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Deuces Wild do video poker od firmy Betsoft. It is based on the transfer of a poker selected to a slot machine. What makes it stand out casino game Deuces Wild are Wild cards that make it easier to choose winning combinations.

The name of the game literally means "wild two", which corresponds to the Wild cards - because they are special two.

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Deuces Wild - Details of the game

This table game, transferred to the machine, has a very simple, you can even say, economical graphics. What has its pros - thanks to this, nothing distracts us and we can focus on choosing the right cards. However, if we care about the extraordinary appearance, the Deuces Wild graphics may disappoint.

First of all, our attention should be drawn to the table visible on the left. We find in it a list of all systems that can be arranged (there are several special ones here) and the height of the rates that we can win depending on the height of the plants erected.

Navigation is very simple. To start the game, we need to choose the height of the bet by clicking Bet One. The height of the placed plant will highlight in the table visible on the screen - clicking Bet One will move us to the next column, increasing the set sum, etc.

When we set up a bet, press the Deal. The cards will reveal on the screen. We can stop or replace as much as we want, there are no restrictions. To stop selected cards, press directly on them or on the Hold button under each card. Then click the Deal button again.

The cards exchange and we get the result of the hand - if we managed to win, in the table visible on the screen the system we laid and the winning rate.

How to win in Deuces Wild?

Special twos marked with the Wild symbol perform an important function in the game. They replace each card, regardless of its value and color. Therefore, in this game the lowest winning system is three.

Special systems that appear in the game are:

  • Royal poker Deuces (Deuces Royal Flush) - created with the help of WIDL cards
  • Four Deuces - 4 Wild cards
  • Five of a Kind - because Wild cards replace all other cards, it is possible to collect 5 cards of the same value.

The highest possible win is the royal poker known as Natural Royal Flush, So collected without the support of Wild cards.

So regardless of the handing out we receive, it always pays to stop Wild cards. Thanks to them, it is much easier to fight for good cards.

Deuces Wild is a very interesting variety of chosen online poker. It introduces several of his systems and despite the liquidation of systems: a high card, a pair and two pairs, it gives extraordinary selection opportunities and great satisfaction during the game.


Thanks to additional Wilds, the player has quite a chance to draw such systems as three or stit. Higher systems require more happiness, but with the help of Wild cards it is also easier to find them than in games where there are no such possibilities.

The decisive advantage of Deuces Wild are new special systems, such as Five of A Kind, which introduce freshness and new possibilities to the game. The downside is the lack of a "dealer" card view, which reduces the emotions that accompany players when revealing their cards.

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