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Big Bad Wolf Christmas Special: Slot Review

Big Bad Wolf, published in 2013, was one of the first QuickSpina publications and an immediate hit for the upcoming studio. It could have been a risky use of a fairy tale for children as a theme for the game, but Big Bad Wolf mixed the right features, appearance and rewards to see what happened in this game. Since then, he has gained the status of an iconic game and is just as fun as always. This is not an exciting ride with great power, in those days the slots were not as brutally variable as today, but for many of them it remains guilty pleasure. In the movement of many other programmers, Big Bad Wolf has been transformed into a holiday friendly version. Just like countless television programs before him, we now have a big bad wolf christmas special.

At first glance, it seems that much has changed. Players get the same wooden 5-thumile frame, 25-line mesh, position themselves somewhere in the countryside. Even the same barrel with apples sits next to her. This time, however, everything is covered with snow with seasonal sprinkles, such as gift ribbons and the like. One small change is the number of engraving lines that replaced decorative lamps - maybe the appearance was too old. The birds chirp in the background, which makes everything seem very familiar. At this point, it is necessary to warn players looking for new improvements; Visual changes will be the only ones found in the game.

When it comes to mathematics and statistics, everything remains intact. This means the range of plants from 0.25 to 100, average variability and the same excellent 97.34% RTP, which played the main role in the success of the original. Again, the mathematical model was one of the most important advantages of the original, so players receive the same game as before.

To win, there are 11 regular symbols that pay from left to right, when at least three land on the payment line. Five low symbols of winning are the 10th, sprinkled in the snow and still look as if they were nailed to the side of the box. Then there are four symbols of medium win - a soft toy and three pig stars from this story. Earth 5 of these symbols causes a payment of 8 to 12 times higher.

It is possible to have up to four different Wild symbols in the game, but at the beginning there is only one. It is a wild ul that replaces all symbols except for the symbols of Wilda Distributed and Moon. Joker also has its own value, which is paid when there are at least two lands in one line, or up to 40x rates for five such symbols.

Big Bad Wolf Christmas Special: Cechy slotu

The charm of Big Bad Wolf was its features. There were not only a lot of them, but they also collaborated with each other to strengthen their effects well. The snowball roll begins with Swooping Reels, leading to Pigs Turn Wild, then free spins, and finally the Blowing Down the House function.

It is quite common now, a little less in 2013, it is Swooping Reels function style (more commonly known as "cascades"). All winning combinations trigger him, which begins with the removal of winning symbols from the net. Empty places are then filled by symbols falling from above, creating new chances of winning from the same turn. Swooping Reels continues his movement until new winning combinations appear.

Pigs Turn Wild He does quite a lot of what the label suggests. Every second win in the sequence turns the pig to the Wild symbol. So 2, 4, then the 6th win changes the pig 1, 2, then 3 into wild boar. When there are no more victories on land, the pigs return to normal. This function appears in the basic game as well as in free speed.

It can be said that you play a Christmas version, because the distracting wolf now wears a Santa's hat - 3 or more of these symbols on the drums activates 10 free revolutions it also pays 3x plant. If three scatters land in the bonus game, 10 more free spins will be added to the sum.

In free revolutions, a new moon symbol is introduced at the last drum, which should be collected after landing. After collecting three symbols, the big bad wolf blows up the house to reward +2 free speed. When 6 moons collect, 2 consecutive turnover multiplier X2 is used for each win from that moment in function.

Big Bad Wolf Christmas Special: Slot Verdict

It can be said that QuickSpin has followed a fast and painless path when it comes to designing this festive remake. Apart from a few graphic changes, everything is even the same as the original to the second place after the RTP decimal, which means that it is only secondary skin. However, few fans of the original will complain too loud, because they now have an ideal excuse to blow up houses again in reissue.

A lot of time has passed between these two games, and yet this experience seems quite modern. Cascades, reactions, gusts, or whatever you want to call them, they are still hot, appear in countless games. Interestingly, with the spread of Megaways and the like, the service of SWOPS on a 25-line network should feel more restrictive than her. On the contrary, the mechanic works as well in Big Bad Wolf Christmas Special as everywhere else. Where the game may not ignite the fire of contemporary battles of great winnings, there is a potential that exceeds your plant about 1,200 times.

But hey, it's nice to have many options to choose from, especially if you got stuck inside for the holiday season looking for something that is not brutal enough to destroy the Christmas spirit. For many, Big Bad Wolf Christmas Special is certainly a pleasant journey down the Avenue of Memory, this time snowy.

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