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Gemix to one of more popular games this year. It impresses players with its innovation, which can be expected from the producer, i.e. Play’n Go. It is known for a long time that this producer does not like routine and too traditional concepts, which is why we could expect something very interesting, but Gemix exceeds all boundaries.

The theme of the game at the beginning seems quite trivial, because the symbols are ordinary colorful stones, which manufacturers often use in their games. However, this time colorful stones are only part of a larger game that may surprise some. Everyone who would like to check this game can do it on our website. We provide it completely free, so you can use it as long as you want.

Gemix Slot - game description

Gemix is a very interesting game, the net of which is 7 x 7. This means that it contains 7 drums and 7 rows of symbols. It is a cascade machine, which means that in empty places the symbols fall, not spin. If you hit the cluster, the symbols will fall in it and are replaced with new ones. Only when there is no combination, the symbols are removed and new ones fall in their place.

The machine structure is very interesting. He has only one winning line. At the beginning you can get lost a bit, because the individual buttons are spread out in different places on the screen, but this should not cause a major problem. The button starting the game is located in the middle of the screen, on the right. This is possible because the mesh with symbols is more long than wide. At the bottom there is no information except your current bet, last win and funds that you can still spend on the game.

Next to the main button there is also a thumbnail of the whole mesh, and then you will find out what it is for. On the right there is also a meter that fills up with the number of falling symbols. In turn, on the left there is a table that allows you to calculate your multiplier. We know that at the beginning it is quite a lot of information, but after a few spins you will be able to understand everything. The graphics that are at a very high level will certainly encourage you to play.

How to win in Gemix?

At the beginning, winning in Gemix may seem quite complicated, all by the game system itself. Don't worry, however, the game was created so that you can discover it. It does not show you everything he has upside down so that you are becoming more and more interested free gambling game. The rule is that the more symbols fall, the better for you. The values of the symbols themselves are not very great, but what counts is how much you can get rid of them, and you can even count in dozens.

The most lucrative symbol is the star, for 15 or more symbols you can get up to 2,000 coins. Red heart is right behind her. You will get much less for a purple moon, which, however, is not the worst symbol. There is an orange flower immediately behind him. The lowest positions are navy blue, blue, green and purple diamond. New winnings appear in the game every now and then, all you have to do is run a spin. You have a great chance to win, just try.

Gemix bonuses

There are many bonuses in Gemix, so the game will never be boring. These are:

  • when you manage to get rid of 20 symbols, you get one of the bonuses and this is:
    • Nova Blast, or one symbol explodes and destroys all the symbols that were similar to it
    • Crystal Warp, or again one symbol is chosen, and the symbols with which he could create a cluster are destroyed.
    • Light Beam means that the chosen symbol shoots other symbols that change its similarity
  • Random Wildy is broadcast by various characters in the game. At some point, the game is stopped, and Wild symbols appear on the net.
  • There are three nets in the game that change their shape when you pass the next level.
  • When you manage to create clusters from 40 symbols, all subsequent winnings will be covered by a very high multiplier.

Is it worth playing in Gemix?

Gemix is definitely a game that will not disappoint you. It is very visually friendly, so if you care about good quality graphics, you can be without fear. In addition, Gemix is a paradise for people who like bonuses. There is a lot in the game, at the beginning you can not even understand them, but certainly every player will quickly learn what different options can give him. Navigation can also mislead at the beginning, but it is undoubtedly a breath of freshness. Check Gemix for free on our website and enjoy winning!

Gemix game details

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