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Blackjack 3D od Iron Dog to Blackjack card machine. We get here a classic version of this game, but very successfully adapted to electronic conditions. Blackjack 3D online game production Iron Dog is not only all functions, mechanics and tactical possibilities known from stationary blackjack varieties, but also a spectacular graphic design and climate that gives realism to the game.

Studio Iron Dog, or Blackjack 3D manufacturer, is a well-known and highly valued developer in the e-gambling industry. The studio has a considerable number of casino slots, but also numerous Game machines card. The machine, as already mentioned, is also Blackjack 3D. The player must therefore know that the game is taking place here only on the user-programming line. On the one hand, this means a number of advantages, such as the fact that the game can be suspended at any time, but on the other hand there are significant differences compared to the game at online casino.

At Free Blackjack 3D, the player can play on our website. The Blackjack 3D demo version we offer immediately work after turning it on the web browser window. This also applies to browsers on mobile devices. Login, registration or downloading applications with a hard disk game is not required.

Technical specifications Blackjack 3D

Blackjack 3D - Iron Dog production game - presents us with a highly realistic Blackjack character in the form of a casino machine. The efforts that the manufacturer has put into the creation of high -class audiovisual setting are visible from the very beginning. The machine is not only graphically advanced, but also has a voice of a virtual dealer, which informs us about the outcome of each hand and a possible win. Importantly, the virtual dealer gives various messages with a different tone, which greatly adds realism to the game and definitely distinguishes Blackjack 3D without a deposit against the background of most online slot machines available on the market with card games.

Krupierka's voice is not the only sound effect. We also have moody music and sounds imitating throwing tokens on the table, the sound of shuffled cards and the like. Indicator Return to Player In Blackjack, 3D was estimated by as much as 99.54%by the supplier. Immediately after providing information on RTP, Iron Dog studio informs, however, that this is the data in force when the player used the "perfect strategy". Among the Blackjack 3D options online games Unfortunately, there is no autoplay function, which is why estimating the average theoretical return for the player is very difficult.

During one hand in Blackjack 3D, we can bet on 0.5 to 500 tokens. As for the tokens themselves, Blackjack 3D online production Iron Dog gives our disposal a coin with denominations from 0.5 to 100. An interesting option appearing in Blackjack 3D is the possibility of simultaneously casino games for free in three hands. Other mechanics are standard. The player can therefore use the option Automatic rebet (re -attachment of the same plant). Functions related to the principles of classic blackjack are also available, i.e.

  • Insurance,
  • Splitting of the hand,
  • Hit, i.e. choosing cards.

The latter information is important for the course of the game, because in Blackjack 3D it is the player who decides to choose the next cards (the software does not do this, as sometimes happens with other card vending machines). Our virtual dealer, in turn, must choose a third card whenever his hand is lower than 17 points.

Blackjack 3D blackjack - how to play?

Blackjack 3D Casino, in addition to a spectacular graphic and sound design, also presents a high level of readability. Navigation after all sections of the machine is easy and highly intuitive.

Let's start with the most important information presented in the main screen of Blackjack 3D. In the central bottom part we see a deck of tokens with denominations from 0.5 to 100. Clicking the selected tokeon, and then placing it on the table in place with the inscription Place Bet, it's betting on the plant. The height of our plant is visible in the upper left part of the screen next to the inscription Total Bet. Above there is an inscription Balance, which presents the sum of our loans.

After betting on the plant, click DEAL. Further functions will depend on the course of the hand. If an ace is discovered by the opponent's card, the voice of a virtual crunching will ask us about insurance, and the screen will appear on the screen whether we want to buy insurance. Otherwise, after handing out our "hand", standard options will appear.

STAND Will remain with two cards distributed.
HIT Choosing another card.
DOUBLE Choosing a third card together with doubling the amount of the plant.

Blackjack in Blackjack 3D pays in a more favorable one than the usual beating of the dealer cards. With an example plant on 25 tokens, the Blackjack hit will offer us a win in the amount of 62.5 tools, while winning by exceeding the values of the dealer cards is a standard 50 coins.

Blackjack 3D - play without logging in

Is Blackjack 3D free from Iron Dog studio a successful and recommended proposal? No doubt yes. The manufacturer managed to give not only Blackjack mechanics, but also the realities of the game in Internet casino. The voice of Krupierka, which actively reacts to the course of events during the game, makes a great impression, while changing the intonation.

The gameplay in Blackjack 3D also deserves positive evaluation. We can play hand -ons on this machine, which virtually no different live mechanics live. If we were to indicate any shortcomings of the Blackjack 3D machine, it would be - first of all - no automatic game option, and secondly - no accurate information about RTP. Regardless, Blackjack 3D is a good card machine and it is worth testing this title at least as part of the free demonstration version.