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Christmas Megaways: Inspection of the game machine

Studio Iron Dog Studio based in Great Britain decorates its concept Branded Megaways in can and packaging for punters looking for something to rotate during the holiday season. For those of you who are not aware, Branded Megaways allows operators to add their own branding or logo to the template in an easy -to -adapt way. This, christmas megaways, is completely iron dog, perhaps released to show what the software can do as much as cash on holidays. Christmas Megaways shows how easily you can configure the format, but also reveals restrictions, which as a result gives a final product that gives some mixed feelings.

The layout is a classic Megaways with a four -star free speed counter placed on the right and the company brand, or in this case the title on the left above the Megaways counter. Inside, there is a 6-ubbam game area, which is able to win randomly from 64 to 117,749 ways to turn every turn. Around the slot there is a winter scene, all snowy mountains, parcels with gifts and starry sky. This is a fairly simple sight, devoid of a lot of charm and heat, like a photo on a cheap packaging of Christmas cards from a 99p store that tries to not offend anyone. Bare background is also a general hallmark when constructing a slit from the template. On the bright side, the accompanying soundtrack is rather soothing.

Christmas Megaways is available on each device, offering bets from 0.20 to 20 for rotation. No matter what you think about visual or thematic processing, statistically you can't spoil Christmas megaways. Its highly volatile mathematical model produces RTP 96.2% and some huge potential wins if the functions do their job.

Iron Dog has assured that the theme is present among symbols, both in high and low earnings. For example, 10 to ACE, they are decorated with various seasonal icons, such as mistletoe. The high salary category includes decorations, candles, stockings, gifts and trees. Hiting six wins here for a return 2 to 25 times larger than the plant.

Christmas Megaways: Cechy slotu

Players stuck in this stocking will find drums, multipliers, free turnover with locking reels and a bonus purchase option. Mostly these are standard things, but they can still be good.

Two types of Wilds are used in the game - standard and multiplier. Both land on drums 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6, replacing any symbol. Sometimes in the basic game the Wild symbol may appear in the form of a multiplier X2. At the same time, three X2 jokers may appear. If more than one is used in the win, the values are multiplied, so three of them equate the X8 multiplier.

Each win, in all phases of the game, launches the Tumble function. Here, the symbols of the win are removed to allow new players to fall into gaps. This can lead to subsequent winnings, and this process lasts as long as the new winnings are constantly being formed.

Tumbles leads to the next function, a round of free revolutions. When 4 or more trips occur, 8 free spins are awarded. For each subsequent drum after 4, 2 additional free speed is added to the sum, up to 14. If there is a drum with 7 symbols on the triggering drums or any free revolutions, it is blocked at this height for the duration of the bonus. If the drums are blocked on the last free turn, then one more rotation is added. The bonus round also uses the win -meter, which increases by +1 after winning without the upper limit. In addition, if there are four more falls in the bonus game, players win 4 additional free speed - each additional fall after four adds 2 to a maximum of 14.

Finally, if possible, players can buy a free revolutionary party. There are several price options, starting from 30x at 6 free revolutions, up to 130x plant for 10 free revolutions and one already blocked reel.

Christmas Megaways: Slot verdict

Let's start by recognizing that Christmas MEGAGAGAYS is not bad, in principle it is quite good from a technical point of view. Saying yes, it is the same as Branded Megaways or Pirate Kingdom that appeared before him. If you liked it, and this pirate was a kind of hit, this is a chance that you will appreciate it. On the other hand, repetitive performances on machines often fall flat, especially on the third trip. Stir in the sterile treatment of one of the most difficult periods of the year, and Christmas Megaways is fighting very exciting.

In many ways, Christmas Megaways feels exactly as it is. Someone, probably Grinch, thought that all you have to do is fill a few gaps on the template, and bum, there is a nest. The problem is that it ended as unimaginable as the title. Technically speaking, players could find a thrill here, but why would you do it, since there are so many other themed slots for Christmas, which in fact seem a bit warming. This one is 100 degrees icy than Iron Dog’s 1 Million Megaways BC, which was set on fire in a real ice era, when Ayerconiak was a long sleep by roaring fire in the hall.

Christmas megaways game details

Iron Dog Studio
Free spins:
Symbol Wild:
Winning lines:
64 - 117649
Min. Number of tokens on Spin:
Symbol Scatter:
Bonus game:
Max. Number of tokens on Spin:
Autoplay option: