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Habanero is known for specializing mainly in card games. Of course, it also creates other types gambling games, but nevertheless various types of video poker, blackjacki and bacharates are her domain and works best here. An example confirming this thesis can be, for example, American Blackjack online. This is a great Blackjacka variety that follows the track designated by the canon of this game in an American variety, which is simply characterized by simplified principles. This means that this title is great for people just starting their adventure with Blackjack, as well as those who value dynamic gameplay.

As is usually the case with the productions branded by Habanero, American Blackjack game does not have too sophisticated graphics. It looks quite average, which, however, does not mean that it is an unsightly product. The manufacturer focused on simplicity here, so there are no graphic fireworks, but the screen is pleasant to the eye transparent and allows you to focus on the game.

Find out about it yourself by playing on our website at American Blackjack for Darma. We have a special demonstration version here that will allow you to play this title without the need to pay and without fulfilling any conditions. You can just run her and spend as much time with her as you like. This is a great option that allows you to understand Blackjack's rules, get to know the interface, and see how American Blackjack Demo will work on your phone - because of course this title is fully compatible with mobile devices. Also remember that, as in the case of all other Blackjack varieties, here you play against the casino represented by the dealer, and you do not have to struggle with other players.

American blackjack technical specifications

American Blackjack Online is quite simple from the technical side in the Habanero portfolio, so you should not expect any very complicated solutions here. But this does not mean that this is a boring and simple game - that's not true. Let's start with the game rates:

  • The lowest value of the token to put on one hand is 20.
  • The most expensive token to bet is 1,000. This is also the maximum amount you can put on one game.
  • American Blackjack Casino allows you to play as much as Three hands per round, which means that you can put 3 tokens of 1,000 coins each.
  • Naturally coin value It depends primarily on the currency you choose in casino.

The return factor for the player (RTP, or Return to Player) is the same as for every other blackjack, i.e. it is 99.65%. And just like for any other blackjack, it can increase to 103.8% if you strictly follow the principles of basic strategy. In addition, there are not many additional functions here. You can use as we mentioned above the option of assembling three independent factories, which means that during one round you can play three hands. It is also available Automatic repetition option previous plant.

It is also worth mentioning that the American Blackjack online game machine was made based on HTML5 and JavaScript technology, which means that it works under the control of a web browser. This entails one important feature. This means that this game works perfectly on every device equipped with a web browser with HTML5 support. So virtually everyone in modern. As a result, you can play this gambling game on any device, regardless of whether it is a desktop, laptop, mobile phone or tablet. This game will work on each of them.

American Blackjack - how to play?

The American Blackjack online game interface is very simple and understandable at first glance. The central part of the game screen is occupied by a table to online casino games with three clearly marked places for three hands. At the bottom you have simple icons for controlling the game. First, you should choose the value of the chip you are interested in using yellow arrows (the range of values is really large, from 20 to 1,000 coins). When you do this, click on any field Place Bet marked with an animated indicator. Then your token will land in this field. You can add tokens of different value to raise the amount to the hand, unless you exceed the amount of 1,000 coins. You can do the same in the other two fields - the American Blackjack game without a deposit will allow you to play one, two or three hands simultaneously at various rates, which is a very valuable function.

Once all tokens are in their places, you can click on the green icon described as DEAL. In the fields Place Bet Two cards will appear next to the tokens. The game will automatically calculate their value and display the result above, on the left. The dealer will also receive two cards, one of which will be unveiled and the other will be covered. Now you can decide what you want to do for a specific hand.

STAND Red icon STAND It means that the cards received are satisfied with you, and you do not want more cards, instead you are waiting for a dealer's result.
HIT Green button HIT means a desire to receive another card. You will get it right after clicking it.
DOUBLE Green button DOUBLE It means double the rate for this specific hand. At the same time you will receive an additional card - so use this option reasonably!
SPLIT Sometimes you can see an additional button described as SPLIT. It is available when you receive two cards with equal values, then you can separate your hand into two independent hands and continue to play in a standard way.

American Blackjack The free gaming machine is a classic Blackjack reproduction, which means that you can use all standard gameplay methods without any problem. For example, excellent results in this case are brought to stick to the principles of the basic Blackjack strategy in the form of an extensive table of moves depending on the value of your cards and dealer. Importantly - in front of the computer screen you can do it without worrying about exposing yourself to ridicule, as in a traditional casino!

American Blackjack - Summary

We believe that this game for all Blackjack lovers is a compulsory product. It is a perfectly made product offering on the one hand the classic Blackjack character without any unnecessary additives, and on the other hand, allowing you to play a lot of money and additionally offering the option of playing for three hands simultaneously. This is a very valuable feature that significantly increases the emotions accompanying the game. So if you are a Blackjack lover, we think the American Blackjack company from Habanero is a position that you should even get to know!