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Dragon Shrine from QuickSpin is a game that will definitely surprise you positively. Chinese themes and precious stones appearing in this game and dragons will attract your attention and kidnap the adventure with a really well -refined online slot.

Navigation in Dragon Shrine is simple and pleasant, which significantly accelerates joining the game, just look at the orange buttons on the bottom panel and everything immediately becomes bright.

Do not wait and try to play now, on our website, completely free and without registration!

Dragon Shrine Slot - Details of the game

In Dragon Shrine we have 5 drums, on which we draw symbols and 3 to 4 rows of symbols. 3 rows are on the first and last drums, 4 rows occur on 2, 3 and 4 drums. We have as many as 40 winning lines here, we cannot change their quantity, but with a minimum plant of 0.20 euros it should not be a big problem, even for players with a thin wallet.

Graphics in Dragon Shrine are really refined. The moving background and graphic effects during the successful draw of the winning line are impressive. The symbols that are in the winning line are illuminated, while the lines themselves are shown immediately after the draw, thanks to which you know which of them is the best paid.

Navigation in Dragon Shrine is pure pleasure. Orange buttons show us the most important places for us. On the right we have a large draw button, a button of two arrows accelerating our game and a smaller spin button, thanks to which we can start automatic draw a certain number of times. On the left we have settings and a menu in which we can check how much individual symbols and configurations of the winning lines are worth. Next to these buttons we have our balance and the number of lines we bet. On the right from the balance we have our plant that we can modify. Everything is very clear and graphically pleasant to the eye.

How to win in Dragon Shrine?

Navigation is already a completely explained issue, so it's time to find out what symbols they carry. Let's assume that we bet on the smallest rate of 0.20 euros.

  • The first drum filled with dragons begins with a special re-spin. In addition, 5 drawn dragons give us an award of 0.60 euros.
  • 3 Bonus Symbols Scatter give us 10 free spins.
  • Wild symbols are a substitute for all symbols, except for Scatter. In addition, 5 Wild symbols give us a reward of 2 euros.
  • For 5 red stones drawn on the winning line we will receive 0.25 euros.
  • For 5 green stones on the winning line we will receive 0.20 euros.
  • 5 blue precious stones on the winning line is a win of 0.15 euros.
  • 5 gray precious stones on the winning line give us 0.10 euros.
  • 5 letters and on the winning line it gives us 0.08 euros.
  • 5 letters K or Q on the winning line gives us 0.07 euros.
  • 5 letters J on the winning line gives us 0.06 euros.
  • 5 numbers 10 on the winning line gives us 0.05 euros.

Of course, not only for 5 symbols, the game gives us a reward. In the case of a red dragon or Wild card from 2 symbols, we can count on some win.

So how do you play to win large sums? Since we cannot change the number of lines we bet, we should play for the rates that we consider to be right. So there is no point in betting the highest rate immediately and losing all your funds on one draw. Try to play with us and test your tactics you think about. You will play for free with us, without investing real money and without registration!

Bonusy Dragon Shrine

The creators of Dragon Shrine took care of a large number of bonuses. We have here a symbol Wild, symbol Scatter, free spins. In short, we have everything we need. Only the progressive Jackpot Dragon Shrine is missing, but this can be forgiven with such a large number of winning lines. In addition, let's not forget about the red dragon, the drawing of which can cause many free games also after receiving 3 scatter symbols. Our free gameplay does not have to end only with 10 free spins!

Chinese Zacisze

RTP at 96.55% looks quite good. Although there is a few percent to the top, but with such a number of bonuses you can turn a blind eye. The only downside of this game is the lack of bonus game. All other aspects are really well refined. In short, Dragon Shrine is really lacking to perfection. Play and try today on our website. Without registration and fees. Completely free! We are waiting for you a player!

Dragon Shrine Details of the game

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