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The Casino Roulette table game was designed by the Wazdan manufacturer. Although it does not differ from the classic European roulette with its principles, the manufacturer provided a little variety in terms of both the game and bonus game.

European roulette is the most classic roulette in the world. The American version comes from her. It was created by Pascal, who fascinated by the principles of probability, arranged a game dependent on them. Because in its version there was no digit 0, the casinos added it to gently overcome the chance for their website.

This is important - if we want to have a better chance of winning in ruletce online, it is better to choose the European version, because the American has up to two 0, which ensure the win of the casino.

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Casino Roulette - Details of the game

Casino Roulette was presented in a completely different way than it is generally accepted in this type of online games. First, the player has a view of the table, where he can set up factories. Only after putting them up, the camera moves, showing the spinning wheel and the ball that the croupier throws. Thanks to this, we can observe the result of the game up close, not distracted by other factors.

Interestingly, we can change the pace of the game. On a slow, the ball goes on calmly, makes many laps before it lands in the right compartment. However, when choosing a quick pace, the time of rolling the ball is drastically shortened.

This allows you to choose whether we want to feel like a real casino and excite with every move, whether we have time only for a short, quick game and we do not want to lose it on watching the whole process.

The height of the plants smell from the minimum toke value of 10 to the maximum with the value of tokens 10,000. The minimum and maximum heights of the plants are identical to each field we want to bet on.

To start the game, select the height of the plant. We can choose tokens with values:

  • 10
  • 25
  • 50
  • 100
  • 250
  • 500
  • 1,000

During one plant, we can put tokens of different values. After placing the plant, a large button with arrows is highlighted to determine the possibility of approval of the plant and screw the wheel. If we want to cancel the plant, we press Cancel Bet - and it annuls one plant (backing from those recently erected). It is not possible to cancel all factories at once.

On the left there is a view of the height of the betting, and on the right the value of our deposit and the amount of winning. At the very top we have the history of drawn numbers.

Each win gives us the opportunity to double it through a bonus game. This game has very simple rules - we must indicate what color of the card will be drawn: red or black. The bonus game lasts until the player withdraws and the prize is received or losing a bonus game. Important information is that the rate in bonus game is our last win, which is lost in the event of losing the game.

How to win at Casino Roulette?

casino game which is roulette, although based on probability, does not guarantee any certain way to win. It is true that Casino Roulette does not block contradictory plants, i.e. we can bet on red and black, or even and odd. So, putting such a plant, in theory we focus on some win - we must be terrible to put on red and black draw green 0.

However, such a plant, apart from the joy of winning - is not particularly profitable. Each time we win the amount equal to the one we set. So if we don't intend to try to win higher amounts through bonus games, such plants make no sense.

They also receive what is beautiful in roulette. Uncertainty of what will be drawn, selecting the appropriate number or group of numbers.


Because, as we have already mentioned, the player can focus on contradictory factories, he has a good chance of going to the proverbial zero and leaving the game with the same amount as he began. However, if we plan to play according to the set rules and do not want to cheat - our chances are from 1:36 (when putting on one number) to 1: 2 (when putting on color).

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