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Golden Goddess Online is one of the most recognizable productions of IGT studio. Gambling machine It premiered in 2013, which today makes her age. The game turned out to be such a great success that the creators decided to release another production with this title with Jackpot in the lead role. At first glance, the game does not stand out special, except for the graphic design. However, if the player decides to get to know Golden Goddess closer, the slot will certainly not disappoint him. Interestingly, despite many years on the neck, the game even today presents very high quality. That is why it is not worth evoking the game after her age and you should take a closer look at it.

The best way to do this will be to try the Golden Goddess version for free. This can be done on our website, without logging in, registration and no deposit. Just search for the game and run. This is an ideal way to learn all the most important issues related to the game to properly prepare for the game seriously.

Basic data on the Golden Goddess slot

The game was released by IgT studio well -known and liked in the world. The company has a large number of hits that have been very popular among players for years. Golden Goddess automatic is a standard video slot that presents a known 5 × 3 format, i.e. five drums with 3 rows of symbols. There are 40 of all winning lines.

Winning conditions have been developed in such a way that RTP has a sufficiently high level. Almost 95%was achieved, which is already standard today, but in 2013 it was a very high result. The minimum possible plant that can be bet on this machine is 1 and the maximum 500. It is worth noting that the plant is on one of 40 lines, so in reality the bets are betting from 40 to 20,000. Additionally, you can start the automatic gameplay up to 50 spins. The function automatically stops if you get a win or start a bonus function.

Golden Goddess - presentation of the game

The game was kept in a very interesting graphic style. Despite the passage of many years since the premiere, the Golden Goddess game automatic does not show it. In the background you can see a picturesque mountain landscape, and the drums are displayed nice, colorful pictures related to the world of the game. The main character was presented as a blond beauty that looks like she was actually looking at the player.

The user interface is realized in a very interesting way. At the bottom of the screen there is a strap with standard information:

  • number of lines,
  • plant on the line,
  • Total plant,
  • win,
  • balance.

In addition, you can set up a bet, turn on a single drawing of symbols and an automatic game. Additional options, such as the rules of the game, the sound and the table, were placed on a small belt above itself gaming machine. It is very easy to skip it because of a non -standard placement. This is a very important place, because "Paytable" is the most important place where you can learn everything about the game of the game and learn: bonus functions, winning lines and symbols.

Symbole w Golden Goddess

There may be 11 different pictures on the game drums. Each of them provides different wins. By hitting 5 pictures on one of the lines, you can get the following multiple of the plant.

Symbol 5x hch ZKS X
10 11 6 1
J 12 7 2
Q 13 8 3
K 14 9 4
A 15 10 5
Pigeon 20 15 5
Horse 30 16 5
Man 40 17 8 3
The main character 50 18 10 4
Game logo 1000 250 50 10

The red rose does not provide any winnings and is only responsible for launching bonus functions, which can bring much better results than a standard win from the combination.

Golden Goddess bonus functions

Several original solutions have been implemented to the game, which make something interesting on the screen all the time and with each spin you can achieve something completely unexpected.

  • Grouped symbolsDuring standard gameplay, grouped symbols may appear on the screen that will occupy entire drums.
  • wildThe game logo is Wild, which turns with all pictures except Rose.
  • scatter It appears only on drums 2, 3, 4 and in the event of 9 pink on these drums, a bonus round with 7 spinnings begins. During the bonus, the grouped roses turn randomly into one of the four highest paid symbols (except for the game logo).

Thanks to the use of various possibilities of obtaining money, RTP ranges from 93.5 to as much as 96%.

In what casino can I play at Golden Goddess?

Choosing Bob Internet casino, you can play at Golden Goddess plays in any version. The website has appropriate certificates and licenses that ensure that the gameplay is safe and legal. The extensive game library means that the fun is practically endless. If Golden Goddess is bored, you can always go to the game seriously, or try another of hundreds of items.

The BOB gambling service has been suitably adapted for players from Australia. That is why you can count on the Australian language version and payment methods liked in Australia. If someone wants to play with the use of real money, they should choose one of the options for the deposit and pay a symbolic amount.

What to do to achieve the best results at Golden Goddess?

To achieve optimal results, you should always keep emotions. In addition, you should always start with the Golden Goddess version without registration to know how the game actually works. You should not play using the maximum rate, but only use it from time to time. If the player is lucky and then manage to start one of the additional functions, then he will certainly be able to get a considerable fortune.

Golden Goddess in the mobile version

The game machine is available on all mobile devices. This is responsible for the modern HTML5 solution, which does not require the player to download any additional in the application. All he has to do is search for the game and turn on the web browser and in a few moments he will be able to play at Golden Goddess for real money or in the demo version.

Play the Golden Goddess Game Automatic - try your happiness

If someone has been moving around the world of Igaming for some time, then Golden Goddess will not be a discovery for him. This is a standard game machine with several interesting solutions. After all, it is always worth getting acquainted with this item, because the graphic design itself can positively tune, and this itself can bring measurable benefits.

Golden Goddess game details

Free spins:
Symbol Wild:
Winning lines:
Min. Number of tokens on Spin:
Symbol Scatter:
Bonus game:
Max. Number of tokens on Spin:
Autoplay option:


Where can I play Golden Goddess for free?

Our website provides the possibility of playing for free without the requirement to create an account.

Can you play Golden Goddess with free spins?

Yes. It is enough for the casino to provide such a bonus offer. While playing, you can additionally run a round with free spins.

Is it possible to play in the Golden Goddess slot for real money?

For this purpose, the creators have created this machine. Therefore, it is enough to register in the casino, deposit money and you will be able to play with the use of real money.

Will I have to download a special Golden Goddess Slot application to be able to play?

Playing on this slot does not require downloading any additional applications. It is enough for the device to have a web browser that will take over the role of starting the game.