Payment

Some BLIK machines belong to the most popular machines and transactions often take place with the help of Blik. Belong to them:

  • Book of Dead - It is a journey through ancient Egypt in search of the title Book of Death. It performs several functions, so it's worth hunting for it. The slot was produced by Play’n Go. The RTP coefficient is 96.21%. This is one of the most frequently chosen games by players around the world.
  • Starburst - In this slot from the past we move to the future. It is a space slot in which we are looking for precious precious stones. RTP is a good 96.1%. The game was produced by Netent. For this game, many casinos awarded bonuses, e.g. free spins.
  • Gonzo’s Quest - The game was also produced by Netent. She has many modifications, including live casino. The long -length traveler Gonzo traverses the land of the Aztecs by discovering more stone boards. The game has a great avalanche function that raises the multiplier. The scoring boards are removed from the game and new ones fall in their place. RTP is 96%
  • Fire Joker - This is a classic hot spot with a RTP of 96.15%. It was produced by Play'n GO only in 2016 and gained enormous popularity at a stunning pace. It has 3 drums and from time to time the fortune wheel launched, which hides the highest winnings of up to 800 times of the plant in its fields.

Muchbetter BLIK payment

Not every Blik Casino will offer directly. Sometimes it will be possible to use Blik by a payment broker. Muchbetter is the most commonly used payment intermediary in the gambling world. Most casinos allow you to pay money by this operator.

Using the service of a payment intermediary creates a bridge between the casino and Blik. Thanks to it, it is possible to pay funds by default, not supported in the casino ways. In this way, BLIK will already accept the Casino.

Using Muchbetter will first involve setting up an account in the service. Account registration is similar to all other online payments. After creating an account, it will be possible to top up your Muchbetter account by selecting in the Top Up application. When the account is funded, it will be possible to use these funds in any Online casino without a deposit.

Blik is a solution created basically only for clients of Australian banks. Blik will usually be served in Australian casinos. However, for many foreign casinos, Blik payment is quite exotic. However, this trend is changing and BLIK is increasingly available directly at the casino, even without having to use the services of intermediaries.

Payments and payments with the help of BLIK

Do Online casino Blik is available in a few simple steps. Follow the instructions below:

  1. At the online casino, enter the deposit amount and select BLIK as a method of payment. You already know that sometimes it may be necessary to use the services of a payment broker that will help in the transaction.
  2. Run your bank mobile application and download 6 digital code from it. The code is valid only for 120 seconds. After this time, a new code will be generated.
  3. Enter the code on the casino website or the broker supporting your payment. Confirm the code with the OK button or a green arrow.
  4. In your mobile application you will have to confirm the transaction. Check if the amount is correct. If everything is ok, enter the PIN for authorization of the transaction.
  5. After a few moments, the funds should be available in your casino player account.

Other payment operators supporting BLIK transactions are Casino Przelewy24, Dotpay, Ecard, PayU and BlueMedia.

BLIK online casinos

Casinos with the BLIK option are becoming more and more popular. This happens not only in Australia. More and more casinos are interested in Blik's services. There is nothing strange about this. Casinos want to be as friendly to their players and make it easier for them to play. The table below contains casinos that accept this form of transaction.

Energy Casino Energy Casino Blik accepts a quick bank transfer by using the method. It is a gambling platform with over 2,000 games in its library. The casino was founded in 2012. It is registered in Malta. The casino website is translated into 11 languages, including Australian. High welcome bonuses reaching thousands of AUD were provided for players. A without deposit bonus is also available.
Betsson This casino online BLIK uses the Muchbetter platform to implement the transaction. The history of this casino is very interesting. The Swedish company Betsson was founded in 1963 and in the first years of its activity focused on the production of mechanical slot machines. In 2003, she acquired shares in the British Stock Exchange. In 2004, their activities more than twice. Many years in the gambling industry allows you to transform this experience into a well -refined and safe online casino.
Betsafe BetSafe also uses the services of Muchbetter intermediary. Also founded in Sweden with the current headquarters in Malta. The casino was launched in 2006. Since 2011, they belong to a group of Betsson gambling companies. Among the many advantages, a large selection of sporting events and games deserves special attention. Players can even bet on horse races. Betsafe operates under the Maltese and British licenses.
Casinoeuro Casino Euro uses the services of the Muchbetter operator. Founded in 2002 for nearly 20 years, it encourages to use their services many players. Constantly modified, it is still expanding its activities. Casinoeuro offers a large variety of bonuses and among them, among others Welcome bonuses for registration without deposit, many types of promotional codes, and free spins awarded in various forms and quantities. Has a license from Malta Gaming Authority.

