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Christmas Tree: Slot Review

The game developer Games gets their Christmas Spirit well and really in an unimaginably titled Christmas Tree slot. Published through the Yggdrasil YGS Masters program, the slot celebrates the most recognizable Christmas icon, a modest Christmas tree. Whether it is real, with an authentic smell, or synthetic with pounds, says nothing that it is Christmas, like a large green Christmas tree in the corner of the room. Truelab chose one of them on the screen to organize a network socket offering elves workshop with functions.

Due to the similar shape, the Christmas Christmas tree unclearly resembles the Gold Volcano Play’n Go slot, because both are arranged in a triangular shape. Truelab went to the full appearance of the Winter Wonderland, abounding in purple snow, a snowman, a warm cozy house in the background, and even a star like the one that led three wise men to Bethlehem. It is hard to imagine many other things that the studio could stuff in Christmas style. Will someone want to play it during the boxing day (or later) when he is stuffed with roasted meat, e.g. Eggnog, and his gifts did not meet expectations?

The Christmas tree can be played on any device, first selecting the appropriate rate from 0.4 to 40 per rotation. The relatively high minimum rate will most likely be unpleasant for low -speed people who may feel willing to celebrate Christmas elsewhere. RTP rating at 96.4% will certainly satisfy most people, while variability can reflect Mikołaj's tendency to visit him only once a year. The christmas Tree machine has surprisingly high potential, and trying to break it, players theoretically enjoy winning every three turnover or yes, where the frequency of impacts has been rated at 31.6%.

Played using a 6-row mesh in formation 2-3-4-5-6-7, each rising government has one symbol less than before, until the upper holds only two. There are no payments or ways to win, Truelab chooses a cassette payment system instead. When five or more matching symbols connect diagonally, you have a win on your hands and the cascade function is started.

Things remain solemn for the payout table, starting with three decorations in green, blue and purple as low rates, followed by candies, sweets and bells inside. Then two premium symbols - Mikołaj and Angel. The last ordinary symbol is the snowball, which replaces everything except mysterious symbols.

Guild Slot Christmas Tree

Cascades are the most common addition that can lead players to most functions if enough of them appear. On the side there are two random accessories that from time to time pop up from an odd win or two.

Starting with rands, one of them is a Blizzard function that appears when there is no more winning in the cascade sequence. The cold wind blows across the mesh, dropping 3-9 mysterious symbols in random positions. These mysterious boxes with gifts then transform into the same symbol - paid or wild. The second random event occurs during each turn, when the snowman on the left wakes up to throw snowballs at the net, hitting one of the types of low or average pay. All cases of this symbol in the view then turn into Wild.

Cascades are launched after each win. This mechanic removes winning symbols from the net, so new ones can take their place, which can lead to another win from the same turnover. Cascades are ongoing until they don't win Earth anymore. If there are three or more cascades in a row, players receive one of three gifts:

  • The coin wins - the wheel rotates to grant a win from 5x to 1,000x of the plant.
  • Complete win multiplier - a different wheel rotates to apply a multiplier of winning 2x to 30x.
  • 5 free revolutions.

Free turnover has several advantages. Snowman is active on each single trade, who waited snowballs to change the symbols as described above. In addition, the progressive win multiplier is introduced, from X1 and increasing by +1 after each cascade. Free speed cannot be restarted.

Christmas Tree: Slot verdict

If you want to know what Christmas looks like in a snowball, Christmas Tree gives a fairly accurate tasting. The infectious good humor makes the Christmas Tree slot a good option for this season. The correct name "Christmas tree" may not be too dynamic, but the team's involvement on holidays is commendable.

So was it worth devoting resources to a new Christmas match? In most cases, this is not a bad effort. Christmas Tree has all the statistics that you can want, and in addition the game is sometimes involved. As with most network slots, the point is for the snowball to take place to reach later, larger stages of the game.

In a sense, Christmas Tree feels like Yggdrasil of his own elf carol. You don't get many free revolutions when you do it so far, although they can be intense. One of the main differences is Christmas Tree offers about 4 times more potential for 25,000 times the plant, although the probability that this would not happen has been disclosed, so take this character with a pinch of salt. You can definitely wait for the appearance of free spins, but at least there is a possibility that I will go a bit.

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