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Aeronauts - free online slot

Aeronauts arcade game This is a slot that can be said a lot. The producer Evoplay manages to surprise its players with the subject of the machine. This slot tells about people who run in the sky in special aircraft. The hero of the machine is just one of them that accompanies us during the game.

You would certainly like to try such an interesting machine and you can do it and even play Aeronauts without a deposit. This is possible on our website, where we do not charge any fees for playing for free, you can use this game as long as you want. Our site also does not require registration, so you can play Aeronauts without registration, at any time for you and without providing your data.

Aeronauts technical functions and specifications

Aeronauts demo that appears on our website is the same game as the paid version. The only difference is that in the demo version you can't win real money. Aeronauts has a classic 5 drums and 3 rows of symbols. It is a video slot with a RTP of 93.9%, which is quite low, but still falls as standard. The minimum payment to the slot is 0.1 of a given currency, while the maximum is 500.

Aeronauts automatic has several interesting functions that will not be bored during the game. One of them is the presence free spins. You can also easily get to the bonus round, get a multiplier, all after drawing special scatter symbols and replacing Wild. In addition, Aeronauts also has an autoplay function.

Aeronauts payment table

Aeronauts game is equipped only with symbols that are combined with the subject, i.e. flying. You will not meet card symbols that may sometimes seem boring. Below you will find all information about symbols in Aeronauts.

  • Lightning rod is the smallest symbol in the game, gives a win of 0.2 x stakes and in the best case 2.5 x player rate.
  • A man running a bicycle will provide you with 0.3 x rate and 5 x rates for 5 symbols.
  • The balloon gives a victory of 0.5 x stakes and a maximum of 7.5 x rate.
  • The compass is worth 15 x rate, you will get the least 0.8 x rate for it.
  • The engine will give you at least 1.5 x rate (3 symbols) and the most 25 x rate.
  • The rocket is a matter of 2 x rate, and for 5 symbols you will get up to 50 x rate.
  • Flying Łódź guarantees a 2.5 x win for 3 symbols and 100 x rate maximum.
  • The largest of the symbols, i.e. the flying ship, gives up to 200 x stakes and 5 x stake for 3 symbols.

How to play Aeronauts?

We can assure you that online aeronauts is a simple slot, so you will get it quickly. Its button starting the game is very large, you immediately know which of them set the symbols in motion. However, it is not he who is to interest you at the very beginning, it is rather a button with a large "and" in the middle. Only thanks to it can you learn more about bonuses, symbols, winning lines and other aspects that make you have a better chance of winning. It is knowledge and practice that are the key to winning, do not hesitate to use them.

Bonusy Aeronauts

Aeronauts Game for free And Aeronauts have identical bonuses for money, thanks to which it is difficult to get bored during the game. The bonus game has been interestingly thought out, and mainly is to choose symbols from a given order and climb up. The higher you support, the more you get the prize. In addition, you can win free spins, you deserve after drawing three scatters, and you will get 20 revolutions for them. In addition, you can count on the Wild symbol and the X2 multiplier, which appears on the screen. We are also dealing with a place for stars that are collected when a special symbol appears on the screen. You get an additional bonus for filling 5 places.

Play Aeronauts Game automatic - try a fortune

Aeronauts is an addictive game that tells the story of people gliding in the air with the help of aircraft and more. This is another successful slot from Evoplay, which always surprises with interesting motifs. The slot is easy to use, and it surprises players with bonuses that appear on the screen quite often. Together with the heroes of the machine, you can go on an air journey. Aeronauts without logging in can be found on our website, the game is available without the need to provide your data. You can get to know the rules on it and prepare for Aeronauts for real money or you can stay with a free game.

Aeronauts game details

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