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Big Kahuna It is a Microgaming product, it is a classic gambling game from the category of fruit slot machines. In a simplified way, it can be classified as a hot spot game, but it does not meet all typical requirements. Nevertheless, it is one of the most interesting varieties of online slot machines and for this reason it is worth getting to know it closer.

First with the game Big Kahuna

When for the first time You will start this game of a single -armed bandit, you will immediately catch your eyes with large, colorful fruit symbols and various elements that are clearly associated with Hawaii. And this will be fully correct, because these islands were selected as the subject for this game.

This title uses standard mechanics Used by numerous slot machines produced by microgaming, i.e. five drums and 9 active winning lines. Available symbols are, of course, fruit, here specifically in the exotic variety, i.e. coconuts, raspberries, pineapples, oranges, watermelons, etc., as well as several less typical symbols - e.g. mask, legan, volcano and others used commonly used by games - machines.

Interestingly, graphic design This game - a slot machine seems to be very effective and pleasant to the eye, but after a careful look at it, you can see the passage of years. However, during the game itself, it does not bother, which in total deserves praise directed towards the creators of this title. The game itself is really addictive, and numerous minor winnings and potentially larger bonuses are a big encouragement to the next drum turns.

What can you do at Big Kahuna?

After generally discussing this game The time has come to focus on more detailed aspects of Big Kahuna.

    • The Wild symbol is the game logo, or Big Kahuna online. Unlike most gambling games available on the market, only one of them is enough to get a win. If you manage to collect five Wilds on the active line, you can win 8,000 coins. It is worth remembering, however, that Wildy only complement ordinary fruit symbols and does not work in the case of special symbols.
    • The scatter in the game Big Kahuna is a monkey. Just hit two of them to get a multiplication multiplication, a larger number of scatters is a naturally higher multiplier. Subsequent scatters also double the multipliers, which in theory can allow huge winnings.
    • There are two bonus symbols in the game - it is a mask and a volcano. The hit of each of them launches the bonus game. Of course, they also provide winnings if you hit two or more of the same symbols.
    • Free gambling games There are two in Big Kahuna - the first of them is called Volcano Bonus and it is enough to hit the symbol of the volcano anywhere on the drums. The game then consists in choosing a victim fruit and, depending on the accuracy of choosing, the volcano rewards the player with money. The second bonus game is a bonus mask, the player must indicate in it one of 10 masks behind which they hide either rewards or the end of the game without any win.

If we were to evaluate this game, on the one hand, you should appreciate the wonderful playability and attractive bonuses even for such a simple title, which is this classic fruit game, on the other hand the graphic design in the long run may seem not very appealing to people who like in effective visual impressions. But if you don't bother you, then play this game on our website - its users do not have to log in or download games, just click its icon and start playing Big Kahuna for free!

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