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Charming Queens arcade game This is a special slot, thanks to which you will land in distant Asia. The main heroines of this machine from Evoplay are three beautiful girls, and in the slot you can admire their environment, i.e. their pets, pillows, apartments and many others. Check how Asian princesses live, and by the way you can win quite a lot of winnings.

We know that the machine sounds quite interesting, so if you want to try Charming Queens without registration, you can do it on our website. You don't need an account to use games on this page. We have one more surprise, and it is that the presented game is Charming Queens without a deposit. This means that apart from the lack of an account you will not have to pay any money to try to play this gambling game. We will never charge any fees from players, so use them at will.

Basic features charming queens

Charming Queens is a slot in which nothing is missing. It is equipped with a Wild symbol, as well as free spins of various types. The game was created in mid -2018, and its network looks 5 × 3, so it has 5 drums and 3 rows of symbols, which is quite classic. There are 20 lines winning in the machine, also a fairly standard result.

The manufacturer decided that apart from the paid version, players could also play Charming Queens Demo, which is free. The RTP of both versions is 95.9%, which is not very high, but is above average. The variability of the machine is average towards Wysoka, so you will rather win rarely, but the winnings will be worth it. The minimum plant that you can build is 0.1 of a given currency, while you will pay 500 for one spin. The maximum win in the machine will be 1000.

Charming Queens withdrawal table

Charming Queens game has very interesting symbols that you will soon meet. Below are all symbols and their values. Remember that in Charming Queens you will get a payment for a combination with three, four or five symbols.

  • The pillow is the smallest symbol and it guarantees at least 0.1 coins for three symbols in combination. You will get 0.8 if you manage to draw 5 symbols.
  • The lantern and fan is a group of symbols that increases this sum to 0.2 for 3 symbols in the cluster, and they also give 1.2 coins for the maximum number of symbols.
  • The cup pays 0.3 coins for 3 symbols in combination. Thanks to 5 symbols you will get as many as 2.5 coins.
  • The Ukulele instrument pays players at least 0.4 coins, and for 5 symbols of this type you will get 3 coins.
  • The dog, in turn, will give everyone who draws 5 symbols, 4 coins. For 3 dogs you can count on a 0.6 coin prize.
  • The cat also pays a minimum of 0.6 coins for 3 symbols, but for the maximum number of symbols you will get 5 coins.
  • Paw and Lilia form one group, which is also the highest valuable. Thanks to them, you can count on the payment of 1.2 coins for a cluster with three symbols and 6 coins for a set of symbols.

Charming Queens - basic rules

Charming Queens Game Automat is one of those slots that can be easily mastered. It does not contain too many buttons, so finding the right ones is not problematic. On the screen you can see a large button that launches the drums.

If you want to play charming queens a machine for real money, you must remember which button regulates with the plant and coins. These are the most important buttons, because they decide how much money you will win or lose. We recommend checking the "I" button, which will lead you around all the secrets of Charming Queens.

Bonusy Charming Queens

Charming Queens Online is equipped with several bonuses that will certainly make the action in the slot very exciting. First of all, the machine is equipped with Wild, which already supports the player and allows him to get more combinations. Images of the queens that occupy the whole drum trust the rounds free spins, each gives the player 3 spins. In addition, the red queen increases winning by 2 to 5 times, the golden queen gives 5 wild for each spin, and the purple queen changes the normal symbol of Wild to this expanding one.

Try Charming Queens for free

Charming Queens is a slot that will satisfy the player in many cases. It is perfectly refined graphically, because you can see all the details, and the whole is simply beautiful. The music has been well refined because we hear the delicate sounds of the orient. Slot mechanics are simple, even a beginner can easily remember which button should press.

Charming Queens for free is available on our website. You can test yourself without spending a single zloty. Players have different preferences and it is not known whether a given slot will meet their requirements, so it's better to try the demo version that is available on our website. In addition, it is a charming queens without logging in, because you do not have to create any account to be able to play games on our site.

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