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Aces and faces is amazing casino game from BetSoft Gaming. If you think you can play poker, this kind of entertainment will really check your skills. What's unusual about him?

Aces and Faces to tzn. Pyramid Poker, In which during one plant, as many as three possible arrangements with five cards are attached simultaneously: the layout of the first three cards, the arrangement of all five cards and the layout of the last three cards. Only skilled players can correctly assess all the possibilities will achieve the maximum RTP proposed by this slot.

On our website you can face ACES and faces completely free, without the risk of losing real money.

Aces and faces - game details

At first glance, Aces and Faces does not differ from other table games transferred to machines. It belongs to the type of poker selected - after the cards, we can decide which to leave and which to replace.

So how is it different? At Aces and Faces, we have the ability to collect three different card systems:

  • The first three cards
  • All five cards
  • Last three cards

To start the game, we must first determine the height of the bet and whether we want to bet all three at once - we use the BET One button. This button goes through all the plants in turn and cannot be withdrawn. So if we set up a large plant, we must go through all the plants in turn to get back to the lowest.

Then click Deal, select the cards that we want to stop with the Hold button and click Deal again.

We repeat these activities with each hand.

After each won the plant, an additional game appears. It allows you to double the win. The rules of the game are very simple: guess which of the covered cards is higher than the visible dealer card.

How to win in Aces and Faces?

The hook lies in the number of plants for cards - because as we wrote in the introduction there are as many as three. The plants also differ in the amount of winnings and the number of possible card systems. For example, for poker (Straight Flush) you can win:

  • The first three cards: 1 x 15
  • All five cards: 1 x 50
  • Last three cards: 1 x 20

The most profitable wins are therefore on all five cards, then on the last three and only on the first three. Therefore, it is necessary to skillfully decide (in the case of two exclusive possibilities of collecting a winning system), not only about which one will ultimately be the most favorable for us, but also which will be easier to hit.

The plants also differ in the number of possible systems.

Plant for 5 cards Factory for 3 cards
Royal poker (Nat. Royal flush)
Royal Poker Wild (WILD Royal flush)
Four aces (Four Aces)
poker (Straight flush) poker (Straight flush)
Four j, q or k (Four J, K or Q)
Four cards of the same value from 2 to 10 (Four 2 thru 10)
Full House
Color (Flush) Color (Flush)
Straight (Straight) Straight (Straight)
Troika (Three of a kind) Troika (Three of a kind)
Two couples (Two pair)
Pair j or above (Jacks or better) Pair j or above (Jacks or better)


An experienced player has a pretty good chance of winning the ACES and faces online machine. However, for this level enough, you need to work out a lot. Experience in ordinary poker selected is not enough.

However, if we put ourselves in this game, we can expect not only prizes, but above all the great satisfaction offered by Aces and Faces.

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