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All American Poker: American style poker

Fans of the classic video poker will certainly appeal to the All American Poker from a reputable company Microgaming. The game is characterized by a simple, legible interface. There is also no fear that it will distinguish us with an excess of sound effects (and the few existing ones can be turned off).

All American Poker - game rules and winnings

Despite its template, or maybe thanks to it, the game is extremely addictive and awakens a lot of emotions. The maximum win is 4,000 tokens, with a game for 5 tokens with a denomination of 10 and obtaining a royal poker system. The least, because only 5 tokens will pay us for two couples. Interestingly, we can win the same for obtaining one pair of valets or higher cards.

All American Poker Online is a typical representative of his genre. Card reveals show classic symbols known for centuries, only releases can be said that they exist. Rules gambling They are very simple, which should be liked by beginner gamblers. After bringing the plant in the height of his choice, the player receives five cards. The goal of entertainment is to obtain a system with the highest value, which, of course, is a royal poker, although no self -respecting online casinos will certainly despise an ambulance, foul, three or color. Obtaining a royal poker means winning 4,000 tokens (when playing for a maximum rate). As in other games, this type of player has the ability to replace cards, but you can do it only once. In the case of winning the hand, the "Double" option is activated, i.e. the doubling of winning. After selecting it, four covered cards and one discovered are appeared on the screen. The player's task is to choose one of four cards in the hope that it will be a card with a higher value than the one discovered. A successful choice results in doubles, failure is associated with its loss. This is basically everything that all American offers, Free Poker game.

The main features of the game All American Poker

  • Type: Video Poker
  • Plants rates: from $ .025 to $ 50
  • Bonus: Yes, the ability to double the win
  • autoplay: brak
  • joker: brak
  • Maximum win: 4,000 tokens

Like other free games, Poker All American does not have a joker in their waist, the creators of the game did not foresee the autoplay option, but it can be safely said that it is simplicity, and sticking to classic rules is the strength of the Microgaming product. The game can undoubtedly be recommended to both beginners and looking for uncomplicated entertainment to internet veterans Games in casinos. Play all American Poker Online for free on our website. A web browser is enough to start the game, the game does not require registration or installing on a computer disk.