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Castle Builder 2 is a slot other than all others. It was created from the hands of the manufacturer Rabcat. Is a combination of a game in which the main goal is to build a kingdom along with the standard the slot online. The first part was a huge success, it was even nominated for the title of EGR of the Year 2013. Castle Builder 2 The game machine is a newer, refreshed version of its older cousin.

On our website you can get to know what Castle Builder 2 online is, how to play it and what to pay special attention to during the game. It is worth practicing your skills in Castle Builder 2 Demo to later be fully prepared in playing for real money.

Technikalia Castle Builder 2

The creator of this unconventional slot is the Rabcat developer. It can be included in video slots. The gameplay takes place in 15 different kingdoms, where you can only play with selected characters. In each of them there are 5 drums on which the rewarded lines are arranged in 15 awarded systems.

The minimum plant is 0.15 of the loan, it is a maximum of 30 loans. The RTP factor increases during the game. At the beginning it is 95.5% to reach 97.5% at the end. Of course, the automatic mode is available to the player. Without this mode, it would be difficult to build all these castles and conquer more kingdoms. However, there is no multi -person game mode.

Castle Builder 2 - Basic gameplay rules

The whole game is about building more castles. When hitting winning systems on the pallets on the left side of the screen, materials are obtained from which the lock is expanded. At the later stages of the game you need to accumulate larger amounts of materials.

Graphics are very well refined. Music reflects the atmosphere of the currently built kingdom. The game is operated with buttons available on the right side of the screen. Large green arrows are responsible for drum speed. On their left side a current balance and a selected plant are visible. Detailed rules of the game are available in the upper left corner in question. It is worth getting acquainted with them. The table below presents wins with a total plant of 30 tokens.

Symbol CC kch Dirt
wood 8 16 40
brick 12 24 60
stone 16 50 100
granit 20 100 200
ring 30 150 500
gold 40 200 1,000
trunk 50 500 2,000
Crown 100 1,000 10,000

Castle Builder 2 bonuses and awards

W free gambling game 3 avatars are available. Each of them is a little different. The first of them - alone, builds castles the fastest. His bonus is a symbol of Wild. Mandy is next. In addition to the standard Wild symbol, playing this avatar will be available, which will start free spins for registration. Free spins are a minimum of 10 and increase the number of scatters begins to arrive. The last avatar - Igor, activates only after completing the campaign alone and Mandy. His special power is the Wild symbol, which expands to the whole drum.

Changing the avatar is only possible after completing a given castle. Each of the avatars develops their own path, gaining their achievements regardless of others. Achievements are obtained in 5 different categories. They are granted for various feats, e.g. some of them depend on the number of locks built.

During the construction of each castle, new ones are discovered, subsequent admirers who want to participate in marriage. Each of them contributes. After building the castle, there is a wedding with one candidate. The player is designed to choose it so that the insert is as large as possible. The admirers' contribution increases with the amount of rates in the game no deposit.

Castle Builder 2 - which casino will be appropriate?

W Betamo casino You can play Castle Builder 2 for real money. The only thing you have to do is register and confirm your identity. This casino is safe, it guarantees the payment of funds. Has required licenses to play for real money. In addition to this game, you can also play many other titles. They are friendly to Australian players because they are translated into Australian. The casino offers many different payment methods. You will be able to choose the one that suits you best.

How should you play Castle Builder 2?

Castle Builder 2 The machine is different from the competition. It is a little more complicated, the plot is more extensive. Different avatars have different skills. You should read them well, preferably during free gameplay. There you will practice your skills, learn the rules of the game. Exercise for free to be able to risk real money. Start the game from low bets. At the beginning there will be less winnings, but the old ones will not be so painful. After getting to know the game, raise the bet to maximize your winnings.

Castle Builder 2 in the mobile version

Castle Builder 2 plays, due to its extensive story, requires longer communing with it. Thanks to HTML5 technology in which it was created, it allows you to play on various mobile devices. You can easily play on all modern tablets, smartphones, computers. You are no longer limited to playing only on your computer. Thanks to this, you won't have to interrupt your favorite game even during a long journey.

Similar slots

If you liked Castle Builder 2 and you are looking for another machine that you can fill this void, play the first version of Castle Builder. Despite the fact that this is no longer the latest title, it draws in a game very much and it is also hard to break away from it. Even when these kingdoms are insufficient for you, try your print princes. It is a slot with a similar climate, it was created in the Play’n Go studio. It also hides very interesting bonuses, e.g. tournament mode. You will definitely not be disappointed.

Try Castle Builder 2 for free

Castle Builder 2 is a video slot that is more an adventure game than a classic gaming machine. It owes its fantastic story, encountered by many different characters, variable avatars along the way, which everyone has different features. The manufacturer in an amazing way combined all this, giving players a real gem. The long story draws for many hours. You want to get new levels all the time and most importantly this game is not bored at all. Play Castle Builder 2 without registration, which is available on our website. Knead the kingdom and get the princess's hand.

Castle Builder 2 Game details

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Is Castle Builder 2 free?

Yes, you can play this slot for free.

Does Castle Builder 2 offer free spins?

Playing Mandy you can get free spins.

Can you win real money in Castle Builder 2?

Yes, you can play for real money in a licensed casino.

Do you need to download additional software to play Castle Builder 2?

You don't have to download anything. The game starts in the browser.