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On our website you can play for free in one of the most popular games of all time. This is Beach Party, which is known in the players' environment. The machine on our website is completely free, you do not have to incur any costs to be able to play it, which is a big advantage for people who do not want to spend money for free and want to check if it is worth introducing a paid bet on the game.

The Beach Party machine motif is a beach party, so you can see typical symbols of such an event, i.e. exotic drinks, bikini girls and ice cream in exotic flavors. After starting the game, you can immediately feel like on the beach, graphic design and music effectively move each player to a completely different reality. The machine has been prepared by Wazdan, a manufacturer who has proved more than once that he knows doing single -armed bandits. The machine was created in 2014, which can be felt, but does not bother so much. It was equipped with some interesting bonuses that many players will certainly like.

Beach Party Slot - description of the game

Beach Party to classic slot With five drums. 3 rows is also a fairly classic configuration, which gives a 5 x 3. -shaped network, some believe that the game graphics do not look the most fashionable, but thanks to it you can find all the options very quickly. So that you do not have to discover them yourself, we will quickly describe where you can find individual of them.

Traditionally, in the middle game machine, immediately under the network with symbols there is a round game start button. It is he who sets all the symbols in motion. Right next to it is the Auto Play button, which allows you to play longer. If you are wondering how much money you can spend, then the answer is on the right side of the screen, the exact number of other means to play there.

Very important information in Beach Party can be found on the left side of the screen. There you will see the current number of active payment lines, what is your plant and the cost of each spin. Additional options on the right are the windows in which the last win and the speed of sliding symbols are shown. Especially the latter option is very interesting. You can choose a turtle, which means that the symbols will move at a normal pace, a hare that will speed up them and a horse that has been prepared for people who are unlucky to wait too long.

How to win in Beach Party?

Beach Party is a not very complicated slot that can let you win a fairly large sum of money. As we have already mentioned, the subject of the machine is a beach party, but the most important symbol is not too related to this subject. It is a circle where you can throw ailerans. It was hung on a wooden post. It is also a scatter that we will mention. At the moment you should be interested in the fact that thanks to it you can win up to 50,000 coins. Remember, however, that you need to draw up to 5 symbols of this type.

  • J, 9 and 10 are little valuable symbols, but you must know that they also give the opportunity to win. The smallest sum they can guarantee you are 25 coins for 3 symbols. However, you will get 500 coins for 5 symbols.
  • K and Q bring a little more luck. Just get 3 symbols to get 50 coins. 5 symbols in the cluster will make you get up to 1,000 coins.
  • And it has been awarded by a game manufacturer because it guarantees more than other card symbols. You will get 25 coins for two symbols, and for a set, i.e. for 5 you will get 1.250 coins.
  • Ice cream also reward for drawing two symbols, and the prize is the same, i.e. 25 coins. However, the payment for 5 symbols in the cluster is much larger, and it amounts to 2,500 coins.
  • Drink is one of those symbols that you would certainly like to draw. As with previous symbols, you'll get 25 coins for two drinks, while for 5 as much as 5,000.
  • Two girls on the beach will reward you with 50 coins for two symbols in the cluster. For 5 symbols you will have a large reward, and it is as many as 25,000 coins.

Feel the Beach Party slot, increase your factories and enjoy the game, and happiness will definitely smile at you. Do not give up after a few spins because you may lose a good chance.

Bonusy Beach Party

Beach Party guarantees several additional awards to players. One of them is Free spins, and you can get them by drawing at least three scatters. There are 15 spins, and during the round of free revolutions each win is increased by X3 or even more. In addition, each win can be a chance to win more thanks to the gamble function. All you have to do is choose the right color of the card.

Beach Party: Is it worth playing?

Beach Party is definitely gamblingwhich is worth trying. It is quite well made, although some do not consider it the most fashionable slot on the market. However, the slot has many advantages and you can find out about them, trying it on our website completely free. So don't hesitate for a long time just use such an interesting proposal.

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