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Fenix Play for Darma

Fenix Play is a game from the well -known and liked manufacturer Wazdan. Also this time we stand in front of the fruit, which is one of the specialties of this manufacturer. This means that the main symbols are fruits that we need to arrange in specific lines to win.

Wazdan is famous for their universal navigation, so if someone played one of the Games of the Wazdana, he will certainly not get lost in the control panel, which is placed at the very bottom of the screen.

So if you want to play a fruit, which is transparent, with the clear rules of the game, then Fenix Play is a good choice. Play this game now, on our website, completely free! There are no hidden fees with us, you don't even have to register!

Fenix Play Slot - Details of the game

In Fenix Play we have 3 drums and 3 rows available on which we will draw symbols. We also have 5 winning lines, unfortunately we cannot modify them in any way.

When it comes to graphics, it is simply transparent. We will not meet here with explosions or lots of effects. It is simply a graphics without madness. The symbols are clear, they are not animated, and the win does not cause additional special effects on our screen.

Fenix ​​Play navigation, as already mentioned, is mentioned in the Wazdanie classic. On the very bottom we have the number of lines and the plant we erected, and more specifically the value of the coin we erected. Only the size of the plant can be changed among these two windows. The next element in Fenix ​​Play is Cash Bet and Coin Bet. If we want the value of our plant to be shown in coins, we decide on Coin Bet, if we want to see the value in real currency, we decide on cash bet. Of course, in the middle of our panel there is a button starting our game. On the right from him there is Max Bet, which is the button that we click if we want to put the maximum bet. On the right from Max Bet we have balance, i.e. our balance. The last information window in the Fenix ​​Play slot is Win, which is a window in which it appears to us how much we won in a given draw. On the right from this window there is a symbol determining the speed of our game. Depending on what we choose, it can be a turtle, a hare or a galloping horse. As you can guess, the turtle is the slowest game mode, but the horse is the fastest.

How to win in Fenix Play?

Well, we already know how to move around the Fenix Play machine screen. We know what to do to put more funds, so it's time to find out how much we can win by drawing a specific combination of symbols. Unfortunately, only 3 symbols win in this game, it is not possible to win line 2 symbols. Let's assume that our plant is exactly 1 coin.

  • 3 stars in the winning line give us 75 coins.
  • 3 seven in the winning line give a win of 50 coins.
  • 3 watermelons in the winning line is a win of 40 coins.
  • 3 grapes in the winning line give 30 coins.
  • 3 bells in the winning line give us a win of 20 coins.
  • 3 plums or oranges in the winning line give only 10 coins.
  • We win the least, drawing 3 cherries or lemons in the winning line. In this case, the prize is only 5 coins.

So what to do to win in Fenix Play? There is nothing else for us to try to try to success, preferably a small amount if we play for real money. By playing for free, you don't have to worry about whether you bet too much or too few loans. After all, you don't pay anything for it and every time you want, you can renew the amount of loans for free. Try and see for yourself what free gameplay is!

Fruit revival

RTP in Fenix Play is exactly 96.44%. This is not the highest factor, but we will certainly not quickly lose all our funds, playing at the minimum rate. Is it worth playing and can we say thanks to this game that the fruit was reborn like a phoenix from ashes? Not quite, Fenix Play has one big minus. Apart from the bonus game in the form of choosing black or red cards when you win the draw, this game does not offer any bonuses. There are no free spins, wild cards or scatter. What good can we say about this game? It is a simple fruit just in time for the beginning of the adventure with online slot games. See for yourself and start the game for free on our website, without registration and paying money. We are waiting for you!

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