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Diamond Dreams is a fairly new game of BetSoft, addressed to classic lovers, but varied with modern solutions from the world of gambling. The single -armed bandit is equipped with three drums and five victory lines. The main motif of production is diamonds and hunting for them - an excellent choice to awaken the appetite for wealth in machines on the slot machines.

The free Diamond Dreams game machine allows you to collect winnings on three horizontal and two oblique lines. Also personally you can choose the number of ordinary lines you want to play.

Ordinary symbols of the game Diamond Dreams

The symbols implemented in Diamond Dreams are a mixture of conservatism and modernity characteristic of this production. Some of them are apparently inspired by the long -term king of Las Vegas - a three -one machine with one victory line and seven as the most valuable symbol. In this case, however, above the lucky digit is dominated by the Diamond Symbol who serves as a wild symbol.

These symbols from the most valuable:

  • Diamonds,
  • Seven
  • Bells,
  • Cherries,
  • Pink bar.

How to win in Diamond Dreams?

The game has been facilitated by implementing numerous combinations guaranteeing even minimal winnings-a player will experience some gratification, who will draw a combination of seven-puppets-Wieśnia on the victory line. Not every player will like the colors Games, gambling machines Now they can look really aesthetically pleasing and users are used to it. The purple-pink Diamond Dreams game interface could be designed with taste despite the controversial selection of colors, but in its current form it looks rather bland. From the graphic side, the interface is uncomplicated, some would call it a coarse. Diamond Dreams is to encourage the modernization of the classic game, but the machines are not even equipped with an animation of pressing the buttons (not to mention any other). This type of oversight irritates veteran of the vending machines and gives the impression that the game has been prepared on the knee.

Bonusy Diamond Dreams

Diamond Dreams does not offer players bonus rounds, spins or multipliers. This is probably due to the fact that in BetSoft they wanted to move the classic game from the eighties to the era in which online machines rule. However, they failed to recreate the climate of Las Vegas from a few decades ago. The cartoon graphics and the visible failure of the game allow you to say that there was no good idea to lead to a successful finale. Even Jackpot with a height of 1,000 does not allow the game to go out. Current gambling machines often offer much higher phrases - and at the same time do not look like prepared on the knees.

However, there is something sweet in this game, because BetSoft has added a popular function to this free Diamond Dreams machine to increase his chances of winning. This function is a symbol of wild diamond. As always, the wild symbol replaces all other ordinary symbols.

Diamond Dreams Online

The game Diamond Dreams Online will provide satisfaction with those players who want uncomplicated, quick experience with one -armed bandits. To have fun with this production, you do not need to assimilate concepts and mechanisms such as bonus factories or gamble or take. However, it is still possible to put on any number of victory lines and adapt the plants to the risk of the risk we want to take.

So if you are interested in this kind of gameplay and want to try Diamond Dreams for free, play now. It is on our website you will find the largest selection if what you are looking for is free games. Diamond Dreams in the demo version is waiting. You don't have to download anything, pay or register - try the game now!

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