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Caribbean Stud Poker to Video Poker from the 1 × 2 gaming manufacturer. Regardless of whether we play at Caribbean Stud Poker in a live casino or on the machine - the game always takes place between the Krupier and the player. So it is an ideal solution for people who like poker, but unable to bluff.

On our website you can try your hand at Caribbean Stud Poker completely free, without registration and deposit!

Caribbean Stud Poker - Details of the game

The Caribbean Stud Poker takes place between the player and the Krupier and is a kind of 5-card poker. Unlike the poker selected, where we can exchange cards counting on collecting a better system, in this poker we play only what will be distributed the first time. So everything is determined by the bore of happiness.

The game against the dealer also eliminates an element of the bluff, because we always present our cards, and the dealer will not give up scared when raising the plants. Finally, the casino and statistics are on his side.

What is important - the dealer's hand counts only when he has an ace or king in the hand (or a system that exceeds them). If the dealer does not have any of these cards, the player wins 1×1.

How to start the game? At the beginning, three tokens are highlighted: 1, 5 and 10. Select the stake. After selecting it, on the right at about half of the window, two buttons will be displayed: Deal and Clear Chips. If we want to erect a bet, we press a deal if you change the Clear Chips.

After placing the plant, cards are distributed. The player sees his 5 cards, while only the first card is visible in the dealer, and the rest is covered.

On this basis, the player can:

  • Increase the plant by pressing the call/fold button that is located at the bottom of the screen
  • Call the courier to show the cards with the call button, which is located on the right at the height of half the game screen
  • Or undergo the game with the Fold button, located under the Call button on the right at the height of half the game screen

The game makes it easier for the player to make a decision by informing him what cards he received. So even if we are just learning systems in poker, the game will tell us that we have a couple, a straight or just a high card.

casino game It is easy to master, although the repetitive names of the call and fold buttons can introduce a delicate feeling of confusion at the beginning - fortunately, it is quite easy to get used to it.

After playing the party and finding out who won the hand, three buttons appear on the side:

  • Rebet - resumes a plant of the same amount
  • Rebet X 2 - during the next hand the last height of the plant is twice
  • Play Again - it backs us to choose the height of the plant

How to win at Caribbean Stud Poker?

Gra w Caribbean Stud Poker online It consists in complete randomness and it is difficult to talk about the possibilities of specific strategies. Unlike a selected poker, we cannot try to change the received hand here with the hope of changing the high card into a pair.

This does not mean, however, that it is impossible to play carefully. It is always worth starting with a low plant and lifting it only when you see your cards. On this basis, we can assess the strength of our chances against the dealer.

It is also worth watching carefully what will show in the dealer. Although we see only one card, we can try to assume what the next ones look like. The low first card excludes, for example, having a royal poker and poker.

Of course, this is all guessing in the dark, because we still do not see 4 enemy cards, but aren't that gambling?


Caribbean Stud Poker is a game that can easily introduce the world of poker. It has clear rules and informs us what systems we have obtained. It is a great solution for players who do not like to play bluffing or choosing cards, and want to leave everything happy.

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