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Arcade is the game of the Wazdan producer. It is a fairly known producer, mainly due to fruit slots, with which you can often find in casinos. It is not surprising, therefore, that Arcade is a fruit, i.e. a game in which fruit dominates among symbols. Not only topics, but also navigation is characteristic of this manufacturer. We are dealing here with a proven navigation style, which we meet in many games of this manufacturer.

If you want to play a game that is simple and pleasant, Arcade will definitely not disappoint you.

You can play Arcade for free with us! Without registration and paying for anything. Find out what the fruit is, playing the game from the Wazdan!

Arcade Slot - Details of the game

Arcade Online Slot is one of the simplest slots you will deal with in your gambling career. We have 3 fights and 3 rows here and only one winning line. And that's all! With such a small number of rollers and lines it is impossible to get lost.

So it's time to describe what catches the attention of players. Of course, we are talking about Arcade graphics. We cannot expect amazing special effects from the fruit. In the case of Arcade, you can definitely say that it is a game with clear symbols. So give up dreams of lasers and explosions.

Let's return to the issue of navigation. Of course, the control panel is at the bottom of the screen. As previously mentioned, it is characteristic of games from the Wazdan. On the right game of Arcade on the bottom we have a turtle symbol by default, which characterizes the slowest pace of the game. After clicking the turtle symbol, the spin speed level changes to the hare, the last speed level is a galloping horse. On the left from this symbol we have a field of wines about our win from the last winning draw. Another element of navigation is the balance that determines our balance. In the middle of this panel we have the starting button. Right next to this button we have Max Bet, it allows you to erect a maximum plant.

On the left side of the control panel we have the number of lines, the height of our plant and the general value of the plant. We can only change the height of the plant.

How to win in Arcade?

Navigation is the smallest problem because it is really easy and after a few moments we are able to start playing. But what do you have to do to win in Arcade? Let's assume that our plant is a minimum value of 10 coins. Drawing two symbols also gives us a reward, but it is a small amount of coins, so let's focus on drawing 3 symbols.

  • 3 bags with money in one victorious line give us a win of 4,000.
  • The inscription Vegas blocks us one roller to the next spin, and drawing 3 such inscriptions in the winning line gives us a win of 3000.
  • 3 pears in the winning line give us a win of 2000 coins.
  • 3 drawn grapes, watermelons, apples or bells in the winning line are a win of 1200 coins.
  • Drawing 3 oranges or pineapples in the winning line is a win of 600 coins.
  • 3 plums or lemon in the winning line is a win of 80 coins.
  • 3 raspberries in the winning line give us 40 coins.
  • 3 cherries in the winning line are only 20 win coins.

What can I say is a large number of symbols. The only advice you can give is playing as much as your financial capabilities. We don't have to bet on a large amount to count on a win. Try your hand at our website completely free!

Time for fruit

Arcade has a really good RTP of 96.62%. In addition, the simplicity of this game means that a person starting his adventure with slot games will not feel lost in the maze of winning lines. The minuses of this game are certainly bonuses, or rather their lack. There are no free spins, there is a mini bonus, but compared to other slot games where the scatter symbols appear, it is really a very small and almost nothing significant bonus. Is it worth playing Arcade? Certainly yes, if we are beginners who take their first steps in slot games. See for yourself by playing on our website for free, without registration and unnecessary costs!

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