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Ancient civilizations and their mythology have always been extremely interesting for the recipients of random games. No matter what the media is talking about - Greek mythology will always enjoy high demand. PlayTech has decided to implement a gaming machine, in which the leading Olympus will play the main role. This is a standard game machine, which at first glance does not stand out with anything special. The developer simply wanted to realize a high -quality game, which will present an interesting story, good fun and what fans of random games like the most - jackpots. The game turned out to be such a success that the creators decided to implement the entire series of vending machines connected by progressive jackpot.

The slot is very convenient to use. By default, in the bottom of the screen there are buttons responsible for setting up the plant and launching the game. If someone wants to test Age of Gods for free, they can do it through our website. For obvious reasons, Jackpot is not available in the test version.

Age of Gods slot – opis gry

When starting a gaming machine, you immediately know what to do. Everything was designed in such a way that everyone knows what to do - regardless of experience with random games. The game has 5 drums and 3 rows with symbols on which combinations are formed. Wins can form on 20 always active lines. Due to the placement of as many as 4 jackpots in it, numerous non -standard solutions were abandoned.

The graphic design that this online slot presents can be liked - despite the fact that the game is already a good few years on his neck. Mythological characters were made in a very nice way and if someone knows mythology, they can easily distinguish them all. The game screen has been placed on a simple, static background, and the control buttons are tailored to the general style of the game.

The machine can be controlled with 5 buttons:

  • Info - launches the information card, where all information about the game will be found. In one place you can read about symbols, bonus functions, jackpots and winning lines.
  • "- I +"- buttons responsible for setting up the plant (from 0.01 to 2).
  • Auto Play - automatic gameplay setting for: 10, 25, 50, 99 revolutions. The value of spins in automatic mode is the same as set before they are started.
  • Turbo Mode - accelerated mode - ideal for those who have less time.
  • Spin - launching a single drawing of symbols on the machine.

How to win in Age of Gods?

Winning at the Age of Gods vending machine is diverse. The creators designed a machine for playing in such a way that it can be hit by standard lower winnings, but also very high ones. Therefore, big money can be grabbed by hitting ordinary combinations or running a bonus round. However, if someone manages to launch one of four jackpots, they will receive a huge win, which consists of all players from the Age of Gods series.

There are 12 different symbols in the game, which can be divided into 2 categories:

  • Standard symbols - pictures forming in standard combinations, rewarding with specific amounts: Q, K, A, Helm and six characters of the Olympic gods.
  • Bonus icons - special symbols that are responsible for launching special functions. The wreath with the inscription Wild is also responsible for paying the highest standard win, which is 10,000 coins. The Age of the Gods logo is responsible for launching the bonus round.

Bonusy Age of Gods

Despite the fact that the game does not present many different special forms, due to the use of as many as 4 additional jackpots, something interesting is happening all the time. Even a little chance of winning a huge main prize strongly affects the imagination of players. Here is a plaque with the most important bonuses:

Pantheon of Power Hitting on one of the lines winning five different icons of gods rewards the user in the form of 200 times the bet placed
Bonus round The hit of at least three special symbols anywhere on the drums, launches a special round in which one of 5 bonus games can be drawn. To run a individual mini game, you need to hit 3 the same divine symbols
jackpoty Any spin for any amount ensures the possibility of launching a special round in which one of four jackpots can be drawn. There is a screen with coins to discover and the player wins if you can hit 3 symbols from a given jackpot

Start Age of Gods and try your happiness

The creators say that RTP games are about 95%, which is a very good result for a game with progressive jakpot. If someone wants to play in a standard way, without focusing on hitting the main prize - they can get interesting winnings in the same way. The possibility of hitting up to 4 different progressive jackpots very strongly affects the recipient's imagination, thanks to which the gameplay is very exciting. An extensive special function that launches several different mini games means that fun is not bored for many hours.

Our site offers free game in Age of Gods. Therefore, if someone wants to try her functions and get acquainted with all special rounds, they can do it without any problem. Just run the machine and play.

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