Blik portable version

The BLIK internet casino is operated only from the bank's mobile application. Most Australian banks already participate in this project, so your bank should support this technology. Applications created for mobile devices work with all popular operating systems. Among them will definitely include:

  • Android,
  • iOS,
  • Windows Phone,
  • Windows 10 Mobile,
  • Blackberry Os.

In order for the application to work correctly, constant access to the Internet is required. The generated code without the Internet will not be confirmed by the Australian payment standard. After entering the code, it is important to authorize the transaction usually by providing the pin in the application.

Strong and weaknesses casino online blik

BLIK online casino is a lot easier. However, despite the many advantages of Casino, BLIK is not without flaws. Before depositing money, you should consider all pros and cons, and decide yourself whether this form is suitable for us. The table below will help.

Benefits Disadvantages
Transaction speed. After a few dozen seconds, the money is on the recipient's account. It is necessary to have an account and transaction application application.
Blik payment belongs to one of the safest forms of transferring money. Responsibility for the whole process falls on PSP and banks. A stable internet connection is required.
Blik is free. You just need to check if a possible broker will not charge any additional fee in this respect. Blik only has the option to pay funds. You can't pay them.
Simplicity of service. Just enter 6 digital code and confirm the transaction. Service of only Australian bank accounts.
You do not need to provide sensitive data as in the case of using payment cards
Possibility of transferring from anywhere using a mobile phone itself.

Alternative methods for Blik Casino

BLIK casino is of course only one of many different methods for paying money. In fact, it is one of the latest ways to put cash on the market. There are many other methods for many years already used in online casinos.

The most commonly used method is a credit or debit payment card. The transaction consists in providing a payment card number, expiry date, user and sometimes also the CVV code. These data are sensitive and be careful to whom we give it. This data is enough to collect money from the account. Additional authorization is no longer required. Payment of funds is possible to the account with which the payment card is related.

An alternative way is to use electronic wallets. This is the so -called An electronic purse, which we recharge in advance to deposit money from it into the casino. The most commonly used are Neteller, Skrill, and Ecopayz. While payments are made quite quickly, you have to wait a few business days for the transfer of funds. This applies in particular to traditional internet transfers.

Our conclusions about Casino Online Blik

Using BLIK payments is a lot easier for all users. In a simple, fast and most importantly safe way you can transfer funds to the player's account at the online casino. Even if Blik is not directly available, it can be used by payment intermediaries such as Przelewy24 or International Muchbetter. Using Blik is basically free. The only fees can be charged when using a payment broker, but they are not very high.

It will be required to have an account at the bank and its mobile application. Having an account is basically required for each payment method, so this is not a special difficulty. It's nice that casinos are seeing more and more potential among Australian players. By using Blik, transactions become even simpler.


Do you need to have a bank account to be able to use the BLIK casino payment?

Yes, a bank account is required. It must be one of the banks who accepts this form of payment. More and more banks are serving transactions made by Blik. In addition, a bank mobile application is required, which will generate the code and in it the user will be able to authorize the transaction.

Is BLIK payment secure?

Blik transactions are one of the safest. Banks and PSP participate at every step. Of course, banks are the most trusted payments units, which is why we can easily trust them. Using BLIK codes is much safer and more convenient than providing data of your payment card.

Do casinos with the BLIK option charge for transaction fees?

Blik himself is free for the user. Just make sure that the brokers using Blik also do not collect money for it. Intermediaries who accept BLIK payments can collect an amount of about AUD 1.

Does he recognize any Australian casino with Blik?

More and more casinos are using BLIK payments. If not directly, for example, using intermediaries such as Muchbetter. Muchbetter is one of the most popular payment brokers in the gambling industry.