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Professions Online roulette They certainly know the three basic varieties of this game perfectly and can describe the differences between them. Today, we intend to describe the game specially for you, which is American Roulette, produced by Gamevy and released on the market in July 2016. As you can easily guess based on the name, it is an online American roulette, which should appeal to all those who submit simple operation and readability over the spectacular graphic design. Which of course does not mean that this game looks uninteresting - it would be a big misunderstanding. On the contrary. But you will learn all the details if you decide to take a moment to read our article.

Of course, you can complete the reading of our review by playing this game live. To this end, we have provided the American Roulette Demo version especially for you, which game will allow you to play roulette without any costs and without having to meet any conditions. This means that just click the icon to start the game. You don't have to log in, set up accounts on our website, pay money, sign up to our advertising bulletins, click in advertising or banners and so on.

We simply share the American Roulette game produced by Gamevy for free so that you can get to know it closer, gain experience, check how well it will work on your mobile phone and see how to play with a computer opponent in a traditional roulette. All this so that you just have fun!

Cechy American Roulette

Let's start with the fact that the American Roulette described today Internet gambling game This is a variety of online well -known and liked American roulette. This means that it is based 100% on a standard set of rules for this particular game. So here we have 38 numbers on the table, 18 black, 18 red and two green - one with marking 0 and the other marked as 00.

The American Roulette online game was produced by Gameva in 2016. It is based on a modern HTML5 standard, thanks to which it works perfectly on mobile phones and tablets, regardless of what operating system they have. In all respects, it is a standard American roulette, which is characterized by a profitability coefficient (i.e. RTP - a short to Return to Player) of 97.30% and offers all those features from which we know American roulette. A certain feature typical of American Roulette Online is a fairly extensive list of restrictions covering maximum rates for individual plants. It looks as follows:

  • The limit for the entire table (i.e. the maximum amount to be placed on a single round for all plants in total) is 49,500 coins in this game.
  • A single plant allows you to erect up to 225 coins.
  • The plant for two numbers (Split) is already a limit of 450 coins.
  • You can put 675 coins on a street plant.
  • For the Corner plant, the maximum rate is 900 coins.
  • For the plant for the limit line, it was set at 1,350 coins.
  • The column plant (column) was limited to 2,700 coins.
  • You can put up to 2,700 coins on dozens.
  • Factory with 1: 1 win, i.e. even, odd, red, black, from 1 to 18, from 19 to 36 you can put a maximum of 4,050 coins.

As you can see, these values look quite complicated, but don't worry - in case of what you can always quickly refresh your memory by looking into the tutorial built into the game. It is also worth noting that as one of the really few American Roulette games no deposit offers an automatic game option. It is simplified to the limit and it simply consists in the fact that the player sets the amount of the plant to the start, and then the game after clicking the car button starts turning the wheel based on the given rate. This process lasts as long as the player does not interrupt the automatic mode manually.

American Roulette - how to play?

Traditionally, for modern online gambling games, the same and American Roulette has very simple service. The game screen has a dark blue background, and the overwhelming part is occupied by a game table drawn in accordance with the typically encountered patterns for roulettes of all kinds. This means that if you've ever played roulette, you'll find yourself here without any problem.

Under the drawing of the American Roulette table, the gambling game offers a fairly extensive control panel. There are tokens in the central part of it. Just move the right denomination with a mouse or finger just click it so that it is in the middle - the right token will then be enlarged in relation to the rest. Now you can simply click into the right places of the table to arrange your tokens by creating the desired plants.

If you make a mistake and click not where you need or just think about it, then click the button with the arrow directed down on the left side of the tokens field. This will withdraw the last move. And if you give up completely from all factories and want to start with a clean table, then click the icon with a large X to remove all tokens from the table.

You can also double the value of all tokens lying on the table - for this purpose, just click on the button marked as X2. This is a perfect solution for all those who would like to use a method of linear progression, such as Martingale, in which doubles plays a key role. Once you are ready to start the game, click on a large button with round arrows. You will then see a big wheel to roulette, where the game takes place. In a few seconds, the ball will stop and learn about the result of this round, and then you will receive any winnings.

Of course, we are dealing here with a typical American roulette, which means that the American Roulette game allows you to use various strategies without any problems, such as Parley, Labouchere, Martingale, or any other. If in doubt, you can always use the free version to test them in practice!


American Roulette Casino online She should delight all lovers of a classic approach to online roulette. The game is nicely made, it is pleasant to the eye, and at the same time allows you to play comfortably on your mobile phone thanks to an excellent, extremely transparent interface. It is simply a modern product based on a traditional gambling game known for centuries. And this means that we can play it whenever we want and on any device, providing ourselves with an extremely high level of emotions and excellent impressions from the game typical of roulette. We just think that American Roulette is a noteworthy game that will appeal to both completely beginner players and experienced roulette lovers!