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Habanero is undoubtedly known to all lovers video poker and many fans slot machines. It has a lot of successful money titles for money, many of her products are characterized by original solutions. And one of them we want to describe to you today - this is Double Bonus Poker Online, which is a video poker that allows you to play at the same time for up to 100 hands.

Of course, like any typical poker video, this game is based on competing with a computer bumper. Especially for the needs of closer knowledge of this casino game Today, we have prepared for you the Double Bonus Poker Demo version, which will allow you to play this wonderful game for free and understand its specificity in practice. It will definitely be useful to you if you plan to try your hand at playing for real money in online casinos.

The Double Bonus Poker Free uses virtual coins, but in addition it is a fully functional video poker with identical rules and features, which a full -fledged version found in Internet casinos. Playing in it does not involve any obligations, you do not have to meet any requirements or do anything to unlock access to the game. You just click and play what you want when you want and how long you want.

Technical specifications Double Bonus Poker

As you have already found out, Double Bonus Poker game is a classic video poker produced by Habanero. This title appeared on the market in 2017. Does not have any special functions, because in this type Online gambling games There is no room for them - but it has a certain interesting feature, which is the ability to choose the number of hands to play simultaneously. Available options are:

  • 1
  • 5
  • 10
  • 50
  • 100.

Depending on the choice of the number of handles, the token denomination is also changing, but the range of rates for the game is always stood - the lowest is 0.20 coins, and the highest is 100 coins. It is also worth paying attention to the convenient option to suggest to the player, what cards should be left for further gameplay and which are better to replace. However, when it comes to the profitability coefficient for the player, also called the return or simply RTP (the abbreviation of the English term Return to Player), the double bonus poker game online is characterized by a very high value, because of 99.11%.

Double Bonus Poker - how to play?

In general, the game in the case of double bonus poker online games is very simple and will not cause even completely beginner users. Immediately after starting this title, you must decide on the number of hands you want to play in one round. I.e. the value cannot be changed, so if you want to change it, then you need to start the game again - but of course this is not a problem.

After making the mentioned selection, Double Bonus Poker Casino will go to the main screen, which has a subdued blue background divided into several parts. In the upper part there is a table of winnings or a set of cards for non -standard hands, in the central part of the screen we have our cards, and the lower zone is intended for the control panel. It has a characteristic yellow color with blue buttons and yellow and black displays.

The game service itself is even trivial. First, you set the tool denomination used for plants, use + and - -. The next step is to click the Auto Hold option if you do not want to hin the game (by default it is active, as evidenced by the inscription in yellow). Then you click Bet One or Bet Max depending on whether you are interested in a low rate or high for the next rounds.

Now you can go to the right part of the game. Regardless of whether you play a double bonus poker without a deposit or real money, the procedure looks the same. Click the Deal button and then you will receive five cards (you see them in the central part of the screen). Think about which of them you want to leave and which one to replace in the next step. You make the choice by clicking the appropriate cards, those to leave will be marked with a yellow beam with the words Hold. Once you think your decision is right, click the Draw button.

First, the cards that you have not marked will be mentioned, and then the selected cards will be copied to all other hands (if you have chosen the option of more of them). Then the game adds new cards to each hand and assess the weight of each of them, paying you the appropriate reward. And that's all - you can now start the round right away. Double Bonus Poker is a really simple game, but it provides a lot of satisfaction with the game.

Double bonus poker - play without logging in

We are sure that Double Bonus Poker will appeal to all lovers of video poker. It's just a great title that provides huge emotions and unique impressions. Of course, in our opinion, its best feature is the ability to play for 100 hands - that's why we think that it is really worth getting to know this Habanero game.


What should I do to play Double Bonus Poker for free?

If after reading our review you came to the conclusion that you would like to play Double Bonus Poker for free, then we have a great offer for you today. Well, you will find this game in a demonstration version on our website. You can play it without any obligations.

Does Double Bonus Poker game have any additional functions?

On the one hand, Double Bonus Poker Internet is a typical machine to play video poker, so it doesn't contain any additional functions known even from slot machines. On the other hand, however, this title is distinguished from other poker games, the possibility of playing for many hands, up to 100.

Is it possible to win a lot of sums playing Double Bonus Poker?

It depends on the amount of the plant, and specifically on the nomineal of the coin, the card system and of course what you understand by the term "large sum". The highest theoretical win can be 80,000 coins here if you play one hand and choose a token with a denomination of 20 coins.

Do I have to download and install Double Bonus Poker to play on the phone?

You will not have to worry about it, as Double Bonus Poker despite your inconspicuous appearance is a game that uses the latest standards for creating internet applications, works in a browser and does not require any preparatory activities before starting it.