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Studio Betsoft to producent casino games about many years of experience and international reputation confirmed by many prestigious awards. Betsoft productions from BetSoft are associated primarily with slots. It is worth knowing, however, that this excellent manufacturer also offers a large number of interesting table games. One of them is European Blackjack online.

European Blackjack demo This is a gambling machine with a classic, European variety of one of the most famous and popular card games. The user is not playing here against other players or a real crumb. His opponent in the game is the software created by the BetSoft studio. This causes some changes in the dynamics of the game compared to Live Blackjack, but it should be mentioned that card machines are very popular among players and this is not for no reason.

The European Blackjack internet perfectly reflects the specifics of the Blackjack game, while offering very beneficial solvency. The player can also suspend the gameplay at any time or give himself time to think about another move, which in the case of live games sometimes can be problematic. Another important advantage is the availability of the demonstration version of the European Blackjack for free. The test version allows the player to test and evaluate the machine thoroughly, and then decide to transfer the game to online casinos.

The European Blackjack version without a deposit is available without registration for readers of our website. Down gambling Just turn on the BetSoft machine in the browser card. This can of course be a desktop browser, but also a browser of a mobile device with any operating system.

Technical specifications European Blackjack

The European Blackjack is a European vegetation machine. BetSoft is the producer of the game. During the European Blackjack game, the online game allows the user to bet on bets in the amount of 1 to 200 tokens. However, this only applies to the basic Ante plant. During the game, the player can additionally increase the total amount of his plant through Double options (selecting the card and double the rate) and Insurance (insurance in specific situations on the table).

The theoretical return for the player in the European Blackjack machine has been estimated by the game manufacturer to a level of up to 99.60%. It should be added that this is RTP, subject to "with optimal game tactics", as European Blackjack is a card game, where the results of the game are very largely depending on the strategy chosen by the player and knowledge of the rules.

At European Blackjack Casino, the player can use Turbo Mode mode, i.e. accelerate the gameplay pace. The automatic game option is not available in this production. The game offers payments with values typical of the European Blackjack variety. Payments rates for individual results are as follows:

  • Blackjack: Player payment in a ratio of 3: 2,
  • Ordinary win: Player payment in a 1: 1 ratio (100%),
  • Winning of the Insurance Zakład: Player payment in a 2: 1 ratio.

As you can see, the European Blackjack uses a higher tariff for winnings, in which the player obtained Blackjacka. This is a highly favorable circumstance. The same applies to a double value of aces, which, depending on what is more favorable for the player, will be scored at 11 points or 1 point.

European Blackjack - how to play?

European Blackjack Free has all the advantages that are characteristic of casino production signed with the BetSoft brand. This also applies to the quality and readability of the machine interface, which in the realities of European Blackjack online games is easy to navigate and in a very transparent way presents all important parameters of the game, as well as information about the rules.

To open the information section of the European Blackjack card machine, the player must select the three dots button on the screen, and then uncheck the tab marked with the Help inscription. Under the three lines button we will find a shortened information tab (Game Rules tab) and a tab with basic gameplay options (Settings).

Now you will have to bet on the plant. In European Blackjack, as in other online casino card games, virtual tokens visible in the central part of the screen are used for this. We place them in an oval place on the game table, and then click the green Deal button. Now the first two hand cards will go to our "hand", and the game will inform us about the point result (it can be, for example, 17). If we hit Blackjack immediately - we win. Otherwise, the player will have to decide on the further course of the game. Hit is choosing a third card (however, it must be remembered that in Blackjack crossing the border of 21 points means losing). Double is choosing a third card and doubling the total amount of the plant. The Stand command means stay with two initial cards.

The European Blackjack from BetSoft very well reflects the mechanics and rules of playing in the casino blackjack. The player can use all standard game strategies here. This means that a very important element of tactics will be to familiarize yourself with the principles of virtual dealer's behavior. It should also be remembered that the European Blackjack is an automatic, not a live game. The game takes place using a random number generator, not the physical decks of cards. For this reason, strategies taking into account cards will not prove to be effective in the case of European Blackjack.

European Blackjack - free game

European Blackjack is a real treat for lovers of this classic, simple, but also a highly solvent card game. Production from BetSoft is characterized by a perfect reproduction of the realities of the Blackjack casino to the smallest details. The player can also enjoy the refined graphic and sound design, as well as an easy -to -navigation game interface. The European Blackjack game is therefore a great proposal for players eager to combine great entertainment and high winnings. We also remind you to the possibility of completely free testing of the European Blackjack machine on our website.


Can you play the European Blackjack without a deposit?

Yes. The European Blackjack game is available for free on our website.

Does European Blackjack online have any additional functions?

Turbo mode is available at European Blackjack.

Can you win real money on the European Blackjack machine?

Yes. For this to be possible, the player must first register at the online casino.

Does the game in European Blackjack on the phone require downloading?

Not. At the European Blackjack on phones, you can play from a mobile browser.