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American Poker 2 is one of the most pleasant varieties of poker video available in Internet casinos. This production Novomatic has become a real hit some time ago, and to this day it does not leave the list of the most frequently chosen gambling games. Certainly, the success of American Poker 2 online is a simple game interface, diversifying the deck of cards with a Joker symbol and a relatively high average return for players, of 93.7%. It is worth emphasizing that this is a classic video poker in which the player competes against the virtual opponent, which is a random numbers generator.

Already without registration, in the blink of an eye you can try American Poker 2 for free on our website. Thanks to this Casinos for real money. You can safely run American Poker 2 Demo on a computer or phone, thanks to the HTML5 technology used in the game.

Technical specifications American Poker 2

What can we write about the technical specification of the American Poker 2 internet? Let's start with the fact that the minimum plant for the hand is 1 and the maximum 10. The game is based on the creation of the highest system from five cards the available selection. All cards from two to ASA and Joker participate in the game, which replaces any other card needed to create a winning system.

The supplier did not take care of the automatic function free casino games, but looking strictly at the specificity of the poker video, it seems to be an unnecessary solution. Instead, there is "Auto Hold" where the computer suggests to us which cards to stop from choosing. Among the specification, it is also worth mentioning the bonus gamble option. After hitting any winning card system, you can take the risk. It involves guessing the color of the next card. Each subsequent hit causes doubling the previous amount. At any time you can finish gamble and collect your win.

Let's look at the American Poker 2 withdrawal table now gra poker online. As you probably guessed, in poker with jokers, the highest layout is five (four the same cards + joker). In addition, it is worth aiming at the royal poker, poker or four. Other combinations, as you can see, give slightly smaller winnings, at which you should try to launch the Gamble game.

Card layout The highest win
Five 6 000
Royal poker 3 000
Little poker 800
trains 400
Full House 120
Color 90
Straight 70
Troika 50
Two couples 30
Couple J or higher mini bonus

American Poker 2 - how to play?

Let's look now exactly how it runs in American Poker 2 gambling. Let's immediately point out that you can read the detailed rules directly in the game window by clicking the "Rules" button. The screen is divided into three main parts. The first of them, counting from above, is a constantly visible payment table along with the systems and the corresponding amounts. Below are cards, and at the bottom all necessary buttons.

  • From the left you see your account status.
  • Another window is an active plant that you can change with a and minus.
  • You start the hand with the green "draw" button on the right.
  • The computer will propose to stop some cards after the hand. You can release them by clicking on individual cards or use the "Hold None" button all.
  • You can choose cards with the "Exchange" button.
  • When you hit the winning arrangement, you can collect the win with the "Take" button or run the Gamble game mentioned a little higher, with a button with exactly the same name.

As you can see, such as American Poker 2 online games have simple rules that are largely based on intuitiveness. So if you know how to create Card systems in poker, this should not be even the slightest problem for you.

Game strategies

For people looking for strategies for the American Poker 2 Casino game, we answer immediately that there is no golden mean for winnings. Yes, you can use many different poker strategies in this game. Even those you met in a traditional poker. However, always remember that poker is a game of nerves and predictions. Much depends not only on the generator of random numbers, but also on your intuition. Even which cards to stop. What can we recommend to beginners?

  1. First of all, playing at low rates. When you hit low -priced systems, it's worth trying to conquer the win with the Gamble bonus game.
  2. And the second rule - do not always suggest proposals to stop cards from your computer. Sometimes slightly less obvious choices can be much more effective.

Remember to always play rested, and when you feel a bit tired, it is better to leave the computer screen or postpone the phone. Poker is a game that requires a lot of concentration, so tired of you weakens your effectiveness. Also plan your budget for the game and try to never cross it. The ideal solution before taking a game for real money is also to try American Poker 2 without a deposit. You can play for free on our website. Treat the first hands like a kind of training.

American Poker 2 - Summary

If you are a fan of card games and you have a train to poker, American Poker 2 is a position that you must try. Novomatic production is not only characterized by great playability, but also a very intuitive interface that even beginners can cope with. This is a big advantage that makes American Poker 2 combine casino generations.

The huge advantage of the game is the Joker symbol and the Gamble option. Thanks to the joker, it is easier to hit the winning system, because it replaces any other card. Gamble, in turn, is an option to increase with a bit of happiness low or even high winnings. What can you write, start American Poker 2 free on our website and find out about everything we write. Regardless of whether you will play for fun or for real money, we wish you good luck! Wins always taste wonderful. And we hope that you will be able to taste them!