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Battle Tanks is not only a game for lovers gambling games, this is primarily a slot for real gamblers. It was prepared by Evoplay, which is currently one of the most famous and liked producers in the world. It is sometimes difficult to combine a gambling machine and interesting topics, but Evoplay is successful in many cases, and this can be seen on the example of Battle Tanks.

It is a game based on war, in which there are tanks on the main plan. If you like this topic, you can play Battle Tanks Demo on our website. The game is completely free, it is a battle tanks without a deposit, because you are not a participant in the online casino. This means that you also do not have to provide your data, it is Battle Tanks without logging in, so use the game anonymously.

Battle Tanks Slot - Main functions

Battle Tanks automatically online This is a video slot with 5 drums and 3 rows of symbols. The machine is equipped with 9 winning lines. The minimum bet you can put during the game is 0.1, you will pay 500 for a single spin. RTP of the game is 93.9%, which is minimally under the average, but it is still quite good value. The slot has an autoplay function so that you do not have to use the main button every time.

If you are looking for entertainment and many bonuses, Battle Tanks Automat is a good choice. During the game you have a chance to get free spins, besides, you also have access to the bonus round, which we will talk about later. Wild and Scatter symbols will help you win and guarantee more money for a single spin.

Payment table Battle Tanks

Battle Tanks game is quite simple, so among the symbols there will be many borrowed from cards. However, there is a fairly large group of symbols related to the topic. Below you have the opportunity to get to know them all along with their values.

  • 10, J and Q are treated in the same way. For 3 symbols from each type you will get 0.5 x your rate. For 5 symbols, the prize increases to 12 x rate. In addition, 10 pays 0.3 x rate for 2 symbols.
  • And K and K are also treated the same, for 5 symbols the payment is 18 x rate, for 3 it is 0.5 x rate.
  • A small tank will give you a maximum win in the form of 50 x rate and a minimum 3 x rate.
  • The war car guarantees a minimum of 1 x rate (for 2 symbols) and 222 x rate for 5.
  • The large tank pays the same minimum rate, the maximum increases to 450 x rate.
  • Scatter pays 500 x rate for a set and 2 x rate for 2 symbols.

Battle Tanks - basic rules

The game we described is not complicated in any way. If you play Battle Tanks for free, use the main button, at the beginning it is enough for you. Battle Tanks for real money is a more complicated matter. See how you can change the bet, where there are winning lines, how much you can get for each cluster. All this information can be found in the "i" button, so do not skip it, read all the information several times. It is thanks to knowledge that you can win, and the practice on the free version is even more helpful.

Bonuses for playing in Battle Tanks

Battle Tanks Game automatic is equipped with several bonuses that you will certainly like. At the beginning you need to know that the game has a useful Wild symbol that helps you win. In addition, you can count on 15 free spins, during which the winnings are counted x 3. All you have to do is get 3 scatters. In turn, if you manage to draw 3 bonus symbols, you are moved to the bonus round. Your task is to shoot enemy tanks, and they hide additional prizes. Remember, however, that one of them has a game.

Review summary

People who like war climates will also certainly like Battle Tanks, whose action takes place on the battlefield among tanks and rain. The soundtrack of the slot sounds, as if it was borrowed straight from a good war film, everything combines climate. In addition, it is a good and simple slot that is worth trying and seeing what it represents. You can play in
Battle Tanks without registration on our website and it's completely free, so you can see for yourself if this game is worth real money.

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