Gambling games with books are one of the most popular and at the same time classic species vending machines in online casinos. It is difficult to explain, but it is many of the slots with the magic words "Book of" in the title of the status of real hits; Absolute online gambling classics, which everyone knows perfectly.

Can Book of Ra or Book of Dead be unknown to anyone who had any with online gambling? Certainly not! It is worth knowing, however, that noteworthy gambling games with books are not only a few of the most classic titles. These are also many other items, but fascinating than Book of Ra.

That is why the player will find on our website Exclusive catalog, which contains good books of books for free. Later in this text, let's look at the category of games with the words "book of" in the title slightly more accurately, we will show some interesting proposals and answer the most frequently asked questions.

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Best online gambling games

Bonus Payments Producer Play
200% to AUD 4,000 + 50 free spins Play'n Go
Book of Aztec Spinia Casino
100% to € 250 + 50 free turns Amatic
AUD 1.500 + 140 free spins Amatic

Gambling games with books - what is this category of slots?

Seemingly it might seem that gambling With books in titles, it is very wide and, in addition, a rather conventional category, which can be included in many various slots. To some extent, of course it is so. However, if we focus on the best or most famous slots from the category Book gambling games, we will quickly notice that the vast majority of their plot revolves around mythological motifs.

But why such a regularity? To explain this, you need to reach to the importance of the book symbol rooted in the culture. Gambling games with books will also usually be characterized by a rather simple structure:

  • three rows,
  • three to five drums,
  • Five to ten prize lines.

By default, we will also come across more basic bonus formulas, and therefore an option Gamble, scatters, wild symbols and, for some titles, special rounds with free spins.

However, the above statements are general observations that do not have to follow all slots from the described category, the more that the manufacturers are still willing to create newer gambling books, which makes the catalog of "book of" slot machines regularly become richer and getting more and more and more more diverse.

What else, apart from mythological slots, can be found in this catalog? These will be popular fruit and Hot Spot vending machines. As part of the category we will also find many other slots, including a substantial number of modern vending machines, which in terms of their mechanics differ far from such titles as Book of Dead or Book of Ra.

Our idea is to present to the reader the best catalog of slots with books on the Internet. However, we are not only guided by the number. For the machine to hit the list of items we recommend, it must be one of the most interesting "book of" games. So we have created a unique list of best slots with the book as the leitmotif, which we present to our readers.

Top 3 Book of ... - The most popular games with books according to our website gambling for free!

What are pioneering, iconic and the most famous gambling games? Of course, at the very beginning you can mention two fundamental titles: Book of Ra from Novomatic, as well as a gambling game of a book, which is Book of Dead from Play’n Go.

So here we are dealing with two slots with a very strong market position, for which two powerful development studies are responsible for production. Sometimes it is even said that all subsequent gambling games are really more variations on the two of these slots. Is this true? Not completely.

In fact, other developers, tempted by a huge success of Book of Ra and Book of Dead, began to create slot games of books in a similar climate, which after some time could have become a tedious practice for many players. However, you can also indicate a lot of completely original proposals, in which the creators did not try to duplicate the beaten patterns, but set themselves to create a new quality. Below we present three selected books of the book, which is really worth paying attention to. Importantly, each of the described slots is available completely free in the demo version on our website.

1. Book of Diamonds

Book of Diamonds is an innovative video slot of Spinomenal. Why was the Book of Diamonds in the highest place in our ranking? The answer is simple. This slot offers a combination of all attributes important for the player:

  • special options (scatters, wild symbols, free spins),
  • high RTP (95.9%),
  • powerful maximum win (5000 times the rate),
  • modern audiovisual setting.

The book symbol of course appears in this game. It fulfills the Wild function, and at the same time is a scatter who opens a round with free spins.

2. Ramses Book

Ramses Book is a slightly more classic game with a book in the lead role. The manufacturer is a well -known Gamomat studio. As you can guess, the key motif is the title book of Ramses. Symbols in the game are hieroglyphs, pictograms referring to Egyptian mythology and, of course, Ramses' Book, which is also a wild symbol and symbol of Scatter here. The slot has a classic board with 10 prizes, 3 rows and 5 drums. However, Ramses Book charms with the climate and an interesting construction of bonus rounds. Hence the high second place in our ranking.

3. Book of Gold

Another slot with the book and mythology. Book of Gold is the work of the prestigious Playson supplier. We have a whole palette of bonuses here:

  • Scatters (this function is fulfilled by the title Book of Gold),
  • Wild,
  • Free Spiny,
  • Extension symbols.

To this must be added high solvency of basic symbols, which are classic numbers and letters, as well as pictograms referring to mythological motifs. A tasteful and easy to navigate interface also makes a positive impression. All this meant that Book of Gold was on the third step of the podium in our ranking.

What is behind the books in gambling?

If the title of the gambling slot contains the phrase "Book of", we can expect that the title book or book will be one of the most important symbols of the game. And actually. In most cases, books for book games make one of the main symbols in the game from the book.

But what exactly does this mean in practice? Well, the book can be, for example, a scatter, i.e. a symbol of dispersion. Scatters have the fact that they generate winnings regardless of whether they are arranged on the prizes. Usually, machines with books also reward at least three scatters with an additional bonus round, in which the player receives, for example, a certain number of free turns. It also happens that the symbol of the book is the highest -paying symbol on the machine.

Slightly less often it happens that the symbol of the book acts as Wild, and therefore replaces other symbols on the prizes. Optionally, the book can also act as a multiplier, and thus multiply the prizes obtained on the spin. There are also slot machines on the market, where the book symbol simultaneously performs several different functions, so it is, for example, a scatter and a symbol of Wild, and a bonus pass on free spins.

