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When it comes to gambling harvest, a gamomat leads us once again. fruit This is one of the most popular topics of this manufacturer. In the modern edition, the game field is not at all: Fruit Rush is an online slot that boasts a board with a non -standard 6 × 4 dimensions.

Do you want to check this product and see this one -armed bandit with your own eyes? You can do it for free today on our website. The demo version introduces you to the rules of the game, where you have the ability to click, turn and win to virtual coins from the Slot supplier. Try the free version and check how the fruits are arranged and above all seven on our website. As machine experts, we have prepared some information for you gambling for free.

Frunon is rushing to them – – Begown.

The gamomat reigns on the fruit market, and Fruit Rush to arcade game being one of them. Although it would seem that in terms of these classics everything has already been said, the manufacturer's imagination results in new ideas. This online slot is quite extensive for traditional inserts, because it has a large board with a wide distribution and as many as 20 winning lines, which can be arranged on 6 drums. The graphics are unobtrusive, quite pleasant and colorful.

As for the rest, you can classically expect the main control panel at the bottom of the page. You will find there:

  1. The Total Bet button used to set the bet (minimum is 0.2, max. 100).
  2. Lines, which only informally appears as a message about a constant number of 20 lines.
  3. Balance, placed centrally under the name Balance.
  4. Max Bet button. Thanks to one click, you can immediately set the plant for the maximum amount.
  5. Car. If you are bored with clicking, you can set up automatic playback here.
  6. Spin. This is where you start speed. Classically it is a green button symbolizing the rotating arrows.

Where to look for a payment table, detailed rules and other settings? Expand a white icon with lines in the upper left corner of the board.

How to win in Fruit Rush?

Starting from the first drum on the left, the win counts when collecting the same symbols placed on neighboring drums according to the winning line. You can win from two symbols (the X2 cherries give you a little win), and the other symbols in the number of 3+ to 6 guarantee win if they arrange in the desired way. Only the highest result on the line counts to win.

Under the "i" button there are a graphically presented lines, which we recommend to get acquainted with. However, we will show you in the table what symbols bring to win. We start with the most awarded sign:


Winning for a combination
CC kch Dirt hluch
7: seven 1 5 25 100
Watermelon/ grapes 0,5 2 10 50
Plum/ orange/ 0,2 1 2 15
Lemon 0,2 1 2 10

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to win the amount. With the percentage of RTP 96.09 you can try your luck in the game. Play the demo version and check what it looks like in practice. Which also works very gracefully for those who do not want to "clog up" is the turbospin function, thanks to which the drums spin in an accelerated mode.

Bonusy Fruit Rush

Calculations show that by covering the lines with seven, you can get up to 10,000x of your placed rate. As for additional functions, expect gamble gamble. Do you like risk? You can play in gamble in two ways:

  • Cards: Bet on whether the covered card is black or red, and a happy hit will double. Failure results in the loss of funds. You can also bet half of the money here, also, if you are only interested in partial risk, you can choose one from Fruit Rush.
  • Ladder: Click on the ladder levels and climb up to victory. However, take into account the risk of losing. It's a gambling after all!

Fruit conclusions

The game machine that the gamomat has released to the market is a fresh matter from 2020. What does it mean? First of all, that there is still a demand for fruit. If you like easy solutions, you'll be happy. If you are a 3D fan with many visual effects, then the slot may not necessarily be for you. In any case, you can try the demo game. Play on our website and decide yourself whether to look at online casinos, which propose the brand new Fruit Rush, a promising flood of fruit.

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