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The American Roulette casino game has been brought to the USA from Europe and is a derivative from European roulette. Below we present its edition on a machine from the company Betsoft.

What is the difference between European roulette and American? At American Roulette, he adds one more zero, which means winning the casino. In this way, the casino does not have one, and two certain fields, thanks to which it doubles the possibility of its profits.

However, it is not that players are completely without a chance. There are many different strategies when playing American Roulette. If you want to try them without any risk, play in roulette American on our website completely free!

American roulette - game details

The American Roulette graphics are very careful. The game efficiently imitates the table on which plants are erected, a ball throw or characteristic casino sounds. Listen to even a dealer who closes the possibility of placing plants.

Navigation is also extremely intuitive. First, we decide on the height of the plant by selecting the appropriate token: 1 (set by default), 5, 25, 100 and 500. Then we go to betting.

Places where we can put the token change the color to red. We can bet on both color and individual numbers and even entire groups of numbers.

  • The minimum plant is 10 - so we must put 10 tokens with a value of 1 (which is a good solution) or two tokens of 5, or one token exceeding the value of 10.
  • The maximum plant on a single issue or line between two numbers is 50 - regardless of whether we set two 25 or 50 ones. In turn, the field denoting four numbers can be set up for a maximum of 100. We can bet on the maximum bets available in the game.

Available tokens can be freely increased in specific fields (provided that they do not exceed the maximum plant in the field). This means that, for example, Czarna 13 can be bet on tokens worth 3, and red 25 for tokens worth 16. What should you do? Just click several times to the selected place, and the number of tokens on it will increase.

When we set the bet we are interested in and meets the game requirements, the Spin button is unlocked. It should be pressed so that the bet is approved by the game. If we want to change it, just click the Clear button next to it.

How to win at American Roulette?

There are many different techniques that allow players to increase game strategies. It is worth getting acquainted with them before we start betting for real money. The general rule is to guess what number and/or color the ball thrown by the dealer. Below are some known strategies:

  • Straight Up - putting the plant on a single number
  • Split Bet - focusing on two numbers
  • Street Bet - putting on three numbers
  • Corner Bet - betting four numbers
  • Five Bet - a plant for the first 5 numbers
  • Six Line Bet - a line on the line
  • Column Bet - a plant for the entire column
  • DOZEN BET - putting on the twelve (the game is the first twelve, the second twelve and the third twelve)
  • Even, Odd - placing plants only on even or odd
  • 1st 18, 2nd 18 - putting the plant on numbers from 1 to 18 and from 19 to 36
  • Black, Red - only color, black or red

Is any of the plants sure? No, but players can mix them. For example, you can bet on a specific whole row, in a different row put on several black numbers and at the same time put in the red color.

Is it worth it? It depends on our happiness. It is good to remember that a profitable plant is when the winning amount is at least a little higher than the one placed. Winned lower amounts from the amount of the plant (although joy) is the profit of the casino, not ours.


The probability depends on the strategy chosen. For example, playing according to the Straight UP principle is 37 to 1, and putting on color 1.11 to 1. So it's not that the player is in a very lost position.

Downside casino game American Roulette are two zero that give you a slightly better chance of a casino. The advantage, in turn, is the large possibility of various strategies, which we can juggle, mix and change, which means that the game simply does not get bored.

If you want to try this and others free online gamesstay on our website. Not only do you not have to leave the deposit, but you can play without registration and without logging in!