If the chosen "Book of" slot has a jackpot (permanent or progressive), then usually a symbol that gives the chance to hit an additional extra pool will of course be a book. However, this is not an iron rule, so it's always worth knowing the principles of every separate machine, even if the category itself is already quite well known to us.

Do we offer slots similar to iconic books?

The answer to the above question is: yes! Of course, our site is free gambling games books at the best and in really many interesting variants. However, we do not focus only on one category of slots, which are free games, because we know perfectly well that a modern player highly values variety and access to many various solutions.

There are really many excellent and popular casino vending machines, the leitmotif of which is not Book Casino. Below we describe a few types that players value particularly high.

Fruit games Popular "fruit" generally differ from book slots, but in some cases these categories may overlap. As a rule, however, fruit slots are vending machines with simple mechanics, classic symbols (fruits, bells, jokers), and a minimum of the story motif. Despite this "fruit" is still a compulsory position in the catalog of each e-casino: Slots in this category offer great playability, high RTP and often provide really substantial prizes.
Games 777 777 vending machines are another of the most classic varieties when it comes to online slots. Where does this name come from? Well, the symbols are "seven" here. As with fruit slots, usually 777 machines have simple mechanics and a minimalist graphic design. The most important difference compared to Book of games is the lack of a deepened story background.
Hot spots games Hot spots are an extensive and varied category of vending machines, which, however, usually connects one common motif: burning symbols. In fact, Hot Spot vending machines are most often simply more effective and slightly more advanced versions of "seven" and "fruit". Also here, the story layer is unlikely to occur, which is the main difference against book slots.
3D video games This time we are dealing with a really wide and incredibly diverse category. All because 3D slots relate not to the subject or character of the symbols present in the game, but to the use of advanced audiovisual effects in the game. Vending machines in this category are generally much more spectacular than games slot machines.

Games with books - how to gain bonuses for registering for great slots with books?

The issue of the attractiveness of bonuses for registration is such an extensive topic that it would require a separate article. So here we will focus on where to find and how to get attractive bossing bonuses for iconic books with books?

We hurry with the answer. Our site is not only a whole spectrum of fascinating proposals when it comes to free gambling books. In addition to the demo versions of the best slots, we also offer players access to a regularly updated list of attractive bonuses for registration. Usually such a bonus will have form free spinów for use on a specific slot. And now an important thing: very often vending machines for which casinos dedicate the use of free spins are the iconic online book games. Why is this happening?

  1. First of all, the "Book of" slot category enjoys great recognition.
  2. Secondly, slots in this category are usually highly solvent, which, of course, every player takes into account.

So we decided to collect a precise list of the best bonuses without deposits, where promotional means can be used on games with books. Below the reader will find a table showing the best free bonuses for slots from the "book of" category.

Casinos REVIEW Bonus Trade in bonus Currency Play
Volcano vegas
50 free spins in Book of Dead
CC and h days
Slotty Vegas
55 free spins in Book of Dead (Play'n Go)
x45 and 7 days
30 free spins in Book of Dead
50 and 5 days
Bob casino
25 free spins in Book of Fortune (Amatic)
50 and h days
15 free spins without a deposit in Book of Aztec (Amatic)
50 and 5 days
10 free spins in Book of Dead (Play'n Go)
x45 and 7 days
50 free spins in Book of Dead (Play'n Go)
x40 I 3 DNI
10 free spins for one of 10 slots
50 and h days

What money can you win in casino games with books

Playability, graphic design, story background and climate are important components of a good machine. Remember, however, that casino games, and therefore also the slots of the book, are not created only for pure entertainment purposes. These titles are to provide players with high wins.

So how much can you win on "book of" slots? First of all, it should be noted that everything depends on the specific machine. Each slot has a differently set maximum volume of winning. For example, for a given game it will be a × 2000 rate, and another slot will offer a maximum win of 10,000 times the plant.

Games with jackpots are also a separate category. The winnings here are definitely the highest and often reach an amount of several million USD. A perfect example of such a slot is Book of Ra Jackpot. This is a version of the iconic machine, but the manufacturer has added a progressive jackpot to it, i.e. an additional win pool. Problem with jackpots? The chances of winning a powerful win from the extra pool are really small, but of course: it is worth trying.

What else determines the solvency of the slot? It is always worth paying attention to the number of special options. By default, it is, for example, bonus rounds with free turns generate the highest winnings. Factors such as the solvency of standard symbols, RTP indicator and machine variability are also important.

The statistics themselves will not tell us everything about the solvency of the selected slot. It's best to test the slot yourself by choosing, for example, free book games. The versions of the automatic demo have all the features of the version for casinos. The only difference is that we play virtual currency, not for real money.


Online slots about books are undoubtedly a fascinating category. The gambling game can be a cult and well -known item. It can also be one of the casino news, where manufacturers introduce such various and modern options as 3D effects, cluster systems and many other improvements. It is certainly worth getting acquainted with this category more accurately. In addition to the classics, there is also a lot of fascinating discoveries here.


How do we create a list of popular games with books on our

Our specialists are constantly checking the next slots. Games that we have rated positively go to the recommended list. Then we create a ranking of the best machines from the "Book of ..." category.

Can play with books also belong to other categories of vending machines (fruit/777)?

Yes of course. Divisions into categories of slots are rather approximate, i.e. they are to make it easier for the player to navigate the rich game offer. In practice, however, the same title often belongs to two, and sometimes even three different categories. For example, Book of Diamonds is also a "fruit", and Book of Fruits: "Fruit" and Slot 777.

Where can I play on slot machines for free?

Just use our exclusive offer. Visit our site and test the best slots without restrictions. You will finally get this one A book game that will become your favorite item.