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Roulette vending machines This is an increasingly common and more popular item in the gambling menu they serve to their players The best online casinos. Of course, classic card and cylindrical games are still very popular in live versions, where the player interacts with other casino users and real crunchies. However, an increasing number of users also discover the numerous advantages that slot machines with roulette offer, in which the player's opponent is the software developed by the game manufacturer.

Among the games in this category, items combining a high dose from realism with favorable payments come to the fore. This is the title of the American Roulette VIP online roulette in this review from the well -known Gaming1 studio. In this game we are dealing with a classic European roulette variety, but in the VIP variant. The maximum amounts of plants to screw the roulette wheel are really high, which is why American Roulette VIP will certainly appeal to players who prefer entertainment at high rates, but not only.

As American American roulette is an automatic, it plays for real money It is not the only available mode. Readers of our website can also use the demonstration mode of the American Roulette VIP without any limits and without registration, where virtual tokens are the game currency. In the American Roulette VIP machine no deposit You can also play with us from the level of phone and tablets browsers. In this way, the player can get to know the roulette machine from Gaming1 for free, practice various strategic approaches and prepare for casino game on money.

American Roulette VIP - basic technical information

American Roulette VIP Gambling is a European roulette in the form of a casino machine. The game producer is gaming1. The RTP indicator with the optimal gameplay strategy is in this machine.

The rates of plants for one closing the roulette wheel in the American Roulette VIP are in the range of $ 1 to $ 800. This is the maximum sum of the total plant. In addition, the player should remember that individual plants will have their upper limits. The RTP in the American Roulette VIP machine is exactly 94.74%. Therefore, this value is clearly lower than in the case of European roulette vending machines. This reduction is obviously associated with the fact that in the American variant of roulette the player is dealing with two zero fields.

In the American Roulette VIP demo game we can use tokens with denominations from 1 to 100. In terms of the types of available, American Roulette VIP also looks standard. The player can place his money for such plants as:

  • Even/odd, high/low, black/red,
  • Dozen, columns, Straight factories (numbers),
  • Black Split and Red Split plants.

As you can see, the possibilities of betting are less extensive than, for example, in slot machines with European roulette than the same supplier. The American Roulette VIP, however, retains the advantages known from the other cartridge signed with the Gaming1 brand. The player has at his disposal the history of the game presenting "warm" and "cold" numbers. There is also the option to use the board in two different views.

American Roulette VIP - the main rules of the game

American Roulette VIP Roulette carries out the rules of the game for roulette in the American variety. The basic criterion for efficiency in this game will therefore be a good knowledge of the specifics of roulette in the US edition. Be sure to get acquainted with the machine's rules before the game. The American Roulette VIP information tab can be found under a white button with an exclamation mark.

The main panel presented by the American Roulette VIP game from the Gaming1 studio also contains financial information relevant to the player. The amount of funds for the game (it is given in cash, not in tokens) appears at the Credits inscription. The inscription BET is, in turn, information about the amount of the general plant to turn off the roulette wheel.

In order to go to the right game in the American Roulette VIP, the player must first choose tokens about the corresponding denominations, and then bet on the plants on the board, using one of the two available views. When we do this, icons will appear on the screen:

  • Undo: withdrawal of the last move,
  • Cancel: deleting all plants on the table,
  • Double: double the total amount of the plant,
  • Play: Crushing the roulette wheel.

The American Roulette VIP roulette is a very faithful adaptation of this classic cylindrical game according to the US variant. You can use the vast majority of tactics known from stationary roulette at American Roulette VIP. However, it is worth remembering about the presence of two zero fields, which is a factor that generates additional risk. In the course, it is definitely worth returning to the warm and cold numbers presented by the American Roulette VIP machine, i.e. the numbers that were randomly randomly and the least. Thanks to this, we will be able to slightly increase the statistical probability of success in subsequent turns.

End and final rating of the American Roulette VIP machine

American Roulette VIP online is certainly one of the most interesting roulette vending machines with the American variant of this classic casino position. From the player's perspective, the advantages of a special importance are the high RTP indicator and quite a lot of tactical options. Thanks to this, the game at the American Roulette VIP is plastic, and its course can be created by the player, but at the same time the game also has high solvency potential.

It is also worth adding that although - as the name of the slot indicates - American Roulette VIP Casino is an exclusive variant of this casino game, the betting of high bets is not the only way at all when it comes to the course of the game. The wide range of factories means that American Roulette VIP will also work for players who prefer to bet on slightly smaller bets or like to differentiate their rates during the game.


Where can you play American Roulette VIP for free?

The free version of the American Roulette VIP machine is available on our website.

Does every casino have a catalog of games in which the American Roulette VIP online game performs?

Not. The American Roulette VIP roulette machine is available at selected casinos. A list of the best online casinos on the market can find on our website.

What are the rules of winning at American Roulette VIP online?

The machine works on the principles of American roulette. Real wins are possible after registration at the online casino.

How can you play American Roulette VIP on mobile devices?

Just open the American Roulette VIP machine on your phone or tablet browser card.