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Boomanji is a 3D slot of Boston's BetSoft studio. The game was created in 2013, but to this day it impresses with dazzling graphics and realistic sound effects. Upon clicking the "Spin" button, the screen turns into a starry sky brightened with spectacular fireworks explosions. The delicate sounds of the canonady and hypnotizing music are a great complement to the feast for the eyes, which is undoubtedly online boomani.

We look inside

The described product from BetSoft is a 5-brood free game variety-a slot machine offering up to 10 winning lines. The minimum rate we can set is $ 0.02 and the maximum $ 1.00. The symbols of Skatera and the bonus rounds are unfortunately not available. It is also not possible to use the Autoplay option. The largest cumulative win is 2.500 coins and is awarded for hitting five symbols depicting three fireworks. The above -mentioned functionalities are typical of a single -armed bandit game, so what also offers boomani?

A very interesting solution used by the creators of Boomanja is "Expanding Wild". In the event of a jocker hit, which is symbolized by a box full of fireworks, it spreads to the entire drum, replacing all other symbols. This means, no less, that we get three jakers at the price of one! As if that was not enough, during this process the player is additionally rewarded with an additional spin!

Double fun win

It is impossible not to mention the interesting property that other free boomani class games are deprived of: the winnings are accumulated, thanks to the fact that the winning lines are calculated in two directions, from left to right and from right to left.

The "crawling" jocker, free spins and double -calculated winning lines mean that the game created by BetSoft studio is characterized by a high rate of return. Assuming that we have unlimited time and endless funds, for each one hundred AUD we will receive no less than AUD 95.96. Although it is a highly theoretical value, the awareness that with a bad pass we will lose just over 4 AUD is very building.

It's time for a brief summary of the functions offered by Boomanja Online:

  • Slot Type: Slot 3D
  • Number of drums: 5
  • Number of winning lines: 10
  • Settlement range: $ 0.02 - $ 1.00
  • Maximum cumulative win: 2,500 coins
  • free spins: up to three in a single game
  • Multiple: none
  • JOOKER: Yes, it is a symbol of a box full of fireworks
  • Skater: Brak
  • AutoPlay: No, which may be surprising because this kind of functionality today has almost all slot machines
  • Configuration: Possibility to turn off the soundtrack and animation. Three degrees of graphics quality

Gambling machines are evolving

Online machines are increasingly different from their ancestors from the last century. An example of this process is Boomanja, a game full of unusual visual effects, dynamics and intriguing solutions is certainly a must -have item for gamblers who need emotions in addition to a thrill, also strong visual sensations. The others will choose rather slot machines with a more subdued interface, which is not lacking in the offer of BetSoft.

Play Boomanja for free! The game is available on the pages of our portal. This is a completely free item, it does not require registration or downloading any files.

Boomanji Details of the game

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